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  1. I'm being overly optimistic in what the Wildcats have planned and that maybe some people on here vastly more talented than myself have a crack at it. The inhouse "First Ever" brand the NBL wear isn't amazing and looks a little cheap but they're better than some past makers like ISC.The collars are safe, shoulders a little too wide. Shame they moved away from Mitchell & Ness. I accept that lesser leagues will have sponsors crowding the uniforms but I wish all Australian sports could follow the AFL in their Sponsorship template bylaws of designated small sponsor on the chest opposite league logo and a larger one below the Back number.
  2. *Not sure if I'm posting this in the correct thread as I haven't posted on this site in probably over a decade. Wildcats Jersey design competition Australia's biggest and most successful Basketball Club the "Perth Wildcats"are asking fans for uniform concepts for the coming season. They'd been one of the best attended clubs outside North America too with a crowd ave over 12000. Was wondering if any of you would be keen of having a crack at designing a uniform for the competition. Their logo is in desperate need of an update or redo too. The Wildcats have solid colours but never seem to be able to nail it, often with poor and unrelated typography, chopping and changing every season over the last decade. Sponsorship placement has also been messy. They predominantly play in Red (the fan base is called the Red Army) since 2009. founded in 1982, they originally utilized the Western Australian state colours of Black and Gold. They introduced white in 1987 and red accents in 1989 (from a sponsorship of a local Brewery). In 1995 they dropped the Gold and standard white home Singlet for a Black home Singlet with secondary colours of Red and Grey/silver. They wore variations of Black till 2008. Since then, the club has really embraced Red at the dominant colour though there's some nostalgia for the Uniforms of the late 80's to mid 90's. *Some of their Singlets over the years. Championships in 2, 4, 5 ,7 (7 is the current Singlet). 8 and 9 being city round and indigenous round one offs. They suit a more dynamic modern design than a standard traditional block letter Basketball uniform. They have almost always worn V neck Singlets. They have also often had the front numbering offset or above the team name (like in Euroleague basketball). Colours: Red Secondary colours (or away) colours: Black, White Accent (or alternative) colours: Grey/Silver, Yellow/Gold Portland and Toronto uniforms would be in the ballpark.
  3. Maybe have a look at the Perth Wildcats and New Zealand Breakers if you want a team/s from Oceania/Australasia. The Perth Wildcats are the biggest and most successful (6 titles, 10 GF appearences) club playing in the 35 year old National Basketball League. NZ Breakers are current champions (3 in a row, 2 in a row over Perth). Perth habitually defeats Chinese CBA teams in preseason competition. It's been 18 years since they last played any NBA or European Clubs but they did Real Madrid and Bologna, lost to Houston.
  4. What does c&c mean? It's your project man, enjoy it how you will
  5. Melbourne? second biggest city in Australia and a global sports city (which Sydney certainly isn't) More Samoans in New Zealand than Samoa. Singapore and KL belong in a Northern Hemisphere/East Asian division. An Australasian/Oceania Division of 8 would flow better. Sydney - (traditional colours) Sky Blue, (secondary colours) Dark Blue and White. (Possible names with local context) Pioneers, Fleet, Bush Rangers, Funnel Webs, Schooners. Melbourne - Navy Blue, White, irregularly Silver. Monarchs, Royals, Vics, Victorians Brisbane - Maroon, White and Yellow. Bombers, Flying Foxes Perth - Gold (web, not metallic), Black, irregularly Red Black Swan(s), Dugites, Mutineers, Fire Adelaide - Red, Royal Blue and Gold Monarchs, Piping Shrikes, Brewers, Sharks Auckland - Dark Blue, Royal Blue and White Sailors, Skippers, Clippers, Vulcans, Silver Then two of the following 6 cities. Gold Coast and Newcastle are larger than Wellington and Christchurch but the two NZ cities give a better geographical spread. Gold Coast being 1 hour south of Brisbane and Newcastle being 2 hours north of Sydney. Canberra and Wellington offer two Capitals but Canberra isn't the greatest sporting town. Hobart in Tasmania offers a great location on the map and has no pro teams to go up against (though a small city of 200 000 in a small state of 500 000). Gold Coast - Light Blue, Yellow and White, irregularly Coral Surf, Surge, IronMen, (life) Guards Newcastle - Red and Blue, White Miners, Mariners, Maulers Wellington - Black and Yellow Storm, Cats, Bees Christchurch - Black and Red, White Knights, Mighty Moa, Haasts Eagles Canberra - Blue and Gold Federals, Bulls, Stockmen Hobart - Bottle Green, Maroon and White, irregularly Yellow Devils, Tasmanians, Demons (Diemens), Wild