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  1. Doesn't Sacramento have good fan support, too? So does Minnesota. It is 100% because of money and money alone. If Orlando couldn't pay the expansion fee, no amount of fan support can make up for that. It's why Sacramento lost out even after the MLS accepted their bid, and it's why Minnesota was able to make it into the MLS. The money talks.
  2. If Chrome is adding ads to your browser, you may have a virus There shouldn't be any ads at all.
  3. Target brand guidelines. The logo can only be white, black or red.
  4. I've been on these boards since 2012...and I had no idea I could click on that blue circle and do that lol.
  5. I want to see 3B, so we can make Strange Brew references when a player messes up. "This play was made by 3B. Three beers and he looks good, eh."
  6. The ads no longer cover up the content now, thanks. (still a ridiculous amount of ads)
  7. The ads are even worse for me now. This is a 1920x1080 monitor and an ad covers up the thread names. Very quickly becoming an unusable site. Yeah great news about an "ad free option" coming, but I don't want to have to feel forced to pay for an ad free version because you make the version with ads unusable.
  8. I'd say right now his rabid detractors are more insufferable.
  9. He'd have to buy it from Minshew.
  10. If they would've just done a single green pants stripe that extended the entire length of the pants this set would be so much better, too. I'm fine with the pointy arrow/stripe thing on the jersey. The pants it's just weird.
  11. Nope, they were always Minnesota United FC when they rebranded from being the Stars. The only change that happened was the logo went from having "Minnesota United FC" on it to "MNUFC" instead. Also some very minor tweaks to the logo shape that are basically not noticeable unless you overlay the logos, and the addition of a black frame on it in certain applications.
  12. There were rumors that Minnesota was gonna change to Minnesota FC because of stupid Atlanta being allowed to also be a "United." (gosh I hate Atlanta) My hope was that if they were gonna change the MNUFC name that they would go with Minnesota Loons.
  13. As a newer fan to the league, it's especially annoying when the few established teams are changing their brands to the most boring version possible of European names. The rule for MLS should be no new CityName FC/SC brands. Really sucks to see brands like Columbus Crew and Montreal Impact just neuter the crap out of their unique identities that have established history, and then blah names like Austin FC, Charlotte FC, Nashville SC be the newest teams to enter. (I know I should hate LAFC just as much, but they actually have an awesome crest so I give them a pass.) Charlotte FC I hate the most because their crest looks like clip art.
  14. I'm not a Crew fan, but have always liked their roundal logo a lot. Time to buy some Crew gear with it
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