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  1. Kinda digging the shade of red for ATL, interested to see that fully played out. also glad you went with the obvious choice for Miami, and digging the secondaries for Orlando. The only thing that’s not doing it for me is the Nashville logo. I’m happy you went with the pick shape (just begging to be a crest), but it feels like you’re just shoving the three logos in there and it’s ending up just overcrowded. Also I get what you’re going for with the sign font, but it’s giving off major Jurassic Park vibes. That being said, you’re onto something, just simplify it a bit, no need to do too much.
  2. In all fairness, a majority of the big London PL clubs have sported a yellow and blue kit and multiple times as well. The only one I can think of that hasn’t are my hammers, so even though it is gooner-esque, it’s not out of the blue... or yellow I guess.
  3. Excited to see how this goes, I agree that MLS is one of the kings of wasted potential design-wise. Right now, the only thing I can really say is that while your fire logo is MILES better than their new logo, it seems overly saturated with red. Most of the logo gets somewhat lost with the red background, but it’s a good start. Maybe broaden the outline or throw a bit more of the sky blue in there.
  4. Woo this series is gonna be so dope! Loving the art-deco vibe and the overall presentation (especially some of those tertiary logos at the end), great to learn some new history. Can't wait!
  5. I-N-I baby! Huge weekend coming up! Anyways I’ve been pretty happy with the current uniform set. I hope they continue wearing the white cursive script throwbacks. If anything with the kingfisher I wouldn’t mind an alternate like FSU or Oregon with a feather theme down the side or as minor trimmings, would sell like hot cakes.
  6. As someone who currently attends, I was pretty shocked with the result. The vibe I was getting around campus was that this would be shot down resoundingly. Anyways, now that this is most likely happening, I guess I'll hold off final judgments until I see a legitimately well-designed version. I'd say that the current saving grace is that we can keep using feathers in designs, if I were coming up with the new logo set, that'd be something I play heavily on since a lot of the local fan shops as well as students have shirts with feathers paying homage to the headdress logo.
  7. First off, thank god third kits are coming back, I'm hoping that will mean some more local themed designs. If the next template Adidas rolls out doesn't look absolutely ridiculous, I may actually be really excited to buy a few. Second, I'm actually fine with the Fire away kit just sucking completely. I hope that the new ownership takes this season to step back and look at all the great concepts that came out after their horrendous re-brand, and goes through with the re-re-brand that has been hinted at for next season and comes out with 2-3 solid kits and leaves everything about this season in the dumpster fire it came from.
  8. Man, this template is just not doing it for me. Only one that really works is DC since it looks like a throwback, but honestly the last time when a majority of the league had unique designs on a decent looking template had to be 2014 or so when the Timbers had their red and black gradient kit, the beautiful third kit, the Fire had the black fan-designed jersey and so on. I don't hate Adidas, far from it, but these past few seasons have really killed my excitement.
  9. As classy as the last few kits have been, I would give anything for the timbers to re-adopt the Rose City theme for their secondaries. I have every single iteration and as someone that owns way too many kits, they are by far some of my favorites
  10. As disappointed as I am in how my Illini showed up today, my retinas were even more disappointed. I would’ve much rather seen an orange on black matchup or navy on yellow than whatever the heck this was...
  11. As someone that grew up going to games, every single bit of news post move back to the city is just killing me bit by bit inside.
  12. Thank you for kicking the current rebrand further into the pit of despair where it belongs and presenting two friggin amazing alternatives. But it all seriousness, gorgeous stuff so far.
  13. If there is a petition on either going back to the old logo or just a totally different rebrand, let me know and I will absolutely rally the forces to sign that because this is honestly embarrassing.
  14. There was a West Ham-esque logo circling around as well where rather than hammers the logo had crossing fire axes. Probably just a concept but would love to see them go in either that direction or something similar to the municipal device that they’ve sparsely utilized.
  15. Bonnaroo42

    MLS 2022

    God I hope they go back to the Rose City strips soon. It was a great clash color and every one they produced was unique with the application of thorns.