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  1. Enjoying a Corny™️ at the Baltic Sea. #sponsored

  2. Pet Symmetry finally went and covered the dang song.

  3. Cheers from 10,000 feet!

  4. This flight is lit.


  6. Um.

  7. RT @BestMidwestern: NEW EPISODE ALERT! This time, it's all about #Iowa, from the Everly Brothers to Slipknot and all sorts of stuff in betw…

  8. New album art that caught my eye today.

  9. RT @BluesignV: NASA has released new images of Jupiter, taken by the Juno Spacecraft.

  10. @unisportsedits Using your logic, Ameer Abdullah is better than David Johnson.

  11. “Let Jesus Bling Bling! 2018” —church sign that I have multiple questions about.

  12. Shouts out to White Moms, the best band I saw at @LUNAmusic for Record Store Day. New tunes coming soon?

  13. LeBron is sick and tired of not being babied.

  14. Virginia is For Lovers. Maryland is For The H8rs.

  15. Would it blow your mind if I pointed out that the Heinz label (founded in Pennsylvania) is a keystone?