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  1. if anybody is still working on logos here, i'd love to see this version of mr redlegs updated. shouldn't be too hard.
  2. i can't think of another all time great in any sport who is/was hated by so many of their own fans. it's such a strange thing. i think people would pick scooter over votto at this point.
  3. trout will be handed an empty check and a pen lol
  4. joey votto's contract just keeps lookin better and better
  5. this is a lot of fun! the cannon logo turned out really nice. the pilots are my favorite so far!
  6. man i agree so much. i'm always stoked for baseball but i haven't felt this excited about the reds in quite some time. from the new managers to the new players. plus the 150th anniversary stuff this season. should be a ton of fun!
  7. the only time i want to see cliff pennington in a reds uniform is when he's on the mound
  8. the blue jackets really should've only won one game, and that was game 3. which they lost. tonight was dreadful. im not looking forward to the way this ends. go jackets
  9. i appriceate the information. now BACK TO THE LYNCHING
  10. i would be ok with this happening every night. no complaints here.
  11. hit the shot but didn't get it off before the buzzer and the rockets win by 1. wowwwwwwww. fun opening night
  12. pitchers walking in pitchers for runs. nl baseball baby!
  13. sonny gray has pitched 21 1/3 innings of postseason baseball in his career and has gotten 0 runs in support
  14. i can't wait for all the scorching hot takes after tonight's cavs v celtics game
  15. mapfre is about 4 miles from downtown, and right across from OSU's campus. the location is fine. it's all about new ownership taking over and wanting to move from the get go. he knew what he was doing when he signed that atrocious TV deal limiting who has access to games. so much could have been done to improve attendance and there are still plenty of ways to fix the problem without building a new stadium or moving the team. instead ownership decided to screw fans over, then use said fans as scapegoats. this entire situation is disgusting
  16. according to anthony precourt it's all about location. he wants to be downtown, not a couple miles away from it, or so he says. seems more like he's making demands that won't be met so he can leave and still be able to say he tried/have someone to blame.
  17. if michigan can get their offense figured out they definitely have a good chance at PSU. it's going to take everything going right, and a lottttttt of run plays.
  18. being a blue jackets fan and not seeing them come up in these jokes brings a single tear to my eye. we don't completely suck any more!
  19. Yup. These were his intentions from the beginning. Cheaper to overpay and take control of the franchise than to pay for an expansion team.
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