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  1. The Loons will finally have a blue jersey!!!! I may need to buy one.
  2. I don't think it's that. I think it's more they are trying to promote the white jersey because it is new. Also....HOLY CRAP THAT STADIUM! Here is a brief video I took from my seats. Just gorgeous.
  3. I actually liked the new orange until you pointed this out and now I can't unsee what you're describing. Curse you. I'm convinced. Go back to the old orange.
  4. Yeah, the new set went complete overkill with "consistency" in this case. I like that old school sleeve stripe a lot. But the helmet/pants being opposite has always annoyed me with that old set. Having a consistent helmet/pant stripe in this specific case (i.e. brown as the outside and orange/white as the inside) I think works well. But keep that older sleeve pattern 5 stripes.
  5. This really needs some striping consistency, which has always been my issue with this set.
  6. I wonder if any thought was given to Colorado wearing the shorts from the all white secondary kit? Would've helped a bit more with the contrast.
  7. Unpopular opinion: I actually prefer the numbers to be orange on the white jersey. But yes, definitely fix that contrast stitching and brown jersey numbers.
  8. That hat is also really sharp, with just the M on it. Love the versatility of that logo.
  9. I hope so, but I don't think we can draw conclusions from this. Minnesota wears a lot of light blue and black in their gear, but have no blue or black uniforms. The official polos that the players wear at special events are blue, for example.
  10. The owner prefers black, but knows the fans prefer teal. Trying to walk the tightrope.
  11. Both them and Houston. It just doesn't look right.
  12. I had actually quickly mocked up 2 of these. Here is the other one.
  13. Uniforms release in a month. We're just having some fun in the interim.