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  1. Threw together a quick away version.
  2. Now that everyone agrees the Browns are the best football team ever assembled, I think it's high time they burned their embarrassment of a uniform and went back to what the Browns are supposed to be - clean, classic, and simple. As such, here's a uni-swap with Odell Beckham, Jr. into a concept Browns uniform that heavily features the triple stripe made by the helmet shell and helmet stripe. And not much else. As it should be.
  3. I agree with you that the logo has some issues - I'm not completely sold on it, either. The swoosh at the top is meant to be where its fin is breaking the surface of the water. As for the coloring, I used the images below as references. I agree that it doesn't work as well on a dark background.
  4. And the final team design, the Los Angeles Sharks:
  5. Some new wordmark options for the Gamblers: