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  1. It's not you being famous for being 13, so much as everyone else realizing how stunningly old they are. Hell, I'm 23 and I already fear having a low-paying job, being shackled for most of my life with student loans, not having a wife or kids, not being able to buy a house, seeing all of my friends outperform me when I'm desperately trying to catch-up to them but never being able to, witnessing the death of my parents, and, ultimately, dying old, poor and with no contacts. The world around you, from the economy to your social life, will be better in 10 years. I, both, wish you great luck in harnessing this and feel envious of your generation learning from our mistakes and woes to better yourselves. You, um, may want to talk to someone. No kidding. I thought I was pessimistic (although I don't hold any illusion that things will be "better" for current 13-year olds b/c they'll learn from "our" mistakes - referring to current people in their early 20s!)
  2. You Hate Him? (and his friends?) Here's my list: Miami Heat, 2010-11 ---Lebron is the most cluelessly hatable superstar ever. New York Yankees, 2009 --I don't mind the 96-2000 dynasty. The '09 version was bought and steroid-pumped. They way overpaid for Texeira that January, and they still had the obnoxiously-overrated Johnny Damon. They also set the market on Sabathia that January, and overpaid for AJ Burnett during F.A. Super-obnoxious way to win. Florida Marlins, 1997-98 --These idiots bought a bunch of players, won a world series, and then sold literally everybody. They traded Moises Alou in his prime for junk. They traded Bonilla, Sheffield, and Charles Johnson for Mike Piazza and Todd Zeile. They then turned around and traded Piazza for Preston Wilson and garbage and Zeile for two minor leaguers. So they gave up Gary Sheffield for Preston Wilson. Way to go. 08-09 Florida Gators -Gross 02 Brazil -I really dislike Brazil. This team was the worst. 03-04 Lakers -This team was fun to root against. Payton, Bryant, Malone, and Shaq. They're dysfunctional and then make the Finals and then - aw, snap - Pistons win.
  3. I really dig that Michigan shield mock Raiders logo. Try Ndamukong Suh.
  4. The ears - I think they need to be closer to straight up in terms of angle, and the ear in the foreground shouldn't be concealed by mane hair (is it? or is that a line issue?). Maybe make them smaller in comparison. I would also try to make the neck - at least where it meets the head - more narrow. Horses have relatively thin necks so that their heads can turn freely. This one I feel like the back of the neck is too bulged out, more like a predator neck (like a lion or tiger). I love the colors and the mane. Overall, some really good work here. Some minor tweaks on the head and I think you've got a winner.
  5. Here's the B1G conference style guide:
  6. Chinese fly-by-night knock-off site. Registrant Name: wangda Registrant Organization: wangda Registrant Address1: The Xiuyu East Qiao town Tong Village Registrant City: putian Registrant State/Province: Fujian Registrant Postal Code: 351100 Registrant Country: China Registrant Country Code: CN Domain Registration Date: Tue Mar 19 10:26:09 GMT 2013 I mean, look at this : They can't even counterfeit properly.
  7. I dig it, but I'm not getting the 90s vibe. Might just need some refinement. Maybe if the yellow was more golden/metallic? A lot of the 90s jerseys kind-of sparkled. Think this one would fit in with those (Sixers comes to mind).
  8. Looks like they took Minute Maid Park's fanbase as well.
  9. I think it's an interesting use of what is otherwise dead space. It's also a check against the laziest (which is probably most) of counterfeiting.
  10. At the big-time college level, I would think it's rare, as most of the schools have big-money deals with athletic companies who don't want to piss off their other clients. I imagine where there's a wordmark used, in-house counsel at the designer gets a license to clear up any issues. Speaking of which, Virginia Tech: Now, at the high school level and lower colleges, I'm sure outright stealing happens all the time. My own high school ripped off a pro team with impunity, and I believe it still does so.
  11. When I think of Queen City, I think of Cincinnati. I think Springfield, Missouri also uses Queen City. Probably best to avoid.
  12. I understand what you're going for with Redline, but did you realize it has a second, racially-charged meaning? It means to discriminate in housing/finance based on race/poverty using geography as a proxy. You would likely get opposition on that one. These are great concepts, though. I love Louisville and Portland's
  13. Agreed on the red. It's never made sense to me, either. The 2 blue/yellow combo is ideal for them, IMO.
  14. LOL. If those Wizards jerseys are supposed to mimic the Presidential Seal, they failed even worse than I thought.
  15. A wizard is medieval science fiction concept, either a crazy person or a charlatan, who performs magic, which doesn't exist in real life, but already did exist in the Eastern Conference. So you have a stupid mascot, for which you inevitably get a stupid logo, that clashes with a conference rival's mascot. Seriously, when you think of basketball, do you think of Gandhof showing up to the tip-off? To top it off, they took a bold red and blue color scheme and replaced it with weak powdery blue and light gold to copy the exact same thing the Pistons did 2 years earlier, and a very similar scheme to the Grizzlies, who came into the league 2 years earlier. The Kings had recently dropped their blue and red color scheme in 1995 to go with purple and black, and the Sixers went black and gold in the same year. The Nets went to dark blue around the same time. The Bullets name probably needed to change, although I think it's a great name for a basketball team (bullet passes, speed, etc.), but they were incredibly dumb for jumping on the bandwagon to dump blue and red as primary colors. Those colors fit with Washington, and anyone with a pulse could tell it was a fad to go to alternative colors. Between the nickname selection (there are literally a hundred names that would work better) and the colors, I've never understood what the heck they were thinking aside from giving too much credence to amateur-hour marketing surveys of 12-year olds. "It could be worse" is a bad defense of sports teams and socioeconomic situations.
  16. joechicago

    MLB Fauxbacks

    I love the Devil Ray. He's so cute! The Yanks one made me lol. I definitely think you should keep going, especially with teams that didn't really buy into the 70s, like the Cubs, Reds, Dodgers, Phillies, Tigers, Royals, Mets, etc.
  17. +1 on this. I don't know if the lines are too soft/curved or what, but I picture this more like the Hornet equivalent of Babs Bunny than something that's going to kick my butt. Having teal and purple as colors make it more pressing that you avoid femininity. Face needs to be fiercer.
  18. Okay: 1. I refuse to lump all non-S team names in one pile. Jazz is a great nickname for a basketball team (wrong city, though). So are Crimson Tide and Thundering Herd for college sports. Moose would be an awesome nickname for a team. It's a bona fide plural. I also think Fish would be a great nickname for the right city. Same with Mice, Bison, Quail, and Salmon. 2. In general, the more abstract a noun, the worse the team's name. Magic is a terrible name. Heat is poor. Wild is ineffably bad. 3. The conversion of the Bullets to the Wizards was one of the most head-scratching transformations I've ever witnessed. A tragedy of the 90s NBA.
  19. C. Avoid B. I love the concept, but the biggest drawback isn't the face, it's the sword. Why is it split in half? It looks like he has shears or tweezers. What I would do: 1) give the sword a solid, single point. 2) give the hilt definition. Separate it from the blade and use color (red? gray/black?) Right now, it looks unfinished partly because the blade, hilt, and hand all merge together. 3) I know I'm in the minority view on this, but the city flag is a cruddy design element. It's also technically wrong if you leave out the top and bottom white stripes. What would be cooler, IMO, is if you mimicked the city skyline with blood streaks (alt: gray shading) on the sword.
  20. Again, good luck if you have to use those arguments in court. I'm not writing this just to be a dick. If you're going to be in the marketplace creating things and trying to sell them, you need to have some vague understanding of contracts, licenses, trademarks, and copyrights. From what you just wrote, you do not. I am not telling you to take them down, nor am I giving you legal advice. Just suggesting that maybe you should look into the legalities a bit more.
  21. Good luck using that argument in court.
  22. Maybe a bit like Pink Panther? Change the colors and I think it's a go.
  23. JCP is a mess of a company. They were dying as their mainstay customer went to Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, etc., and so they hired an Apple guy to rebrand. Apple and JC Penney could not be more different, either in customer base or industry. (The guy actually did away with sales and mark-downs because he thought customers would buy more with upfront pricing). Christmas 2012 was a disaster for them, and they're spinning into Borders territory pretty quickly. The "come back and see us" is the smartest approach they've taken: try to get back your reliable customer base. The hip consumer is never coming to JC Penney. That's not how clothing retail works.
  24. I like the look overall as well, but I agree. Actually, I'm not sure it's the socks, per se, but yellow shoes, socks, and sleeves do not work. It makes him look like he's wearing a yellow suit underneath the jersey. The custom with sleeves is to either match the jersey color or wear dark (black/blue) under light (white/gray/yellow). If I'm not mistaken, a lot of leagues frown on teams wearing white/gray sleeves because it's a distraction for hitters if the pitcher is wearing white or gray. I don't think yellow has that problem, but it still doesn't look right to me. I think if you went with navy sleeves and white/gray/navy shoes, the yellow socks might work. Or yellow sleeves and navy socks and shoes. All three being bright yellow is overkill. Also: Ypsilanti.
  25. The MLS is not a failure. It's made some head-scratching decisions both early on and of late, but it's now a mainstay, stable league and it's gained headway against the entrenched Big 4. The AFL poster reminded me of the Iowa Barnstormers. God, I love that name.