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  1. I don't mind this as a concept, but the only place I could stomach the Packers having blaze orange is in place of red practice jerseys.

    Besides, this has already been done as fan gear.


    but as you just stated this is fan gear and every team in the league has them, this will be on the field packers only jersey

  2. Orange and brown! Orange and brown! All I can think about is the worst color combination for a high school, and yes, we have an orange-and-brown high school in Arizona. I...don't...know.

    ya, its a big different between colors but those are the colors most people wear while hunting, plus there are a ton of people who do wear their hunting clothes to games due to the warmth they have

  3. As a hunter and Packer-backer, this has long been an idea I've had.

    Your orange is not nearly as bright as the regulated hunting 'blaze orange' but that would be hell on the eyes. I would also use a camouflage that is more green based and not as 'digi'.

    Something like this. RealtreeHardwoodsGreenHD.jpg

    I was thinking about that, but there were two ideas that came to my head

    1 if this were to actually happen could they truly or would they truly, use a camo with actual tree and leaf look

    2 I also went off the look of the pants I where while hunting

  4. This concept is something I have thought of for a while. This jersey is a hunting style jersey for the week before, during, or after opening season of hunting in Wisconsin. Since hunting and Packers are two huge things in Wisconsin, why not have them combine. Give me some ideas on what I can add or adjust to this jersey.Packers-Hunting-Jersey_zps486f75c4.gif