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  1. Yea, that's pretty much what he said.
  2. I dig the color scheme...I can see Crockett and Tubbs in all their Miami Vice glory. However the dolphin itself is a bit underwhelming for me, I'd prefer to see a riff closer to the Dolphins logo of that time frame.
  3. Was about to suggest the same thing, but then it could resemble the Rebels way too much, it already does to some extent as is. Perhaps a knight's helmet or a shield with a lance instead of a pennant/flag could give it a different look. I really like the colors though.
  4. Would love to see some gold or a vibrant yellow accent color for Moscow...doesn't have to be prominent but I think it'd make it pop.
  5. Agreed, so many great players in that league. I've been watching some games and highlight videos on YouTube now and then.
  6. Portland and Boise look sweet, the color palettes are unique and work wonderfully.
  7. See, there you go being all silly and such and keeping the big picture in mind while I just comment on one uniform like it's in a bubble. The double blue and tan definitely works though.
  8. A little saddened, the updated Stampeders logo just doesn't do it for me. I like all the other updates, but something about it just doesn't ring with me.
  9. Can I just say that the Sailors helmet and pant stripe is wonderful. I dig the color scheme as well, the double blue with the addition of the tan works wonderfully. I do wonder however if a sea green would work better though.
  10. Yea man, much better with the EE...eagerly awaiting the Stamps. It definitely needs the most awesome helmet in sports, the Outlaw!!
  11. I like the re-imaged Edmonton logo but the EE gets a little lost with the striping to the left and right of it. I'm wondering how it would look without those, just the EE inside the green bar/stripe.
  12. I will add that I really dig your color schemes, especially the fact that you are using some rarely or never used schemes...and of course just my two cents as I'm sure there are others that like the similar coloring between the logo and helmet. Anyway, I'm quite enjoying the series.
  13. Been following this one from the beginning and love the takes on the locations and their mascots. However one theme I've detected is the logo on the helmet both being in similar (or the same) color too often. These tend to make the logo disappear somewhat to my eye and I think it'd be better served with some color differentiation or at least an outline of some type in a different color to help it stand out more.
  14. Well slap me with a wet noodle...why did I NOT put two and two together. Must be Monday!
  15. Looks very similar to what was just posted Sunday in this thread: