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  1. That looks like a D3 college was trying to rip off the Jaguars logo, but had a first year design student do it.
  2. The video on twitter shows a brief view of the actual jersey color.
  4. That logo is for Adidas Originals (their "heritage line"): The famous Trefoil logo, formerly used on all Adidas products, has since 1997 been applied only to heritage products; the Performance logo, which had from 1991 been seen on the "Equipment" range of products, replaced the Trefoil in 1997 across the rest of the Adidas line.[3][4] Adidas Originals covers sports fashion styles with references to the decades between the 1940s and the 1980s. The brand has a distinctively retro old school feel.
  5. The black pants were debuted with the flake helmet. The helmet did not work with the away set.
  6. Wow. Timbers completely sold out. Given all of the security and privacy concerns around Tik Tok, partnering with a company like that is really discouraging to see.
  7. This photo from their facebook shows a bit more. Is that a design element in the lower right of the photo?
  8. Loons with a blue secondary??? Please say it's true!
  9. This was the first ever MLS jersey I ever got. Personally I love it. Glad they are returning to it. I'm a sucker for half/half designs like this when executed well.
  10. Because it's better to ask than assume? Maybe Wentz went in to the conversation assuming he was going to have to change his number, but figured he'd ask just in case Pittman was open to it. I feel like that is a pretty normal way to go about things. You assume you have to go with Plan B, but why not just confirm whether or not Plan A is possible first rather than assuming it isn't.
  11. I feel like they are over using this technique, too. It feels like a lazy approach to try to make a uniform more unique without actually doing anything.
  12. Custom is different than following a template. Custom is like what Philly did this year. Having a black kit and only changing the stripe color and using a different sublimated pattern over it is the same concept/template.
  13. Glad he said teal on teal would maybe only be a once a year thing. Not a fan of monochrome teal.
  14. They're 2 different colors. 1 is Aqua PMS 321 C, and the other is Teal PMS 3155 C.
  15. I'd more put my money on MLS is trying to be as cheap as possible.