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  1. Won't be the Mariners, they're apparently buying a majority stake in the Modesto Nuts. I'd assume that Colorado will align with Lancaster and Houston could possible be the team that goes to Fayetteville.
  2. Lynchburg new team name finalists: Link Name the team contest ends July 19.
  3. Bowling Green new turf options:
  4. UNLV does the same thing with two of their sets: a white jersey with black pinstripes with REBELS in white with a black outline and a red jersey with REBELS in red with a white outline. At least they have an interlocking LV as their cap logo, saves at least some decency with their look.
  5. EA could just send a code to use the CHL alternate jerseys once they've been revealed, after all that is what they've been doing for NHL thirds...
  6. Bowling Green: Roll Along (also Roll Along You BG Warriors); Ay Ziggy Zoomba; Forward Falcons UNLV: Win With the Rebels; U-N-L-V, UNLV Go, Fight, Win; Reeeeeeeeeebellllls (mostly used at b-ball games, but also used at football and baseball games) Here's another UF one: Go Gators...Go Gators...Go Gators, C'mon Gators, Give It A Go
  7. Whitmer runs afoul of Pitt on logo The University of Pittsburgh has told Whitmer High School in Toledo, OH that it has unfairly used their trademark Panther logo and wants the high school to stop using it. Lawyers representing the school district sent a letter (PDF here) to Pitt's Associate General Counsel, stating that the school will stop using the logo and replace it with one designed by a student (posted on the web article near the middle of the page). This includes replacing the midfield logo on the FieldTurf at the school's football stadium, which they say is the largest in Ohio. The logo is that the Toledo Blade posted on the article shows the field logo, but you can see it definitely looks like the panther used by Pitt from '97-'04. I know you guys have some strong opinions about high schools' theft of college and/or professional logos and I wanted to know what you guys think about this case.
  8. Johnstown's Tribune-Democrat and Greenville WYFF are reporting that the Johnstown Chiefs, a founding member of the East Coast Hockey League and the only team that has remained in the ECHL since the league's founding without relocating, may likely be moving to Greenville, SC and play at the BI-LO Center. Greenville's arena board will be meeting on Monday to discuss a lease. Right now it looks 75-25 considering the problems that have been facing the Chiefs over the last few years. Here's the link to the Tribune-Democrat article: "Rumors continue about Chiefs relocation"
  9. The green V represents the San Joaquin Valley. Fresno is a major city in the valley.
  10. It's not really good, but I like the idea and think that it's a good starting point for the Salmon Kings. I think they can evolve that jersey into something that isn't aesthetically nauseating.
  11. Yeah I'd say Tucson is a stretch, the city hasn't really supported minor league teams that well recently (i.e. Tucson Scorch, Tucson Sidewinders, the current incarnation of the Tucson Toros). Plus Arizona Stadium is way too big, Hi Corbett Field is not very well configured for football and many of the Tucson locals I've talk to refuse to go to Tucson Electric Park as it is quite "out there".
  12. What, no "Vegas" theme?? I cannot believe another Sin City team passed on "Kings", "Snake Eyes", or "Hangover". Technically it is a Las Vegas theme all be it not one that most people think of when they think of Las Vegas. Las Vegas after all was established as a railroad town for former Montana Senator William A. Clark's San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad. So although Locomotives in itself is not a great name for the team, it does have a Las Vegas theme to it.
  13. Calgary has their newest AHL franchise location. Seriously, though, are there any teams that either need an AHL affiliate or need to move their team somewhere soon? Word is that Edmonton will be sending its affiliate there. Reactivating the dormant Roadrunners franchise there to be precise. Which in turn leaves Springfield open for.....Anaheim? IIRC they are affiliate-less after running from the red tide ink that was the Iowa Chops. Otherwise...I agree that hurts the CHL big time. Does this get us closer to a "AA" merger between the CHL, ECHL, and the IHL? I don't know about that. Franke is not very receptive to joining another league, due to the increase in costs (i.e. travel, ticket price markups, etc.) and he has all the say in the notIHL. There are too many teams in the CHL and ECHL to perform a full merger. If anything, the ECHL could take a few CHL teams to add to the National Conference and the South Division of the American Conference if the CHL folded, but I don't think the league is in that much trouble. A full merger would be great and could (IMO) bring professional hockey closer to a system of hierarchy of NHL affiliated hockey teams and leagues similar to minor league baseball. AHL would be AAA, the merged CHL-ECHL-IHL league would be AA and so on. Though I doubt this would ever happen.
  14. Could I get a Tottenham Hotspur one and a FC Bayern M√ľnchen one? These are awesome man, keep up the amazing work.
  15. So the notIHL is pretty much just posting a prominent position like Commissioner in the same fashion that the local Applebee's posts for a bus boy, wow. How long until this league finally ceases operations and Fort Wayne transfers to the ECHL (pending union fees Franke owes)?