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  1. I applaud your effort. But [face_sick]
  2. Maybe chrome will be the new gray. Pointless and clash with team colors.
  3. I like that red and blue bulldog logo on the bottom row.
  4. This simply looks like a high school robbery job with generic pirate achievement stickers.
  5. You guys aren't thinking literal enough. The facemask isn't going to be chrome. They're bringing back bucco and his teeth(grill) is gonna be chrome.
  6. My biggest belief is that teams should stand out. Our big four leagues have 32 or less teams. How hard is it to create a unique uniform. I understand there will be some color overlap, but enough with the damn navy blue already.
  7. He suffered a nerve impingement in his neck that led to temporary paralysis - he basically had no movement of his arms or legs for about a year, so it's probably just muscle atrophy. Also, drugs are bad m'kay.
  8. The thing that shocks me most is all that white.
  9. I always like this use of athletic gold.
  10. Why have a neutral color when you can have a team color? I'll never understand that logic. And i lean traditional too.
  11. Imagine the current jags helmet with a gray facemask. Yikes!
  12. They've done gray end zones before.
  13. I'll be happy when this gray facemask fad ends. I think it's pretty silly of the bills, colts and browns to have gray facemasks.
  14. I'm willing to bet the Seahawks end zone will be wolf gray with navy lettering.
  15. I can confirm I saw the broncos end zone this morning. It's navy with the broncos wordmark in orange. Broncos logo to left and AFC logo to right.
  16. I do recall wishing they would have had a red facemask, and voila next season there it was.