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  1. Thank you! I could've sworn I was right, but considering my graphic design school was 20 years ago I wouldn't put it past my brain to mess up that detail.
  2. Varsity Block is good, too. Both work.
  3. I'm explaining why I think this font works well for a football uniform by comparing it to other football uniform numbers that have flaws that this font does not have. From an aesthetic standpoint, I think this font is a perfect fit for an NFL uniform.
  4. That should look really good with their blue top IMO.
  5. Yeah that was the wrong word lol. Edit: it's basically like a Century Gothic. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Century_Gothic
  6. I guess I completely disagree. I think this font works well. It's a legible, gothic font that doesn't have some of the stupid treatments with serifs and mix of angled/round edges that other teams have (Browns, Vikings, Dolphins). Edit to add: by Gothic I meant "century gothic". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Century_Gothic
  7. The font is good, though. The shiny parts has nothing to do with the font itself. Remove the shine and make it just a single color and we're good.
  8. How many teams have alternate uniforms that would be improved by a different helmet? Obviously throwbacks should have appropriate helmets. But considering the rule for 2nd helmets is for throwbacks or alternates only, I don't think things will get completely crazy. Sure there may be 1-2 teams that will be dumb about it. But I'd be willing to bet most of the teams that do add a 2nd helmet will take the opportunity to do throwbacks. I think there will be some teams that don't go with a 2nd helmet. Teams like the Dolphins that have no history of a different helmet color but have throwbacks that fans love. And the Vikings. Would they really introduce another alt just so that they could have a black helmet? Or would they rather go with a throwback that fans love and want to see return? Same with the Chiefs. Why would they introduce a new alt uniform just for a yellow, white or black helmet that the vast majority doesn't want? If the Chiefs were gonna go with a crazy alt, they would've done it with the color rush but they didn't.
  9. I thought the Packers color rush was just their standard away jersey and they have added in white pants? So technically they still only have 3 uniform sets, as pants aren't regulated like jerseys are.
  10. The biggest problem: multiple grays on the main set. All they needed was the single gray, outline the numbers in that, and make the numbers white. Maybe have the inner gray on the stripes be white instead, too, but that would be something I'd need to see mocked up to know if it looked good. For me with the only real issue with this set is the muddy looking numbers on the home uniform.
  11. That's a problem I look forward to personally I wonder if at that point they would go full-time with the full lockup with the black that they introduced when they entered MLS and use in certain applications (like the goalie kits).
  12. Actually there is a keyline on the logo:
  13. Are you clearing/blocking cookies? I know everytime I clear my cookies/cache I have this happen on all sites I have checked "remember this device" on. It sounds like your browsers aren't saving cookies.
  14. Well, that's one way to get the focus off of the badge I guess?
  15. Doesn't Sacramento have good fan support, too? So does Minnesota. It is 100% because of money and money alone. If Orlando couldn't pay the expansion fee, no amount of fan support can make up for that. It's why Sacramento lost out even after the MLS accepted their bid, and it's why Minnesota was able to make it into the MLS. The money talks.
  16. If Chrome is adding ads to your browser, you may have a virus There shouldn't be any ads at all.
  17. Target brand guidelines. The logo can only be white, black or red.
  18. I've been on these boards since 2012...and I had no idea I could click on that blue circle and do that lol.
  19. I want to see 3B, so we can make Strange Brew references when a player messes up. "This play was made by 3B. Three beers and he looks good, eh."
  20. The ads no longer cover up the content now, thanks. (still a ridiculous amount of ads)
  21. The ads are even worse for me now. This is a 1920x1080 monitor and an ad covers up the thread names. Very quickly becoming an unusable site. Yeah great news about an "ad free option" coming, but I don't want to have to feel forced to pay for an ad free version because you make the version with ads unusable.
  22. I'd say right now his rabid detractors are more insufferable.
  23. He'd have to buy it from Minshew.
  24. If they would've just done a single green pants stripe that extended the entire length of the pants this set would be so much better, too. I'm fine with the pointy arrow/stripe thing on the jersey. The pants it's just weird.
  25. Nope, they were always Minnesota United FC when they rebranded from being the Stars. The only change that happened was the logo went from having "Minnesota United FC" on it to "MNUFC" instead. Also some very minor tweaks to the logo shape that are basically not noticeable unless you overlay the logos, and the addition of a black frame on it in certain applications.
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