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  1. Stupid Madden. Those damn bears never broke out the orange pants. I so wanted to see my Chicago friends explode with anger over them.
  2. Damn the flywire got very discolored on the Seahawks jersey. Or that is some wacky color reflection.
  3. I'm also a big fan of purple/volt/gray together.
  4. I don't mind that wordmark. Mainly because I grew up with this horrible thing.
  5. Aww rats! I really liked that dark shade of purple.
  6. Yes that one. It's ever so slight.
  7. If you click the image instead of just checking the preview, you can definitely see the top of the jersey numbers. And it is gold. So there will at least still be a gold outline.
  8. Yeah I don't see them adding black. Especially with this darker shade of purple.
  9. Looking good so far. I like. I'm fine with either solid white numbers or solid gold like Army.
  10. They should add pigtails to the helmet.
  11. Looks bad on SMU. But I don't hate the lsu stripes moved to the shoulder.
  12. Looks like a tacky bowling ball.
  13. Probably darkened the shade of purple a little and added a gray facemask. The lightened pic shows no sleeve stripes.
  14. When these were being used in 91, I didn't hate them. Teenage me was pretty dumb.
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