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  1. ok, so while I'm still working on the Vancouver Mounties and Salt Lake Bees, here is a double dose of updates. The Angels and Rockies. Angels pushing the white for home and black for the road while gold acts as an accent. For the Rockies I tried out the new Rockies purple instead of the more "grape" purple I used in my original post. It think it has a better blend of dark and plays nice with the black.
  2. I think for me, the yellow socks clash with the uniforms when the hat and undershirt are brown. The socks look like a separate element from the rest of the design.
  3. That will never happen. Cleveland dropping the Indians name is in the same chances of happening as Manchester United changing their crest because there is a devil in it. Or Real Madrid changing their name to FC Madrid because they want to distance themselves from the crown in a pro democracy demonstration. They'll ditch their offensive Chief Wahoo, finally, and move forward with the Indian identity. Of course this is a concept forum so certainly you should explore alternate identities. Browns would be hard because there would be too much tie in with the NFL team which is a sacred identity in Cleveland. I say that because the baseball team would be compelled (forced?) to create some kind of logo for branding, which most people are set against doing for the Browns identity. The Cleveland Brown's anti-logo identity would carry over to a baseball team by the people. Spiders has fun possibilities if it wasn't for the identity's notorious history. In the baseball world, the Spiders is synonymous with losing. They hold the baseball record of the most losses in a season. Anyone who follows baseball would never want their team named the Spiders. That is why you don't see any team, major or minor league, named the spiders despite the cool potential for logos/brands/concepts. I'd have fun and try to create the Rockers, but certainly try to do the other identities as well. I'm just being a Debbie Downer this morning and pointing out why these names would never happen.
  4. So this is still a work in progress, but I'm making a new Vancouver concept. Looking back on the history of baseball in Vancouver, the first long term team was the Vancouver Mounties. So I took this and a few other images and this is what I have so far: I went with maroon instead of a scarlet (which is the well known jacket color of the ceremonial uniform of the RCMP) because I thought it looked better and it gave, in combo with the navy blue, an old time feel. I'm still working on the arm patch. I've used their 1950's as a placeholder. it will be based off this patch. I'm also looking into a different cursive script on the uniforms. But so far, what do you think? Am I on the right track?
  5. I have the old BP template from Jay Jackson (which I modified his template for my current used one), so I don't know much of what the current trends are for BP jerseys. From the template I have here is what I created for the Portland Beavers: I'm going to have to do more research on BP styles, as I don't know much about BPs.
  6. Yes, I did end up arching the Philadelphia word mark. It allowed me to make the type larger and therefor more legible. Also gave a bit more visual interest. I'm currently tinkering around with a more up-to-date look for the Bees. One thing I've done, so far, is move to a more honey color to the yellow. Yes, not working in Pirate like lettering. That is a good idea. I'll go back and do BP looks for all my teams. I suppose it is a good way to milk this thread even longer!
  7. How about a little update on my Beavers...that didn't sound right. I created a new alt jersey for the home alternates and placed the previous creation as the away jersey. Outside of that, small tweaks were done.
  8. Ok, here is an update of the Phillies. Very little was changed from when I first posted it, but more of a general clean up. I did change the arm patch from something I found on the InterWebs (I can't seem to find it again so I can't give proper credit at this time).
  9. Touching back to the subject of American vs National league idea, in light of the Oakland A's progress of staying in Oakland, this is what I would do in terms of expansion and placement of teams: American League East 1. New York Yankees 2. Boston Red Sox 3. Baltimore Orioles 4. Toronto Blue Jays 5. Tampa Bay Rays 6. Charlotte expansion Central 1. Chicago White Sox 2. Minnesota Twins 3. Cleveland Indians 4. Kansas City Royals 5. Detroit Tigers 6. Texas Rangers (move from the AL West) West 1. LA Angels 2. Oakland A's 3. Seattle Mariners 4. Portland expansion 5. Vancouver expansion 6. Salt Lake City expansion National League East 1. Washington Nationals 2. New York Mets 3. Philadelphia Phillies 4. Atlanta Braves 5. Miami Marlins 6. Montreal expansion Central 1. Cincinnati Reds 2. Milwaukee Brewers 3. Pittsburgh Pirates 4. Houston Astros (move from AL West) 5. St. Louis Cardinals 6. Chicago Cubs West 1. Arizona Diamondbacks 2. San Francisco Giants 3. Colorado Rockies 4. LA Dodgers 5. San Diego Padres 6. Las Vegas expansion I think getting the Rangers out of the West division is long overdue. Put the Astros back into the National League where they belong. Get Montreal a team again because it was not the fans that failed the club, it was the :censored:ty owners. That leaves a lot of expansion for the west coast to work on. Not sure how well Salt Lake City can handle a MLB team, but they have a population CSA of almost 2.5 million people. Guess I need to do a Salt Lake City concept...
  10. The Cubs, Astros, Brewers, Nationals, Rangers, Mariners, Dodgers, Reds, and Rockies will be simple reposts using my new template. The Phillies, Angels, Indians, and Beavers will have a few more updates from when I first posted them. Vancouver is getting a port to my new template as well as another design concept for the city.
  11. Ok, so as I've mentioned earlier, I've been going back and forth on my Las Vegas concept. I started out in one direction, went another way, then went yet another way, and so on and so on. Originally, this Las Vegas concept was the very first baseball design I had ever worked on. It was a simple concept idea: "I think the defunct XFL's Las Vegas Outlaws would look much better as a baseball uniform." That was it. So, originally, this was the direction I went in: It was a clean and classic look. The LV logo on the hat looked really nice. I could have continued in this direction with very little problem. The big problem was that I was just not "feeling it." So next I did a variety of color schemes. Black and silver inspired by the move of the Raiders coming to Vegas was an idea I really bounced around a lot. You name it, I tried a whole bunch of traditional baseball choices. That is when it kind of dawned on me as to why I was not liking any of my designs. Nothing traditional fits the bill for Las Vegas. So doing some inspiration research I came across this image: This spoke to me. So I used the colors and the idea of classic Las Vegas neon. I put together something very...interesting. It is tacky. It is loud. It is probably a little too much MiLB rather then the Show, but it said Las Vegas more then anything else I was doing at the time. So here is, in all its eye-sore glory, the Las Vegas Outlaws. So I need feedback on this one. This one is waaaay more out there then other stuff I've done, even using yellow for the TB Rays. I feel I'm on the right track but I don't think I'm there yet. There needs to be more fine tuning, I'm just not sure where to go from here. So have at it.
  12. I didn't have any particular thought behind AL vs NL placement, but looking at my teams I guess I would do the following: Montreal in NL East Oklahoma in NL Central Las Vegas in NL West Charlotte in AL East New Orleans in AL Central Portland in AL West These are the teams I would add to create competitive balance. If the A's relocated to Portland then I would add Vancouver to the AL West, giving Seattle some good rivalry and easier travel days between Portland and Vancouver. I chose Oklahoma over Indy due to Houston's move to the AL. New Orleans wins out just as a more geographic balance shoring up the South more. I'd personally would rank these cities as likelihood of expansion: Charlotte Portland Montreal Las Vegas Indianapolis Oklahoma City New Orleans Those are my thoughts.
  13. Ok, so my Oklahoma Oilers are still a bit of a work in progress. I'm still working on the arm patch, but the logo that is on the sleeve right now is going to be utilized in the final patch. Right now I just need feed back. The concept is centering around black, brown, and tan to represent oil, dirt, and sand. I know, nothing says "wow" like using dirt as a description to your design concept. Anyways, here is the Oklahoma Oilers.
  14. And why do you keep asking this same question? You know, New York City is called the Big Apple, so maybe all their teams should be named after apples. Chicago is know for its deep dish pizza, so maybe instead of the Bears they should be the Chicago Deep Dishes. Instead of the Miami Heat, maybe they should be the Miami Jai Alai because that is what they are known for. I'm also sure that the citizens of Indianapolis appreciate your view that they are only interested in, or their whole world centers around, racing. That is great way to make people one dimensional. I'm of german heritage, would you like to refer to me as a kraut? After all, Germans love to eat sauerkraut. Go on, boil people down to one single aspect of their lives/environment. Why on earth would I want to name a baseball team after a completely different sport that has zero correlation to it? Stop making that comment as you have done repeatedly through this thread. If you are so hard up on naming an Indianapolis team after the racing industry then go knock yourself out and post your own design.
  15. I mostly use Colorwerx website that was posted early in this thread (pg 2). This is the link: http://www.colorwerx.net/team-colors/baseball/ Custom colors I do...custom. Mostly I stick to established franchise colors for my tweaks. Oilers is working off of a black, brown, and tan theme. Las Vegas has a few color choices that I have not fully nailed down yet.
  16. While I'm still working on the Oilers and Outlaws, lets get a few more updates out of the way. I went back and touched up on the Indianapolis Stars concept. I worked on a better arm patch and created a logo for them, still based off the city flag of Indianapolis. I also added trace elements of red through the uniform sets, just to give it something more then being a Dodgers clone. So that is the update to the Indy Stars. What do you think?
  17. I would actually look back further in the Whalers' history and go off of that. The idea would be that they are based in Providence, RI. This was done very quick and dirty. I'll have to take the time to come up with a better Whaler and New England wordmark, but you get the idea of where I would go with a Whaler baseball team.
  18. So I wanted to retouch the Padres, which I had done as the first team in this thread. While I liked the current home wordmark, it was starting to bug me how I had an inconsistent theme going. So I simplified and made the uniforms consistent. I was also self-inspired by my Pittsburgh Pirates home alternate to try the same thing with the Padres. While I think the yellow can be an overwhelming element, it looks good with a little bit of brown trim as a Sunday alternate jersey.
  19. Wanted to post a tweaking of The Charlotte Bobcats concept that I had done earlier in this thread. I just wanted to refine the look more. In the midst of working on another expansion idea called the Oklahoma Oilers as well as the Las Vegas Outlaws. I'm going to be posting either tonight or tomorrow re-tweaks I did to the San Diego Padres. I am also finalizing touch-ups on a few past teams like the Indy Stars, Portland Beavers, and Anaheim Angels. After that I might delve into AAA teams that were not touch on with my fantasy expansion ideas.
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