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  1. This is awesome. The Washington team reminds me a lot of the AFL team they have, the Valor.
  2. IIRC Mark Cuban and the Mavericks have absolutely no connections to the Wings. Remember this team moved from Tulsa and before that Detroit.
  3. I like that new alternate logo you made for them, even though it looks like it has wings; it actually might be okay without it.
  4. @flyersfan I meant for just my team lol, but thanks, I'll try it out. EDIT: Actually, can you tell me how you got it down to those dimensions? I always have trouble with that.
  5. I think I'm gonna use this for my header on twitter. EDIT: Maybe something similar, I can't get the sizing right.
  6. The original pngs seem to be broken.
  7. Alternate is too close to the Knicks logo.
  8. Just now seeing the new Washington G-League team name, but imagine this; when they play Memphis' team it will be Hustle vs Go-Go.
  9. Only seven of the teams? Just wondering.
  10. I just have to say that I always wondered what IM teams would look like with actual identities and not just the same colors or campus rec-issued pennies. Especially considering I was thinking about doing something like this if I started an IM team. Nice work. My favorite is the highlighting of the 106 in the name. I'd say maybe use yellow in the sun on the new logo since you have a history of using yellow, and maybe add it to the gradient in the wordmark, if not just a littie.
  11. @honeybadger you mind me asking what font that is for the Magic?
  12. They're nice, but the only thing is on the sidelines for Erie you used a different font from their actual logo, even though I'd argue it works still.