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  1. MIght be cliche, but England needs some white and the Union Jack there somewhere.
  2. Yea man, I submit Chase Daniels as the backup that smiled all the way to the bank multiple times yet never saw any extended playing time.
  3. Man, all of these designs simply rock, but to me, Arizona Heat flows better than Phoenix.
  4. I’m betting the helmet thing has something to do with the players (all but the franchise dude) getting re-drafted every week. I doubt they have multiple helmets for each player, that could get expensive. I’m thinking they just change the decal. That being said they could have at least used the same color for everyone. Perhaps they got a deal or something?
  5. I found it fairly entertaining in a sandlot football type of way. Watched a bit here and there over the two games and will tune in again. I wish though for the re-draft that each week the fans would vote on an additional franchise player (or two, one offense, one defense) to designate for each team so throughout the season you build a core of players. Give the player a bonus if/when they are franchised.
  6. Old Chicago Staggs helmet from the never launched A11FL.
  7. Thanks for these, I've enjoyed every single one of them.
  8. Yea, this right here. I'm not a hunter, so forgive my lack of knowledge as I've only seen this in movies and whatnot, but folks clacking together to smaller antlers like they do to attract them.
  9. Throw some champagne in there and go full on Michigan Panthers color scheme...that was way underrated.
  10. I always thought the name Houston Toros would work with their current logos and such.
  11. Looking at the hairstyles I'm gonna guess this photo is from the 80' was like the wild west of fashion back then. That and Madonna made them popular.
  12. If we are going to branch out to similar things, here's one that always kind of baffled me...having the letters not match up with how the school is commonly referred to. For example, the University of Colorado is known as CU and not UC. There are other examples I know, but this one jumps out at me right now...and if we follow that trend, then the University of Florida should be FU!
  13. I'm not quite sure how to answer this question given that this is a forum related to sports. What I'm saying is that if you're a sports fan (college football in particular) and somebody says Miami, you don't think about the university located in Ohio, you think about the Miami Hurricanes. Hence the "Miami of Ohio" terminology I'm used to hearing. Another example, I have a friend whose son goes to, not the University of Southern California, but the University of South Carolina. Not being from that region, when I hear USC I think of the California school.