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  1. Hello Kodrinsky. I don't know if the following is worthwhile, feel free to ignore if not. I happened to be reading online about the Syracuse Nationals recently, and came across some information related to their court (they played at the Onondaga County War Memorial). I don't believe you've released any Nationals era courts. Anyway, part of the court is being used as flooring and decoration at a pub located in the Hotel Syracuse. Here are a few links to the articles about the hotel acquiring the floor, the pub, and the 54-55 championship. The pub article has a photo gallery with a good picture of the center court logo, and the championship article has an embedded YouTube video where you can make out some details of the hardwoods. At any rate, hope these are helpful. Court Finding a New Home The Pub Using the Court Article & Video of Championship
  2. Hey K-Man, nice work with this Celtics court and the other 20-21 NBA courts you've been releasing lately! Perhaps you missed my earlier post? As previously mentioned, the 19-20 Celtics court design(s) are no where to be found - at least not by me - either here or at the Flickr NBA Court Database. The rest of the 19-20 NBA (29 of the 30 franchises) is well represented, both here and there, with multiple designs... more than 100, at last count. Have you not yet been able to compete them, or maybe you meant to post finished versions but they got lost in the flood with everything else on your plate? Perhaps the two existing 18-19 Celtics court designs were used for the 19-20 season as well, and you just need to update their captions to reflect this information at the Flickr NBA Court Database? With respect, any clarification posted here would be very much appreciated, at least by this fan. Thanks!
  3. Kodrinsky, my apologies, I should have included this example in my post from a day ago. There doesn't appear to be any Boston Celtics 19-20 designs posted, either in this NBA Court Database thread, or at your Flickr NBA Court Database either. Otherwise, the remaining 29 NBA franchises are represented in both locations with designs from the 19-20 season. Is this in error, or perhaps you haven't gotten around to it? Or did the two Boston Celtics 18-19 designs on Flickr carryover through 19-20, and just need to be labeled as such there? Thanks!
  4. Hi Kodrinsky, a very Happy New Years to you and yours, good sir! Just checking... is the 2019-2020 NBA season complete, or do you anticipate further updates?
  5. Hey Kodrinsky! Thanks as always for your efforts - really, really appreciated. Just curious about the bubble courts for the 2019-20 season. I thought that teams had their respective logos on their "home" floors, or did that not happen until the playoffs actually began? Were the bubble teams playing on the generic courts you've posted here for the duration of the seeding games? Regardless, presumably you'll release the team logo versions as well in the near future?
  6. Kodrinsky, any intention to release regular season/playoff bubble courts at some point in the future?
  7. Kodrinsky, any intention to release regular season/playoff bubble courts at some point in the future?
  8. Welcome back Kodrinsky! How was your year off?
  9. Hi Kodrinksy, just checking in. If I may, with the Finals at hand, could you give us some sense of when you intend to release the remaining 2018-19 regular season NBA courts? If I'm not mistaken (and please correct me if I am), there appears to be approximately a half-dozen franchises whose updates have yet to be posted. Thank you for the consideration in advance, and as always, much gratitude for your continuing fine efforts on this project.
  10. Hey Kodrinsky. As it stands now, and to the best of your knowledge, are there any more 2018-19 NBA regular season courts you're expecting for the league to reveal and/or are working on at home currently? I figured since we're a month from the end of the regular season, and you haven't posted since mid-January, there might be nothing left. Thanks in advance, and as always, I really appreciate all the effort you put into this project.
  11. Hey Kodrinsky... what's the next step with the 2017-18 season? Presuming there's no more regular season court variants to post between now and April 11, do you intend to present playoff courts all the way through the Finals? Thank you, sensei!
  12. Cool, and thanks for the knowledge Mr. K!
  13. Kodrinsky, superlative work as always on the latest 17-18 additions to the NBA court database. Thank you for posting them. By my count you're up to 68 designs for the season, with all 30 franchises represented (and in a number of cases - the Warriors or Kings, for example - well represented). My question is, at this point and to your knowledge, are there any other court designs for this regular season left to release, and if so, whose? If so, will these designs present a "fresh" look that differs significantly from pre-existing team designs (e.g. the Golden 1 Center '18 court above), or rather simple differences such as baseline team or sponsor logos/verbiage added or subtracted (e.g. the Wells Fargo '18 court above)?
  14. Excellent, thanks for letting us know! Seems like the Raptors are playing on the OVO court tonight (January 26), for the first time... how's that for timing? The Jazz City Edition court will debut a few days later on January 30, and the Sacramento City Edition court February 5. Looking forward to seeing these three in the next couple of weeks. Keep up the fantastic work!
  15. Hey Kodrinsky, any sense of when you'll release the alternate Utah and Sacramento courts, both of which I linked to around Christmas time (see above)? And surely there can't be that many 17-18 courts left otherwise. By my count you've already put out 61, or roughly 2 for every existing franchise (30 in all). As always, very much appreciated, and thank you in advance.
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