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  1. As a kid I used to think those were water droplets on their helmet. I used to think they were some weird comet/fireball-looking things... which didn't make sense for a team called the Vikings.
  2. As a kid, I used to think the chin strap was part of the guy's neck, like he's was wearing some sort of diving helmet. It's a hockey-playing shark? How is it playing hockey?I used to think that if its a shark with a hockey stick its playing hockey.Or it's just chewing on a hockey stick because sharks are known to eat a lot of random stuffor its the opponents hockey stick Actually, its what they keep choking on every year in the playoffs.
  3. So shouldn't the raider be wearing a black helmet as well? If you're gonna be literal about it, then he'll need a facemask too. and he'll have to lose the Members Only jacket. It's a chinstrap. Haha for the longest time, I've always thought that was part of his neck or something. Only recently did I stupidly realize it's a chinstrap. Now I can't unsee it.
  4. Kinda reminds me of the Pac-12 logo:
  5. haha I actually had made an alternate version as well that looks a bit like what you've described here: Obviously, looking at back with these comments and suggestions in mind, I realize that its still a bit too busy and could use some more work. Anyways, thanks for the great comments and advice! Perhaps someday when I'm feeling up for it and have the time, I'll come back to this; I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to designing logos and using Photoshop, etc. so even a simple project like this is painstakingly time-consuming for me. Good thing I've still got five more years!
  6. Hello CCSLC! Long time lurker, first time poster here. I'm not usually one to be drawing concepts, but after reading this thread about one of my favorite teams, the Oakland A's, and their seemingly never-ending saga over a new stadium in San Jose last March, I felt inspired to doodle/Photoshop some hypothetical A's logos. Born from that wave of spontaneous inspiration was a concept anniversary logo I created to commemorate the team's 50 years in Oakland, to be celebrated in 2018, provided that the team is still in town by then. But with recent news of the team's negotiations with Oakland Coliseum authorities on a 5-year lease extension that will keep the A's in Oakland until at least 2018, such an anniversary celebration in the near-future is now very much possible. With that, I felt compelled to finally post this logo, which has been collecting proverbial dust on my laptop, up on here for the enjoyment and scrutiny of CCSLC: I'm a sucker for logos that incorporate some aspect of local flair and ties to the community. I loved how the A's included a silhouette of the Oakland skyline in their 40th anniversary patch back in 2008; as a native Oaklander who is often reminded of the shadow that San Francisco casts on us from across the Bay, it was nice to see the hometown team (especially the A's, who have had quite a complicated and strained relationship with Oakland in recent years) show some love back to the community, as subtle as it may be. With this concept, I decided to run with that idea and make it the central theme of the logo. The logo is a stylized depiction of one of Oakland's most recognizable landmarks & symbols, the Tribune Tower. Its marquee reads, "SEASONS" as opposed to "YEARS"; I'm aware that technically, 2018 would mark the A's 51st season in Oakland, but I thought that "SEASONS" looked aesthetically more appealing than "YEARS". The four shooting stars in the background represent the four World Series titles the A's have won during their time in Oakland (though I personally hope to add a few more stars between now and then ). So, what do you all think? Comments and constructive criticism are welcome! I'm certainly no artist, and if anyone who has the talent and skills to do a better job than I did and wants to run with this concept, feel free to!