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  1. I hate you. Now I'm going to sing that song in my head every time I see this uniform.
  2. I was thinking more the "Roast Me" reddit thing.
  3. Hopefully they bring Shane Falco out of retirement if they go with Sentinels.
  4. Another advantage of going Redtails: potentially getting some sort of secondary logo with a P-51.
  5. Go full soccer and just call themselves Washington Football Club. Kinda serious, kinda kidding.
  6. Agreed. Some alt uniforms make for a better color matchup. IMO Broncos at home in their alt blue uniforms vs Chiefs in white jersey/red pants is a more visually pleasing matchup than Broncos in orange vs Chiefs in red pants, for example, even though the Broncos best look of their current set is orange jersey/white pants.
  7. Minnesota plays in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area and part of the reason of being called United is because of that: Uniting those two areas. Admittedly the United part of the name is a bit bland and all reasons for being called United have tons of marketing speak behind them. The MLS should never have let Atlanta take the name knowing Minnesota was joining, but at least Minnesota had a reason to keep the United part of their name when they came to MLS. It's like the Minnesota Twins being called Twins because of the 2 cities, being called United because you're uniting those 2 cities at least has some sort of meaning behind it. Saying they took the name for no reason is a bit disingenuous of the situation. Except for Atlanta, cuz screw Atlanta.
  8. At least the sponsor colors are gone. Meaning the logos kinda blend in to the design of the jersey and don't catch the eye due to color. Not saying I'm glad they're doing this though. Definitely prefer them without sponsors. But given the amount of money they've lost this year I can see why they're doing it. Hopefully it's a covid only thing and next year we are back to our regularly scheduled number of uniform sponsors.
  9. The majority of these feel too NCAA 1 off type designs for my taste. Knowing they'd have to be kept a minimum of 5 years, too many of these are easy no's from me. The traditional one is the easy vote getter from me, with your submission coming in second simply because I'm not a fan of the gray cardinal logo
  10. At least the Falcons have a unified look (the one positive I'll say). The Rams don't have that. Even though I actually kinda like their home uniforms, their horrible bone uniforms make them the bottom of the list for me. I've never seen such a terrible jersey in the modern NFL.
  11. I literally said "Oh no Rams what is you doing" when I saw that yellow patch thing on the back of the color on the bone jersey. That bone jersey is the worst thing I've ever seen in the NFL. I actually like the new logo and the home uniforms (probably because they nailed the shade of blue and yellow). This bone uniform is just wrong.