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  1. For some of us it isn't even alternative football, it's just football.
  2. The CFL uses one foot in bounds and it works just fine and dandy there so I don't see any issues here. I agree with you on the clock stoppage issue. I get they are trying to speed up the game but I'd at least like to see getting out of bounds stopping the clock the whole game...incomplete passes I can be okay with the clock still running.
  3. Definitely don't need another blue and gold (or brass) team.
  4. Just please, please, please let it be a unique set of colors to the league.
  5. Those all actually work great in those colors...nicely done.
  6. Would love to have seen a few Irish teams in the mix here.
  7. Honestly I'm on the opposite fence post here...I love that darker shade of blue and the new helmets.
  8. I would love to follow it more, I've become an avid CFL fan over the last four or five seasons and watch at least a part of almost every game via ESPN+. Sadly I haven't found a way to watch any U Sports games nor have I even found anything like a weekly highlight or recap show. I honestly find the 3-down brand of football much more exciting to watch.
  9. And a lot of people weren't given how bad Manziel has stunk it up since leaving college.
  10. Lineman and linebackers...more space to cover requires these positions to be quicker and probably a little smaller. The linemen especially with more room to cover, one yard off the ball, etc...the 350+ pound behemoths are at a disadvantage, they need to be a little more agile. I mean the game and it's rules are not inferior...there's no doubt that the NFL has higher overall quality athletes.
  11. I'm not Canadian (live in Colorado), but I think it's a great idea for those leagues. Let's be honest, it's highly unlikely any of those players are going to get a single sniff to come to the United States and play NCAA or NFL football. Yea, there may be an outlier here or there but I think the opportunities for those players and those leagues will be better if they are synergistic with Canadian rules.
  12. I'm an American that has been an avid CFL fan for 5 seasons now, watch at least a portion of almost every game via ESPN+ and am happier than a pig in mud about it. I haven't watched a full NFL for several seasons me, the style of CFL football is much more enjoyable to watch. They are two different animals and in my opinion there is nothing to be settled; for many positions they require a different type of athlete. Over the years there have been many successful NFL players go to the CFL and bomb...return to the NFL and then have productivity. And I'd say it's pretty obvious why another pro football league hasn't started up in Canada...yup, population and number of athletes. The CFL has watched how many other alternate leagues come and go in the US and yet here they still are.
  13. The need for a debate of this type always slays me. They are two different animals because of the rules. One example is the wider field and having the d-line a yard off the ball requires a bit smaller and more agile offensive linemen. I'm a HUGE CFL fan...have been for about 5 years now and the caliber of players in the NFL is definitely better than that of the CFL. But so is the level of athlete in DI football to DIAA, DII, DIII, etc. and on down to juco and high school. That's not to say you can't watch some great, exciting and entertaining football at the "non-elite" levels. It's more about the level of competition being relative to each other, having well coached athletes, good game plans, etc. Many, if not most, of the CFL players are just a slight notch below their NFL counterparts...good, but just not good enough. It's a spectacularly exciting brand of football to watch.
  14. Digging the Eskimos with the darker shade of green.
  15. Seattle Haze with Jimi Hendrix on the helmet for the win!!