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  1. Yea, Halifax was a longshot even without COVID I think. Is it August yet?
  2. Same here, I’ve been hoping that if the CFL and XFL merge the majority of CFL rules stay, but the XFL PAT rules added a great element of strategy to things. I dug them as well. Not sure if I read it here or elsewhere, but saw someone mention that all these spring leagues (AAF, XFL, now USFL) should just quit trying to go it alone, pool their money and resources and make a go at it together. Certainly would have deeper coffers and a better chance to survive that way.
  3. I'll happily take any and every opportunity to crank up this Rush classic.
  4. My bad, there is one: http://usfl2.com/ But dang it wasn't easy to find.
  5. Folks may have seen me post about this before, but I have so many fond memories of the USFL. I grew up in south central Florida, graduated high school in 1986 and went to many Bandits games in Tampa. One thing that baffles me right out of the gate is how in this day and age can they make an announcement like this without even a freakin' league website? Even something minimal with just the logo, that's just crazy.
  6. Here we go again...man, I’d love to see the return of these old brands updated for today with some entertaining football, but obviously another long shot. https://www.foxsports.com/presspass/latest-news/2021/06/03/united-states-football-league-returns-2022 https://www.foxsports.com/watch/1904371779924
  7. I was wondering what the over/under was on when the first of these would go up. For me, I like all of them except 2..and 6 to a lesser degree. Overall they knocked this rebrand out of the park, but like was mentioned earlier I think the horns on the helmet should be thicker.
  8. Read before commenting, this has been addressed several times here. The classic EE HAS NOT BEEN DITCHED.
  9. Well, folks always have to find something to pick at.
  10. Is there a source where you've read they are retiring the EE? Obviously there is merch available with it on there. I'm assuming it'll be a secondary/throwback/alternate type of logo used.
  11. Given that the CFL allows for teams to have multiple helmets it won't surprise me to see the classic EE as well as a different helmet with some iteration of the Elks logo on it at some point during the season.
  12. Skycast

    USFL Tweaks

    The only one I really don't care for is the Mad Dogs one...never liked that honestly. The others are all solid and would fit in St. Louis for sure with the Surge being my 3rd pick for the franchise.
  13. Skycast

    USFL Tweaks

    That secondary Denver logo is spot on dude.
  14. Skycast

    USFL Tweaks

    Just a quick chime in to say I'm enjoying following along in the sim and the write-ups. Happy to see the Bandits getting back to the winning side of things. Are you using Wolverine's Pro Football sim game? The standings shots look similar to that.
  15. I had that Loni Anderson poster on my wall. Man, I miss the USFL still to this day.
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