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  1. I actually intended the white space to be the shape of a part of Africa: specifically the horn of Africa region where the organization will operate (here's an image of the region: ) I didn't include the entire continent because HAWEN is only based in a certain region
  2. Hey people, My dad is beginning a new job as the head of the Horn of Africa Wildlife Enforcement Network (HAWEN), which is an NGO that is being created by a coalition of national governments in the region in order to protect wildlife/prevent poaching etc. Since it is a new organization, they don't currently have a logo, so my dad has asked me to design it (yay nepotism!). The image below is what I've got so far, and I think it would be great to get some constructive criticism, so if you have any suggestions please post them!
  3. I think these are all very good! Ireland and Slovakia (I think you may have mixed it up with Slovenia) are my favorites so far. The home and 3rd for Ireland are very simple but classy, and I love the general colors/design of Slovakia's kits (also yay Martin Skrtel)
  4. I've been playing around with the wings for a while, but when I try to make them longer it kinda ruins the narrow shield shape. I personally don't think they're too short, since most other soccer crests I've seen with eagles have similar wing lengths (such as Eintracht Frankfurt, FC Anzhi Makhachkala, Afc Wimbledon, FC Aarau, etc.) Also I tried inserting Washington Monument but found that it made things look a bit too busy. I also tried removing the tongue, but it looked like something was missing.
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys, here's the second draft. I decided to use 4 stars instead of 3 to match the current logo, and made changes to the neckline as Nugget suggested to make the head more integrated. I also expanded the bottom into a larger shield shape sort of like what Wgeddes suggested. Anything I should change?
  6. It was recently announced that DC United is planning to change its logo, and in light of this I've been trying to come up with my own rebranding idea just for kicks. The 3 stars on top come from DC's flag (I could alternatively use 4 stars for the # of championships). The version on the left has a darker shade of red added to create a shadow/3d effect, while the version on the right is more flatly colored. I'm not entirely satisfied with certain parts of my design such as the shield on the tail feathers, and I feel that the space could be used better, so if you have any suggestions let me know. Any feedback is much appreciated!
  7. These are really great! I'm really digging the El Pollo Loco de la Ciudad Mexico Club de Cerveza Pong alternate shirt, and I also love the Lumberjacks and of course the Freedom Hawks. As for the Moose/Meese rivalry, go Meese! Just 'cause they've got an attractive logo.
  8. I know this was a while back, but on the NY Reds primary I think it would look a lot better if the apple were just a white silhouette in stead of having the faint outline around it. Otherwise, its solid. Also, NOLA is a bit over-complicated for me with the multiple outlines, and the fleur-de-lises seem a bit too much. Maybe make a shield with the top shaped like a fleur-de-lis? I dunno. Finally, I really like the way you did the wings of the thunderbird in Seattle's primary/secondary, but the head doesn't seem to fit in. Maybe just make the silhouette of a head w/out the eyes/etc, and make it a little less blocky and more curved w/ a larger beak. It would simplify it to make it fit in better w/ the rest of the logo. Just some of my suggestions, but good work so far, I'm enjoying it.
  9. I think the new logo would be better actually without the top thing on the shield. Good work so far, though.
  10. The Marseille set looks fantastic, these are all really great.
  11. I think it's decent, definitely not what I was expecting. A couple ideas: If it wouldn't be an exorbitant amount of work, try rotating the MLS and USA patches to match the angle of the ends of the sleeves, right now they are way out of alignment. Also, you might want to make the RSL logo on the shorts have a red shield or just invert the colors to make it pop out more. Otherwise there's not much else.
  12. I think you've really improved it, nicely done. The crown looks miles better. The logo could use a certain level of more shininess that MLS logos tend to have these days, I even think a gradient that's darker on the sides of the shield would look good. It might be impossible to do that with whatever program you're using. (MS paint?) If you got something like Inkscape, which is free, you could do a lot more with this. Otherwise, really well done, I like it better than their current logo. I'd love to see some unis for this.
  13. This is an interesting idea, I like it a lot so far. One thing I would recommend is to thicken the lines of the soccer ball on the Grizzlies logo, as I think that would blend the two aspects better. Good work, the uniforms I especially like.
  14. Yeah, I don't even know what it is myself to be honest. If you look at the current logo (http://en.wikipedia....eutherFurth.png) you can see it on there. Whether it's a weird elf shoe or carriage, I don't know, but I have researched it and couldn't find anything on it. However, I kind of liked how it looked, so I combined it with their classic clover to get my version. It was more experimental than anything else, so I could get rid of it and create a new crest if that would be any better. Thanks for the comment.
  15. It's a decent idea (certainly an improvement over the first two), but to me it looks more like a giant wrecking ball than a star. The way the spikes are largest on top and on the sides makes it look strange, you should try to make every other sun ray the same size. I like the third option of the colors, with black around the text. Good start. Also, what is PLA?