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  1. The thing that I find frustrating about the AAF and their white jerseys is the fact that there are only 8 teams and it really wouldn’t have been that difficult to avoid clashing uniforms at all. They either should have thought about making sure all of the uniforms would contrast each other enough or designed a white jersey/clash jersey that didn’t seem to be an after though. Either option would have been a more appropriate and professional-feeling way to go.
  2. I think that color scheme and the OKC wordmarks would be a good starting point for the redesign, but the side panel design feels very templated and generic. To me, it feels like a catalog order for every Nike mid-major, not an NBA team with tons of cool thunder/lightning/Native American imagery to draw from, just my $.02.
  3. These are all really good, thoughtful designs. I never really thought about how much better the Yankees jerseys would look with less bulky numbers until you did it, but it works really well. I love the use of green for the White Sox, it looks great on St. Pats Day, so why not incorporate it full time? It would be a unique look in MLB, wish I had thought of it. Also I appreciate your willingness to get a little crazy with colored uniforms. I love the blue one for the Blue Jays, looking forward to what you’ve got next.
  4. SIU’s new logo is really nice. It was definitely long overdue. It also actually looks like a dog now so people who aren’t familiar with what a Saluki is don’t have to guess when they see the logo. Also, it does look good on the helmets, and on a semi-unrelated note to the actual logo, I’m so tired of that “metallic satin” finish or whatever it’s called on helmets. The colors never look right and its so over-used, it’s boring. I’m over trendy helmet finishes. You can never go wrong with a high gloss or metallic gloss finish—End of short rant.
  5. Is it a hawk? I’ve always thought it was a turkey. It looks like it has a tail fan, not wings to me. I definitely do see the hat now, too. At least that makes sense within the context of the pioneers moniker. Either way, it’s not a good logo if we see a turkey or a coonskin cap instead of a hawk...
  6. So I did a thing I've never done before and I took a stab at a soccer badge concept. I've always appreciated the aesthetics of a good soccer badge, but I've never been a huge soccer fan to be honest. On that note, I don't really know what the prospects of an MLS club in St. Louis are, but I chose to do a St. Louis logo because I think the city has a ton of imagery to draw upon for a great soccer crest. The Arch is the most iconic symbol of the city, so I started with that overall shape that I thought would be unique and stand out among the other logos in the MLS. I also wanted to include the awesome stripes from the city flag. Cliche, I know, but I love the way the blue stripe between the white stripes mimics the Mighty Mississippi. decided to stay away from the Fleur de Lis because Montreal already uses it in their crest. I'm definitely not in a place where I think i have a finished product and I am definitely open to criticism on any and all aspects of the logo. Too simple? Bad color scheme? Nothing is off limits because I am not confident in my ability to to design a soccer crest. Thanks for taking a look and please let me know what you think.
  7. I think that would make a sharp look for the Patriots, but I’m not quite sure about silver helmets for the Texans. Objectively, I like it but just not for Houston.
  8. So I’ve got a couple new things today. First, I’ve got a Falcons concept. The new logo is an attempt to find a happy medium between the retro, strangely proportioned classic logo and the new decepticon robo-falcon. I took the basic shape and aggressive stance from the current logo, but smoothed our some of the edges to give more of a bird vibe and not a robot vibe. So many falcons concepts around here bring back the red helmets. I didn’t do that. Some members around here will call me a blasphemer for saying this, but I’ve never really been a huge fan of the red helmet/black jersey look for the Falcons. I think the color balance is so much better with a black helmet/red jersey. The new uniforms have big streaks of color, inspired by the logo and I brought back the black alternate jersey and black pants are the primary option with the white jerseys. I also have a compilation of the NFL logos I’ve redesigned on this thread over the last year or so. Some of them are re-colors, more or less and there are a couple I haven’t touched yet, but I just thought it would be cool to see them all together. Anyway, thanks for having a look and please feel free to comment on the Falcons or the rest of the logos.
  9. I love the pinstripe uniforms with the head spoon and Frogs script, and the OKState throwback is just perfect. I have a real soft spot for baseball uniforms that have a 1940’s -1950’s vibe, especially when they’re worn correctly with visible socks.
  10. It was years before I actually saw the P here too. I always saw a hockey puck with a wing. I still don’t think the P is obvious to be honest.
  11. For a long time, when I saw the Nordiques logo, I saw an elephant. I always knew it couldn’t be an elephant but that’s what I saw. Even now, I know it’s an igloo, but still have to make myself look at it that way rather than seeing the abstract elephant with the ball on its trunk.
  12. I really like what you did with the bengals. The only thing might do is change the numbers on the white jersey to black. If you’re married to the orange numbers, an outline would work, but I think single color numbers work better here (and most of the time, for that matter). As for the Titans, I like the idea, I love the powder blue helmet, and I really dig the red numbers on the white jersey. I’m not really liking the way the old school striping clashes against the more contemporary logo though, maybe something simpler like a double stripe or a brashier stripe would work better? Just my two pennies.
  13. Oka, so I've got a couple new ones today. The first is the Arizona Cardinals. Last year I did this Cardinals concept which had a heavy vintage vibe, so I wanted to do something a bit more modern feeling. My idea was to take their current uniforms and get it a job and a haircut and move it out if its parents' basement. I wanted to see if I could run with some of the ideas from the piping years and clean them up to make a uniform that wouldn't look dated in five years. Like I said, this concept was inspired by the current duds, but hopefully addresses some of the issues with the piping and panels. The alternate uniform is a throwback to the inaugural Phoenix Cardinals uniforms. Next up, we have the Kansas City Chiefs. There was some conversation about the Chiefs uniforms over in the NFL 2019 thread and it gave me some inspiration to do something with the Chiefs. I've never been a big fan of how white and yellow touch so often on the Chiefs uniforms, causing those areas to have a blurry,vibrating effect. One solution I came up with was to change the Chiefs color scheme. I have introduced a new color that I'm going to call Sandstone to replace the yellow/gold. I also created a new logo, getting rid of the black outlines. The new uniforms are admittedly pretty minimalist in their design. The helmet remains stripeless and the traditional block numbers are replaced with a custom, single-color font. The striping returns to the cuffs, where it has traditionally been and the numbers return to the sleeves because I'm a sucker for some sleeve TV numbers. Overall, the uniforms are pretty simple, but I don't think you need to do too much with the Chiefs to have a good, strong uniform. I'm pretty curious to hear what everyone thinks about the new color scheme for KC, so please feel free to offer any and all feedback on either concept. Thanks for having a look.
  14. That’s awesome. The number font is very unique and also has a vintage/old school feel, which is perfect for the bears. Your new front facing bear is great too. It’s a nice, clean update of the classic logo. My only criticism of it would be that it might be a bit too clean and contemporary for the Bears’ brand. My one gripe about the uniform themselves is with the stripes on the blue pants. Maybe flip them so they’re white/orange/white, “matching” the jersey stripes.
  15. I was inspired to do a little Colts concept over the weekend. I didn’t make any big changes because, frankly, I don’t think the Colts need any big changes. The devil is in the details here, so to speak. I started by updating the logo and word mark. The new logo is a little bolder with fewer holes, for lack of a better word. It’s also a little more square and less vertical in its shape. The word mark is meant to be an evolution, of sorts, of the current word mark, which I think is more dated and hokey than timeless and classic. The new number font is a custom block font based on the Colts’ helmet number font which I have always been a fan of, especially the 2. The only significant changes I made to the uniforms beyond the new font and logo were the addition of sock stripes and the change to the pants stripes which now match the single stripe on the helmet. The alternate uniforms is a faux-back, blue jersey-edition of the throwbacks the Colts wore a couple times during the Peyton Manning years. I think the horseshoes in the back of the helmet is a really cool unique design that more people should be aware of. Well, that’s it for now. Thanks for having a look and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear some feedback. Thanks again.