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  1. My least favorite thing of this entire set is the numbers. They have a horrible 90s feel to them.
  2. In one of the pictures at the bottom, you can see a little bit of paper that says "SHOOT DAY SCHEDULE" with a schedule on it.
  3. Is this our first ever side shadow? We've drop shadows and up shadows. I guess side shadow was inevitable.
  4. The moment it switched from "the Chargers look almost purple" pre-reveal to "periwinkle" post-reveal I figured a ban would be happening. There's no defending that level of BS yet he tried.
  5. Probably because you have people who are bringing the files into their own design programs and they don't have their color profiles set up correctly, and then when they save them out there is a slight color shift as a result.
  6. That looks pretty much blue honestly. "pretty much purple" is more something like this:
  7. Oh I know, I just didn't want to get too complicated in my response But honestly I love hearing it and I kinda geek out on color talk so it's cool to hear someone who knows even more than me explain it. I worked at a printing press in the early 2000's, but I've been almost exclusively digital designing now these past 10 years. Sigh, I miss the print world...
  8. You can't match Pantone in RGB. Pantone is a printed medium, not screen. It isn't 1 to 1.
  9. That's even more digital alarm clock than the bucs. Please no.
  10. Oh I know this. But as a designer there are times when I see stuff that by all counts I should hate but don't, and stuff I should like but hate. This is one of those "by all counts I shouldn't like it as much as I do" things.
  11. Honestly, I kinda like it. I know I shouldn't, but I do. To use baseball terms it's a solid single at the very least, with the potential to stretch it into a double depending on usage. Yes it could've been so much better. But I'll take this.
  12. Silver numbers just look muddy and aren't as easy to read. Keep numbers white on dark jerseys.
  13. I like this a lot actually. I mean, I like the orange in there better, but the removal of silver from the outline on both logos does wonders.