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  1. No reveal date set, but they've released this teaser video.
  2. I really like that typeface and the simplistic helmet logo. Is this your concept?
  3. If it's true that the helmet logo is a bit smaller, I feel like this is close to an ideal red/pewter-based rebrand for the Bucs. Tip of the hat to Nike - hope more quality is to come from them
  4. Agreed. The current logo's skull has an obnoxiously large forehead, at least when compared by the old logo side-by-side. Bothers me every time I see it.
  5. That's unique - can't say I've met a Packers fan who didn't at least dislike the Vikings, or vice versa.
  6. I like the Chargers' new wordmark more than most, but I wonder how it'd look if the bolt was hanging off of the 'H' rather than the 'A', a bit of an homage to their wordmark from 1960-87.
  7. So happy that the Chargers have gotten this right. Even the angling of the bolt is improved from the previous logo, IMO. Excited to see how the uniforms will look now.
  8. I wonder how the suspension of games will impact some of the weaker franchises.
  9. I'd love this. Could keep it at 18 games too if they have division opponents play each other home & home, and everyone else once. I just hope all of the existing teams can survive to see the next expansion waves. Attendance hasn't looked good at all in New York, and it seems like San Diego has taken a step back from their first season.
  10. He mentioned there's 7 markets vying for spots #15 and #16 too. Exciting stuff!
  11. Yeah, I'm really glad that the league flexed that one to the free game of the week. And I'm similar with my NLL fandom -- although the reasoning is because the Arlottas up and moved our team lol. I'll watch basically any game with a decent matchup. With Rochester and New York being the only really poor teams so far this year, it's made for a ton of great games.
  12. Great slate of games this weekend! Toronto @ Halifax, the two top teams in the North (and league for that matter); Calgary @ Georgia, reigning champs getting Dobbie back against a hot Swarm team; Saskatchewan @ Philadelphia, the two other division leaders coming off of big weekends. The Toronto-Halifax game is their free game of the week too, about to begin.
  13. Opened three months ago, capacity listed at 12,200 for hockey. Sounds like a perfect venue.
  14. Where there is smoke, there usually is fire! Lacrosse Bucket is reporting that the NLL registered a trademark for the name "Ft. Worth Panthers" on Feb. 2.
  15. I was watching this week's Rundown when I noticed a pattern behind the NLL logo on Devan Kaney's side of the screen... and it looks a heck of a lot like the state of Texas. Could indicate a potential Dallas expansion announcement soon? Maybe I'm reading way too much into it and should find a tin foil hat but thought it was worth pointing out! Link: