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  1. The Cardinals have some of the best uniforms in baseball, but they have slowly been chipping away at them for the last 8 years or so with their own tweaks. The new cap logo is great though. I’d love to see a blue/red cap on the home and road, but maybe that goes beyond a “tweak”. Aside from the unnecessary alt uniforms, the thing that bugs me the most about the Cardinals uniforms is the HUGE birds on the front. They “updated” the jerseys To match the print logos a few years ago and the birds and bat got waaay too big, IMO. I’d keep the current, better rendered birds and bat but I’d reduce them to this size:
  2. So I’m trying a whole new shape and arrangement of the logo altogether after thinking on the comments of @-kj, @OmegaRed and @Brian in Boston. I totally ditched the arch. I agree that it creates a really awkward space for the statue. I also couldn’t some up with a great shape for the bottom of the badge that didn’t just plain look weird. Now the Apotheosis stands on top of of the crest which features the team name and year 1764, separated by the river stripe. I think it gives everything some more room to breathe and puts the Apotheosis in a place of prominence at the top of the crest. I also switched up the monogram to be inspired by a Cardinals hat logo from the 1940’s. Let me know what you think of the new design and thanks for taking a look.
  3. Well after letting the Kraken marinate for 23 or so hours, I stills don’t like the name. It’s very trendy/gimmicky IMO. It was Sockeyes or Bust for me to be perfectly honest. I thought it had the most potential to be classic and unique. I’m still really disappointed that I didn’t get my Sockeyes. All that being said, I have to say, reluctantly, that I totally dig the color scheme and jerseys. I can definitely appreciate all craftsmanship of the logos as well. The Space Needle anchor is superb and the S is really good. I like that they played up the “mystery of the deep” angle and we didn’t get a full-kraken cartoony logo. I think that would have taken the visual identity firmly into kitschy and minor leagueish. The word mark looks like a rum label to to me but that’s not necessarily a criticism, just an observation. So, to sum-up all of my thoughts in a short sentence: I love all of the visuals, still really dislike the name. Maybe I’ll buy a hat.
  4. Everyone knows we will be getting a new name for Washington’s NFL team. I spent a lot of time sitting and thinking in my spare time about what to do. What would be appropriate? I finally settled on the Washington Americans, using the Wild Turkey as the primary logo for the team. Now before you start giving me a hard time about choosing the turkey, just hear me out on why a wild turkey makes a great mascot for a team named the Americans. The North American Wild Turkey is the perfect metaphor for the American spirit. They are proud and vain, tough, mean as hell and are a native animal to United States. Toms have sharp spurs they use to fight over territory and for status. They’re just a really freaking cool bird. There’s also the Ben Franklin turkey story, which I know is a myth, but it’s engrained so deeply in our culture. On that note, you also get the Turkey vs Eagle thing against Philly, kinda fun. This might be out of bounds, but turkeys also held a very special place in many Native American religions and mythologies. I just think calling the team the Americans and using the Wild Turkey as the primary logo is a good way to say that we are all Americans, from the indigenous people who have called America home for thousands of years, to all of us here now. I don’t know if there’s a appropriate symbol for America than the turkey. Now on to the meat of the concept, the actual logo and uniforms. I think it’s important that the colors don’t change. The team should still look the same, for the most part. They new primary logo is a wild turkey in profile and the secondary logo, also featured as a striping pattern is a turkey track with a football integrated into the shape. The uniforms are pretty simple with single color numbers and turkey track stripes on the helmet and pants. I’m not really sold on the black alternate jersey, but throwbacks are kinda not an option so I’m definitely open to suggestions there. As always thanks for having a look and I’m open to C&C and your thoughts on the new name/logo.
  5. I like the sound of “Washington American Football Club” better, but what’re you gonna do on such short notice? Design-wise, I don’t like the font they chose to use. I think a serif varsity block font would be more appropriate. Also, assuming the mockup is reasonably accurate, I’m surprised they aren’t keeping the stripes on the helmet. That’s a pretty iconic part the uniforms.
  6. :censored: :censored: :censored:!!!!! WTF?!?!?! I wanted Sockeyes damnit That jersey is super sharp but I hate the name so much
  7. I’ve got a few small updates to the crest: I made the inner stroke a hair thicker so it matches the River stripe. I also increased the size of ACSTL and the 1764 ever so slightly as well. There are now some highlights on the face of the statue, which I think makes a big difference. I think I’ve settled on Red/Navy/Gold as the color scheme. I did lighten the red a couple shades to give more contrast with the navy blue. I really like the brown/orange/white, but I think it’s just too similar to the old STL Browns with the Apotheosis statue and fleur de lis imagery. The MLS team should have a unique look that. I think this a pretty close to a finished product but please feel free to offer any C&C. Thanks for all of the feedback on the logo/colors. I’ll go ahead and get started on some uniforms and hopefully have those done soon.
  8. Appreciate all of the feedback guys. I’ve narrowed the color scheme down to four: Burgundy/Gold, Green/Blue, Brown/Orange, and a couple variations of Red/Gold/Blue. I really like all of the color schemes and I still can’t pick just one. I’ve also got a few updates to the crest. I cleaned up the statue and added some highlights. I also thinned out the white river stripes and flipped to AC STL, per the advice of @vtgco. I think both are improvements. I’ve also included some wordmarks and a black and white version of the crest. Let me know what you think of the updates and thanks for having a look.
  9. As a fan of St Louis sports and the aesthetics of soccer crests, I’m very interested in the new St Louis MLS team. I have no idea what they will actually do, but the announcement that they would be releasing the logo/name/colors in a couple weeks got the creative wheels turning. St. Louis is a cool city with a ton of imagery and history to draw from. I chose to use the Arch for the overall shape of the crest, with the Apotheosis statue in Forest Park, which depicts King Louis IX, the city’s namesake, as the primary imagery within the crest. I also include the striping pattern from the city flag as a reference to the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. I struggled to settle on a color scheme. I think red/blue/gold is a no-brainer, but two MLS clubs already use those colors. Besides that, Burgundy/Gold was my next choice but I’m not 100% sold on that either. I rendered the logo in 6 color schemes and any feedback on the and/or crest would be appreciated. Thanks for your time. Whoops, the year got messed up in the brown/orange logo. I’ll update that ASAP.
  10. I’m not really a soccer fan, but I love the aesthetics of soccer crests and St. Louis is my “sports hometown”, so I’m really interested in St Louis MLS. Something like the USL look would be fine. Although blue/green kinda feels like it’s the Sounders thing right? I think red/blue/gold would be ideal, but that’s just aping RSL’s colors, which Chicago has already latched onto with their ill received rebrand. I think a dark cherry red or burgundy and old-gold could look really sharp and it would be a unique color scheme in MLS.
  11. The high school I attended uses the Rebels nickname. Coincidentally, they use the UNLV Rebel logo a lot. I don’t know if the school will move away from Rebels proactively or if it will wait until there are some rumblings from the community (which may never come, considering the very rural area where the school is located). Also, for small colleges/high schools, the cost of overhauling all of the logos/uniforms is an issue and may even be prohibitive, not making excuses, just pointing out one of the obstacles.
  12. 5”, 7”are perfect, 9” is pushing it for me. 4” looks like you really won’t even see it above the top of the shoe, so what’s the point? 12” says 1980’s skin tight capri pants to me, which I thought was a terrible look and 15” looks like those fake stirrups we all wore in tee ball and little league.
  13. Looks good. It’s funny how you can really not change much and take the Falcons uniforms from an absolute mess to not bad. I don’t love the gray pants, but it’s better than primarily monochrome black. I might suggest single-color numbers instead of an outline too.