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  1. Next Iteration: Fixed the Eyebrow. Re tried the shadowing - What is your guy's opinion of the shadow? to shadow or not to shadow? Re added the baseball. Not sure If I'm Sold on the baseball or not.
  2. Lost the baseball - really wasn't adding much. Lost the Shading. Went with a western style font. Thoughts?
  3. Cut the Wings, Thickened the Lines. Added some Belly Shading:
  4. Hmmmmm, changed some settings. Is it visible now?
  5. Howdy Everyone, I am in the process of creating a simulation sports team and am looking for some constructive criticism and suggestions on how to improve a logo.
  6. So I work for a parochial school and they utilize a myriad of free logos of varying quality. Here are 2 that they use more often. They use about 5-8 interchangably with an emphasis on free and generic. I have been playing around with and doodling a logo quite a bit. So I put it together in Inkscape and am wondering what some pros think of it. I talked to the Athletic Director and he said that they weren't looking for a logo, but if they were they would want a cross, the school name, mascot, and Initials prominently featured, with no more than 2 colors and be able to used in printed black and white documents, and must be professional enough to be used outside of a sports setting. I was a little surprised at the list. Anyway, here's what I have, what can I improve?
  7. Quick Question on this. The reason that the S is so much larger than the other letters isn't a trick of the typeface but rather because the original Boeing logo had the G bigger than the other letters of the name. That being the case should I still ditch it even though there is history attached?
  8. I was going for an old boeing logo flying over clouds.
  9. Thanks for all the C&C seems like I have to head back to the drawing board and start from scratch. Thanks again! Always a learning experience.
  10. A while ago I tried to come up with a bear logo. I used that logo for the fantasy football season. With the next season starting up, I had thought to take another swing at a bear logo. I am still using black, white, and red to highlight the form of the logo more closely so that it is easier for me to manipulate shapes. Thanks in advance for any C&C offered.
  11. Alright here is a quick Re-design. What do you think of this direction?
  12. hahahahaha Dang it........... you're right and now I can't unsee it. I only stared at it for hours.
  13. What about something like this?
  14. Hello, Here is an old logo I've been Playing around with. I came back to this logo because I liked the way the outline set off the inside picture, Like the Redskins logo. What do you guys think? Too bland? Should I go back to the drawing board with the logo?
  15. Just out of Curiosity. Is there any Interest in starting a Simulation Football League using the Professional Football Simulator found at Barcode Games? http://www.barcodegames.com/
  16. As an idea. You might use Jeff from Mutt and Jeff. The comic lent it's image to several teams most notably the Fairbury Jeffs. The name comes from the county Name, Jefferson.
  17. Yeah... it is cute...... but I kind of like the cuteness. Anybody have an opinion on cuteness in logos? Anyway, with that topic on the table, here is the Seattle Bombers. I'm not sure if I'm sold on this or not.... Anybody have an opinion yay or nay? Opinions on other logos?
  18. Still looking for more C&C on the previous designs. Here is a new logo/helmet for the Portland Otters
  19. Here is a Dallas logo I've been working on. Any further critiques on this or any concept are welcome.
  20. I know you're set on the names, but you might want to consider the Millers for Minneapolis. There is a huge milling history in Minneapolis, General Mills is located there.
  21. Ok, I think I get where you guys are coming from. Thanks for the critiques. See what you think of this update.
  22. I'm really glad you like it. I'm a little confused by the critique though. What do you mean the top does?
  23. Here is the Arizona Phoenix.What do you guys think?
  24. Yeah, I do like the idea though. Probably solve it like the Steelers.