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  1. Not a rumor. The numbers are slightly wider/thicker.
  2. Sigh. They need to make the horn yellow as well, otherwise the helmet feels so disjointed from this set.
  3. Adidas has released Loons shoes. On one hand, $150. On the other hand, Loon shoes. The original hand no longer has $150.
  4. They would be wise to wear navy socks with that uniform. But they won't.
  5. Really? I hate the Buffalo vs New England game. I don't think there's contrast at all. Buffalo has too much white in their home uniforms.
  6. It's such a simple fix, too. Remove the logo from the sleeves and put the numbers there.
  7. Yep, they did. Edit: I know it was talked about here at the time.
  8. The Vikings CR doesn't actually look good in my opinion. It doesn't fit with the helmet which has black and white on it. The jersey itself I kinda like, but as a uniform as a whole it's a downgrade from their normal jersey. I'm glad they don't wear it anymore.
  9. The MLS store is now selling this. I know it doesn't mean anything for next year, but I'm gonna be a fool and hope it does anyway haha.
  10. Jaguars should go with teal socks when wearing their black or white pants. Would definitely help with the lack of a proper teal stripe, and would especially help when in their white jersey.
  11. Really hoping Minnesota gets their home kit identity right next year. Go back to the cool dark grey they used to wear with a black wing (not likely, I know). If not that, go with black with blue stripes/numbers (ironically like the 2017 preseason kits they wore before their new uniforms were released). Then our "Minnesota Black & Blue" chant will make sense again. Right now with no black on the home kit it confuses new fans who don't know the history of that chant.
  12. Portland in white shorts would've been much better.