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  1. Sorry, just one dude's opinion, but neither of these do anything for me. I get they're your concepts and I love seeing out of the box stuff, but I think they're a downgrade for sure.
  2. Yea man, I dig it too...nice to see something way out of the box here. I'm looking forward to seeing more.
  3. Cheese and crackers man...everyone wants to keep debating this point. Go back up, I said I get both sides, I was just offering a different point of view on why someone would purchase the AAF names. Makes no never mind to me on whether it's for sale or not, whether they but it or not or whatever. But c'mon, Dwayne Johnson pretty much has the pocketbook to do whatever he pleases here and IF it was for sale, and IF he wanted to buy he'd do so and it wouldn't be a wrong decision...cost isn't an issue. Might not be the right one, but it's not wrong either. I'll bring this quote in regarding buying the AAF names too. I mean why WOULDN'T they spend money on another failed league? After all, they (Johnson and partners) already bought a TWICE FAILED league.
  4. True, but spending $15 million dollars on a twice failed league doesn't make a whole lot of sense either. Unless of course you are someone like Dwayne Johnson and have that kind of cash to likely just throw around...oh, and perhaps have to throw around to pick up the IP of another failed league.
  5. Don't disagree with you...don't disagree with the other thought process either. Just two different ways of thinking and neither of them wrong.
  6. The thought process could be that, theoretically, you could have some built in fans from the get go with resurrecting those AAF teams instead of (yet) another brand new team in a market that's been there, done that with failed football leagues before.
  7. Exploring doesn't have mean colonizing. Heck man, at this point folks can probably find issues with just about any name.
  8. I grew up in south Florida, a lot of that time in the Tampa area and have been a Bucs fan since their inception in 1976. I've lived in Colorado for 23+ years yet I still remain a die hard Bucs fan. I'll watch the Broncos, hope they do well but wouldn't consider myself much of a fan of theirs. However I also have a fondness for the Seahawks since they came into the league the same time as the Bucs...I originally adopted them as my AFC team and still root for them to this day as my "second" NFL team.
  9. For those old enough to remember, I'm thinking of Sigmund the Sea Monster!
  10. Why so harsh bro? Obviously the thread starter and those discussing it here do not seem to think it's a waste of time. In fact you even found it relevant enough to comment in the thread.
  11. Yup, was gonna say something similar...pretty close to an exact copy of the logo.
  12. Still simply called Mile High by most people I know here in Colorado as well...heck, I couldn't even tell you what the proper name/current sponsor name currently is.
  13. I never said that dude. I mean seriously, what need was there for a reply like this? For Pete's sake this is a sports logo forum and you have the desire to be a bit contentious with a comment like this? Seriously, be a part of the solution, not more of the problem.
  14. I'm right there with ya dude, been watching that and matchbox car racing regularly but I do prefer the Marble Runs.
  15. While not as evocative as Kraken, Seattle Sockeyes certainly rolls off the tongue wonderfully.