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  1. The College Football Playoff, despite being infinitely better than the BCS, is still flawed. I feel that 4 teams is insufficient, and that the whole bowl system is just a mess. That being said, I have come up with a fix. In this thread, I will post weekly brackets that would line-up with this system (with tweaks I think would happen), and when the final rankings come out, all 16 teams' uniforms for the playoff. So, without further ado, here is my idea for a 16-team playoff field. 1. FBS teams play a 10-game, 11-week regular season schedule, including 1 bye week. (weeks 1-11; Aug, 26-Nov. 4) Schedule includes 6-8 conference games, and 2-4 non-conference FBS games. FBS teams will no longer be allowed to play FCS teams (avoids many strength of schedule ?'s). Week 12 = nationwide bye week/ Army-Navy game (Nov. 11) Week 13 = conference championship games, Selection Sunday (Nov. 16-19) 2. Postseason - Power-5 conference champions receive automatic bid, but do not get home-field or higher seeds. Committee will still select wild cards and seed teams. Week 14 = Playoff BYE; start group-of-5 bowl games. (Nov. 20-30) Week 15 = Playoff round 1; 8 games played at higher seed's home field. (Nov. 30, Dec. 1-2). Week 16 = Playoff round 2; 4 games played as Rose, Sugar, Orange, and Fiesta Bowls (could rotate every year for #1 ovr. seeds, locations, bowls, etc.); Group-of-5 and Power-5 non-playoff bowl games during week, Playoff games Friday night and Saturday (Dec. 4-9) Week 17 = Playoff BYE; Rd. 1 loser bowl games start and Power-5 non-playoff bowl games continue/finish. (December 11-22) Week 18 = Playoff round 3; 2 games played at neutral sites (2018 in Indy, Houston; rotate every year.) (Dec. 23) Week 19 = Playoff BYE; playoff round 2 loser bowls start and finish (Dec. 26- Jan.1) Note: Round 3 losers do not get extra bowl games since they played in the Final 4. Week 20 = Playoff Championship (2018 in Atlanta, rotate every year). (January 8) Uhhhh, edit: I can't figure out how to post an image directly from my computer. I've posted on this before and was able to browse my files, is that not possible anymore? It's been a while since I've posted. Sorry, this is embarassing.
  2. All of these are incredible... great work. That Hornets concept might be one of the nicest NBA concepts I've seen on the boards. Extremely well done.

    Hey Kyle


    Found this on a google image search. Need to know if you have a desire to use this for your main logo for the avatar that I will make for your team. I'm not crazy about the font but It is your call. This could also be a secondary or tertiary logo.


    Found this5985fa465a530_MooseKnucklesuniconcept.png.68910810be13df9957a5ca2998675d68.png

     Created this



    Here is what I have created as a look for away team jersey. Give me your thoughts so I can get your team designed. You will have a Home, Away, and Alt concept that will be part of your owner profile.



    Also refresh my memory on the Canadian city/province that you chose.




    1. kcoslett17


      Hey, that'll work on all accounts. And it was shawinigan 

    2. The Nati MacDaddy

      The Nati MacDaddy

      Cool I am working on some other things for my fantasy football league but I will try to get some other things done so you can give me your feedback. The League website is being prepped by ESPN right now so you can't view anything yet. Can I get a face pick of you wearing a baseball/hockey cap. I will use it for your team profile after I photoshop it to make it fit the look of the Shawinigan Moose Knuckles. Love It!

  4. My friends and I take our fantasy baseball league pretty seriously, so I made a promo poster for a marquee match-up quickly approaching. One of the teams and I live down the street from each other, hence the "Sidewalk Series." It is also our 3rd meeting this season, hence "3rd round." I'd love to hear some feedback on how I can improve this!
  5. Don't worry everyone, this is not dead! *insert massive applause here* I'm back to provide 2 of the final 3 teams left, the Stockton Heat (based off the 1995-98 Calgary Flames) and the Texas Stars (based off the 1997-2006 Dallas Stars). Thanks for looking, and as always, I'd love to hear what y'all think. PS: I'm looking to upgrade from Inkscape when I buy a new laptop this summer... any suggestions on what software I should buy would be greatly appreciated since I don't know much about any other programs. Thanks! Stockton Heat Texas Stars
  6. Sorry for the month or so delay, I've been slammed with work and baseball season. Anyway, now that baseball is over and work has wound down, I really want to finish this out. First, thanks for pointing that out @B-mer, I fixed it in the original post. Second, I still would love to hear some feedback on any and all teams in this! Third, posting the next team up, the San Jose Barracuda modeled after the 1998-2007 San Jose Sharks with some orange thrown in there as an accent.
  7. Ok, moving on. Next up in the Pacific Division is the San Diego Gulls based on the 1993-2006 Mighty Ducks uniforms. I have two options with this. Purple: Orange:
  8. Alright, carrying on. Today I have the San Antonio Rampage based on the 1995-2007 Colorado Avalanche. I'm a fan of this look, big time. As usual, let me know what you think on any of these so far!
  9. OH, one more thing. I cleaned up the Admirals a little bit and kinda combined both options into the gray one since I think that looked better
  10. Thanks, I had to add the moose font or else it wouldn't be a moose jersey. But, its been a few days, so I'll start off the Pacific division tonight with two teams. First, the Bakersfield Condors based on the 2001-2007 Oilers alternate uniforms. Second, the Ontario Reign based on the 1967-1988 Kings "forum blue" uniforms. I discovered they wore the yellow version of this uniform when I was just about done with this design, so this is actually a realistic possibility. As always, let me know what y'all think!
  11. Thanks for the comments guys... I have a couple things for tonight. First, to finish the Central division, the Rockford Ice Hogs modeled after the 1937-1938 Chicago Blackhawks. I thought the numbers on this set were pretty cool, which is why I chose them. Second, I have a revision to the Rochester Americans. Tried to make the wordmark and shied more prominent on the chest. Third, I have a revision to the Cleveland Monsters. I tried other color schemes and nothing really looked right, so I changed it up and went with a white body instead of a colored one. I really like the way it turned out. That's it for now! I'll get the Pacific division up as time allows... please leave me some feedback on how y'all think they turned out!
  12. Darn... I wish i saw this sooner because I would definitely have been interested in joining the league. If you have any more openings, you could feel free to DM me. But as far as the work goes, it all looks very well done. I love the commitment to making your fantasy league more realistic with the jersey swaps.
  13. This entire series is phenomenal, I literally would not change a thing. Just wanna leave a thought - since Elyria is very TCU-ish with the batwing pattern, what about going full TCU and putting the batwing pattern on the purple helmet/pants as like an alternate? Either way, they look great, as do all the teams.
  14. Hahaha, thanks. I'm glad my concepts have that affect. Anyway, moving on. Only one team to go up tonight, but two options. The Milwaukee Admirals modeled after the 2001-07 Nashville Predators mustard alternate jerseys. Option 1: Blue Option 2: Gray As always, please leave your opinions and comments, I'd love to know what you all think!
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