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  1. At what point is Adidas to blame for all these white kits? Or is this the MLS dictating that it happens? I can't envision all these clubs independently wanting to go with such blah white secondary uniforms.
  2. The point of IP law isn't to protect the customer. It's to protect the owner/creator and prevent other people from illegally profiting off of their creation. It's totally up to the law to prevent that from happening.
  3. Considering the context that one went through years of design with the intention of it being a permanent uniform for 5+ years and the other was intended to be a fill the gap as they waited for said new design (while also trying to distance themselves from the previous city)...
  4. I really like that jersey. Pair it with red shorts w/ black stripes and use gold numbers. It's a great look.
  5. "We can sell up to 80% of a user's visual field without inducing seizures."
  6. "Meet the new NFL Changes thread, same as the old NFL Changes thread."
  7. The Rams aren't accurate. Those were their designated home uniforms that year.
  8. Thank Adidas and Nike. MLS I'm guessing is really low on Adidas' list.
  9. My guess is because the MLS wants to show off their 25th anniversary kits.
  10. Pretty sure the no 3rd kit thing is the call by Adidas, not MLS.
  11. These Vikings jerseys were terrible. The only way to wear them correctly is by not wearing them. It's everything wrong with the Reebok era summed up in 1 uniform.
  12. My hope is that they realized fans don't want all mono white uniforms. I love seeing white kits with colored shorts like Philly, San Jose, Dallas, Vancouver.
  13. Nope We've had the wing for a decade. Edit: less than a decade I guess. We've had the wing kit for 2013-2016, and now they brought it back. So for the majority of this team's history as MNUFC, their primary has been grey kit with black wings.
  14. Minnesota also should make their grey darker and bring back blue numbers. Oh, and ditch the white kits and bring back light blue
  15. If they do this, they need to fix the sleeve stripes so they match the pants better. Pants have the yellow with purple on both sides. The yellow on the jersey strip doesn't. It's the only thing that bothers me about this look (besides the dumb serif numbers). It's clear this set was designed to be purple over white or white over purple.
  16. Somewhere The Todd is high fiving over this.
  17. This entire set is garbage. IMO no combo is good because of the flaws in it.
  18. I'm actually a big fan of this current Jags set when they are never in matching jerseys/pants. (Granted I'd love tweaks to it and have more teal on the road jersey.)
  19. No way every team should do this in the NFL. That hurts the brands of certain teams. Now if some teams want to do it? Sure. That can be their brand.
  20. I seem to remember recent comments along the lines of "it's bad enough teams go monochrome, but to also have the same colored socks is worse". I've always understood that monochrome = same colored jersey/pants where as leotard = same colored pants/socks.
  21. There is nothing similar in terms of design execution and style. The only thing they have common is that they are both profiles of horse heads. There is no comparison beyond that.