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  1. That would be Quebec. I like the concept, by the way (and LOVE the logo and its hearkening back to the Olympic logo), but I am curious as to the reason for the use of light blue, black, and gold.
  2. The wordmark is not similar. The rendering of the hammers is not similar. And seriously? The use of the skyline? There are some similarities, to be sure...but come on.
  3. The name's a problem...but seriously...the colors? Because you're the only person to think "let's put black and yellow with Pittsburgh?" And Rampart's wordmark looks different to me.
  4. Write me in for 510 of the logos... ...never mind.
  5. Which is why Wild is a stupid name. Iowa Rural Iowa Farm Iowa Pastoral Iowa Agriculture Iowa Flat Iowa Tame Even these 'more fitting' names are dumb. No matter what way you slice it the Wild's naming convention just doesn't work. Even for Minnesota. It sounds like some rec league women's softball team name. I agree with you on the fact that the Wild name is dumb, but that's not on wloowarrior. He's kind of stuck with the Iowa Wild concept, and while I like this a lot more than a simple wordmark, the concept itself makes no sense.
  6. The problem with the farm thing is that farms are the exact opposite of wild...but this is an awesome start even with my anal retentiveness.
  7. El Dandy

    Yakball Concepts

    I love the crest and the home, and I'm happy that the main yakball thread is back...but where's Valencia?!?
  8. While purple and teal doesn't exactly scream "bulls," I like the execution, especially on the alts.
  9. While I never saw anything besides the unused 1836 logo, I'd have to imagine that uniforms would have been similar to the first Dynamo uniforms, if only because of the similar color schemes.
  10. Nicely done. I really like the Thunder and the Bulls. The Spurs' one is cool too. That said, I'm not sure who some of these are supposed to be. I have no idea what 1-5 is (Bobcats?). I assume 2-3 is the Nets but don't quite know the significance of the pattern. 3-1...Hawks? 3-3...Pacers? 3-6...Celtics? Why no shamrock? 4-1...Clippers?
  11. I like the idea behind this, but I think there need to be some hat logos. The Mets' design, for instance, is just begging for the interlocking orange NY. I'd argue that the Twins and D-backs, while good ideas, need some cleaning up.
  12. It's the little things that make me like this one a lot...the thin red outline on the numbers for the alt, the simplistic crest...and I love the way the brown and tan play off of each other. The colors are definitely distinct.
  13. I always assumed Dayton took the name "Flyers" because the Wright Brothers were from there.