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  1. I’m 90% sure they’ve used it as a neck-back or jock-tag element, but maybe I’m gaslighting myself here. Either way, kinda proves my point.
  2. As a Red Sox fan that grew up smack dab in the middle of Wrigley and Sox Park (and therefore just enjoy going to see either team), I will say the White Sox killed it, but the Cubs could have been absolute miles worse (holding out all judgments till full release). 100% agree that the Muni Device gets a lil bonus point. Criminally underused in local sports besides the fire. I love the flag, but I’ll dap up anyone else with a municipal device tattoo over a flag or stars tattoo any day of the week.
  3. I wouldn't put it past them to make a "Wrigleyville" jersey using the "W" from the win flag.
  4. Any news on the Red Stars? I know they're due for a new home kit, but honestly wouldn't mind if they just keep the set they have right now as it's ideal for any Chicago team. Would be interesting to see what they come up with though especially since the league kits overall are getting way better.
  5. I mean... up until that last twist, you described my ideal summer day. The Fenway experience never gets old!
  6. I rescind my previous statements... it's so good
  7. Echoing the above thoughts on Alpine. Will miss Renault, but I'll be damned if that ain't a good looking car. As for Mercedes, it's not awful. I'm happy with the black livery, but my only gripes would be swap the red with their green or silver, and go for a design element similar to last year's with the minimalist version of the Mercedes logo or something else abstract. The repeating AMG is a little too much. All in all, happy with today's releases though.
  8. I honestly loved the pink, but if there's any pink on the Aston Martin livery that'd be a real shame. Curious to see if they go with a very classy look or add some design element to it. Also interested in seeing Mercedes tomorrow and whether they continue with the black theme (which honestly was much better than I'd expected) or back towards the Silver Arrows look. I'd love to see a black chassis with more of the teal and silver elements to create a sort of bridge between the two.
  9. Said it a few pages back, but I'll be damned if this isn't one of my favorite kits ever for the Timbers and probably the sport in general (I legit think I own 3 or 4 of them). So glad they're bringing back not only the half and half motif, but the chevrons as well. I'll be snatching this up as soon as it drops. As far as next year's secondary goes, as someone who has met MP and has been shown kits prior to any release info in the past, I trust it'll be a banger. He really loves the team and the fans, and likes a good balance of having a classy kit and then a somewhat out there kit, so if he's already hyping it up, it's gotta be pretty wild. I always advocated for a Portland flag themed kit as I think it's up their in the top city flags and could easily be done given there's only one color that isn't in the timbers scheme, and that hasn't stopped teams like Colorado from doing that in the past. Overall very excited for these next few!
  10. Assuming the amount of provinces in Canada, but knowing logo-speak, it could be something completely random.
  11. As much as I’ve loved the recent more retro jerseys, this and the inaugural away kits are some of my favorite in general. Though an even better set had to be the retro third and black-red gradient that they won the cup in.
  12. Couldn't have said it better myself. Everyone on these boards is entitled to their own opinions and that will obviously lead to occasional debate. However, too often lately there has been simple mockery and bashing of both viewpoints. I myself have always loved the City program (or at the very least, its concept). As someone that collects jerseys, it's fun to see new uniforms come out every year, that's why a majority of my current collection is soccer kits. My favorite thing is when they're unique and tied to local imagery, history, etc. After all going into creative direction especially at a company like Nike is my dream job. While I love many of the City uniforms since they were first rolled out, I also think some are godawful. That goes for alternates in other leagues as well. That's not to say I don't agree that I prefer certain teams or matchups keep to their traditions and history. I believe there are some teams that should sprinkle in their alternates from time to time and stick to their main uniforms for the majority of the season. I understand that there is going to be clashing, and some people may have unpopular opinions, I've definitely been part of that group in the past. In the end, we're all on these boards for a basic common interest in the appreciation of aesthetics of logos and uniforms. So have a laugh yourself if someone likes a jersey you think is the epitome of awful, but try and avoid dismissing and/diminishing them as someone that lives too much in the past or someone that doesn't appreciate the heritage of a team. Again, I'm not calling anyone out in general, I have been on both sides of this and love hearing what people think about those logos/uniforms whether or not we agree. I just don't love seeing people go after one another if they disagree. It goes from occasionally funny to playground insults too often. Rant over, still looking forward to seeing more of the Earned editions in real life.
  13. I recall someone posting a concept a while ago where the current "C" cap logo was integrated into a simple, but well executed spider, if they don't want to totally overhaul, that'd be a great path to take.
  14. I thoroughly laughed at the houseboat vs. boathouse mixup for a good minute. Whether you row or not, if you've ever been to Philly, that view along the Schuykill is one of the most iconic in the city and pretty damn breathtaking. In American regattas it's probably the most iconic course after the Charles, and it's really cool to see such a big yet low-key culture in the city get a shoutout. Also, I doubt this was the case, but seeing as Simmons is Australian I wonder if that was part of the tie to boathouse row seeing as it's such a big sport there. It's not my favorite city jersey, not even my favorite Sixers favorite jersey, but I commend them for getting creative without being ugly (like you said, it's not the first skyline jersey to exist), and I'm still a fan of it. Oof not going to lie, in all my time I've been on the boards, I never imagined us rowers would get singled out. I will agree that weirdos live on houseboats though.
  15. Kinda digging the shade of red for ATL, interested to see that fully played out. also glad you went with the obvious choice for Miami, and digging the secondaries for Orlando. The only thing that’s not doing it for me is the Nashville logo. I’m happy you went with the pick shape (just begging to be a crest), but it feels like you’re just shoving the three logos in there and it’s ending up just overcrowded. Also I get what you’re going for with the sign font, but it’s giving off major Jurassic Park vibes. That being said, you’re onto something, just simplify it a bit, no need to do too much.
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