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  1. fun fact: the original falcons colors were red, black, and gold to represent Georgia Tech and uga. Bring back the gold, this set is incredible! RISE UP!
  2. coming from a tech fan, this hurts to say...but these look incredible. im glad you kept it nice and simple with the sleeve stripes. im sure this black jersey design would look great on silver britches as well. i wish tech would go back to a simple design like this
  3. well bigmike i just dont think you know the line between constructive criticism and just plain criticism. i know the quality is not good but im basically teaching myself in my free time, i just wanted to get peoples opinion on the overall idea. i happen to believe that this crappy concept is a lot better than most of the outlandish uniforms people post on here, its realistic. it could use some more blue, and thats the only thing ill take away from this. but thank you for telling me that my design is basically awful, get off your high horse and remember you posted stuff that wasnt up to other peoples standards at one point as well. thanks for the encouragement.
  4. im sure plenty of guitarists played some crappy shows with crappy bands before they were up to your standards, jerk. techs colors are white and old gold, this jersey was based off the student letterman jacket. just designing it for a one time use game or something, just about anything is better than we have now.
  5. So, i decided to try and make a new jersey for tech with a vintage feel. i just started photoshop/illustrator so bear with me here on how it looks lol.