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  1. It sounds like Stony Brook may have been the ones to file the claim: https://www.timesunion.com/sports/article/Albany-FireWolves-change-logo-before-first-game-16290367.php. I just noticed the change today, and I follow the NLL pretty closely. Weird that there was no formal announcement by the league or team when it happened.
  2. Looks like Albany has already narrowed their list of potential team names to 3: Not keen on any of them to be honest.
  3. Interesting tweet from Philadelphia. Thinking this has to relate to their new 2021 kit and not a color change to their crest, as they just did that three years ago.
  4. Sounds like they don't plan on altering their primary guernsey for 2021, which confuses me as I thought the whole point of the new logo was to exclude the Opera House.
  5. In a similar vein to my Minnesota Wild, it seems they've paired A+ logos and jerseys with a D+ name. Hopefully the name grows on me. I really dig that color scheme, but I'd like to see the teal and salmon red take more prominence and have navy as more of a trim color.
  6. The league announced Fort Worth's expansion franchise earlier today, set to begin in 2021-22. https://twitter.com/NLL/status/1285972150504099840
  7. This is what I wondered initially after reading the article. I don't think they would've stuck with this seafoam & orange look for more than ~8 years tops, but I wonder if it could've served as a gateway for them to go back to sky blue and orange (whether that be them simply recoloring the seafoam logo or going in another direction).
  8. That's awesome! I think we still have a handful of guys from that team playing. Great club to be a part of.
  9. I don't understand why they went with the shoulder horn style on the home but not the away -- it makes the away look really bland and cheap. It's such a good look too, as seen here.
  10. I love that number font, honestly. That's about it. Another 5-and-done from Nike.
  11. I always thought it was blue based on that graphic (the mothership even lists it as blue), though it definitely looks purple in this picture: Very '90s colors for what would have been a very '90s look.
  12. Great to see more people discovering footy. Agreed that the mothership really should have AFL logos -- they have all those other Australian leagues, none of which are as popular as the AFL is there. I've been playing here in Minneapolis since 2014. I'd encourage you guys to go out and see your local USAFL club, once we're all playing again. As for the AFL, carn the Blues!!
  13. Well-said and laid out nicely. I didn't realize how frequently Nike's inserted those triangular stripes into uniforms this past decade.
  14. I have the same opinion re: the helmets -- I just don't like much else on the uniforms. The gradient numbers could turn out better than expected once the finished product rolls out too. The Pro Bowl uniform posted earlier didn't look all that bad, imo. I just have my reservations as to how Nike will execute that given their past attempts.
  15. The article mentions the unused 1995/96 Nordiques uniforms as "purple and teal" -- weren't they going to be navy blue and teal? I do wonder how they would've looked with the purple, though.
  16. Ooof. Between the "bone" uniform and the gradient numbers, this is reminding me of something a DII school would roll out in the '00s. Somehow the helmet is my favorite element of the set.
  17. I agree with KJ about the 'T' -- seems a bit wonky. Love the color scheme though, excited to see some uniforms.
  18. I'd love to know the origin behind the LG Twins' name. Doesn't look like they're based in an area with two major cities bordering each other... But in any case, looks like I've found my KBO team!
  19. I've always thought getting a team polo/sweatshirt is a good alternative to getting a jersey in case that player leaves. Or if you feel odd about being an adult wearing a jersey (though I don't, personally).
  20. Forgive me if I've just missed it here, but there is no official reveal date set for the Rams yet, correct?
  21. I'm pretty much in the same boat. The five positive rebrands are tough to compare in a way; I think the Bucs' and Browns' rebrands are similar in that they essentially reverted to what they had pre-Nike. I absolutely love the rest, particularly the Chargers. More bullish on the Patriots set than most too, but I do think that 2/3 tweaks could improve that set.
  22. Certainly didn't think they'd pull a 1 or 2 from Tampa, but I agree the return seems a bit low. I love that this happened though. It feels like the type of move your buddy suggests after a few beers and you shoot it down immediately.
  23. Very intrigued to see what the compensation will be. Wonder if either Howard or Brate would be included along with picks? EDIT, literally one minute after posting: Schefter just tweeted that NE is trading Gronk and a 7th-round pick to TB for a 4th-round pick. Wow.
  24. Massive upgrade. The simplicity, the new font, the new bolts, everything. My only gripe would be having two darker blue color rush sets but they actually look quite slick in a vacuum too. Well done, Chargers.
  25. It seems like there's more love for their old custom font than I anticipated -- I love the new numbers, and the double outline with them. I'm more positive on the stripes now too that it appears the pants' stripes will be consistent with the jersey. Having monochrome as the only home look is misguided though, and (like most everyone here) I think silver pants would've really tied the look together.
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