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  1. Yeah I tend to agree with this assessment of Pitt. I definitely prefer them in navy and I prefer the metallic gold to athletic gold, but I think their best look would be navy and mustard.
  2. I’ll play. I suppose this would apply to baseball, basketball, soccer and football. I have two rules That I would enforce more. I would say all shoes must be predominantly the same color. I don’t care what color or brand but everybody’s shoes need to be the same color. The same goes for socks. Same color and striping pattern. The idea is to be uniform after all and the relaxation of rules regarding shoes and socks grinds my gears.
  3. I know I’m beating the dead horse but the Texans need red socks for their blue pants and the Saints need to shred their black pants... and after seeing a few teams and select players wearing them, my suspicion that solid colored dark socks look amateurish was confirmed. Not a fan.
  4. Wow...who signed off on this garbage? I can’t even find the words to describe how disgusting those are.
  5. I’ll toss my two cents in on this. I like the fact that managers wear uniforms. It’s traditional, it’s a throwback. It’s just how it’s done in baseball and that’s good enough for me. As long as the managers are wearing baseball pants, I think they need to be wearing jerseys and ball caps, not stocking caps, Joe Madden. Dugout jackets when it’s cool are fine, at least it has a put-together, professional look. I think the pullover/hoodie or BP top thing or whatever it is over baseball pants looks sloppy and half dressed. I don’t like it. It’s unprofessional. If managers insist on getting away from wearing uniforms altogether, I’d like to see them dress like the team’s athletic trainer: slacks (you know, the moisture wicking ones you’d play golf in), polo and a baseball cap. These guys aren’t wearing hats but you get the idea. That’s professional looking and casual enough to be comfortable. If managers continue to ditch their jerseys, I’d like to see that instead of the BP/hanging around the clubhouse look.
  6. It’s hard to tell on TV for certain but I think the Cardinals are wearing the new logo on their caps and batting helmets today.* Are we sure it’s not just a poor reproduction of a throwback since the Reds are throwing back today? For the record, I do like it better than the current/former cap monogram. It has a little more character and feels less stiff/sterile. *Nevermind. Got a better look at the caps and it’s the same ol’ cap logo.
  7. You know I think the Cardinals ‘56 uniforms were a pretty sharp look in a vacuum, but they can never move away form the birds on the bat. I especially love the slugger bird patch and I’d like to see them bring a modern one to their current uniforms
  8. I didn’t notice the first time I saw the uniforms but the white shoes stick out like a sore thumb, needs black cleats.
  9. Not bad for an alternate. Gimme black pants and facemask and I’m 100% on board.
  10. Pretty disappointing IMO. Doesn’t need the black, doesn’t need the silver. The template is boring too. The previous shorts design was unique and had some personality. I thought all they need to do was replace the grey on the red uniforms with white and get rid of the armhole trim and they would have some sharp uniforms. The new logo sucks too. The whole redesign feels pretty half-baked.
  11. I agree, my first thought when seeing all of the grey/silver was that they reminded me of Colorado, who is the OG when it comes to Black/Gold/Silver.
  12. Man, I’m so disappointed in the Rockets. Black is boring and why add black when the Bulls and Blazers and Raptors already use black. I’d like to see red and white only, no drop shadows, no outlines, no grey/silver. I know it’s unpopular around here but I liked the shoulder hoops after they slimmed down the shoulders before the Nike takeover. I think that template without The black and silver would be a clean unique look. Just my $.02
  13. 8BW14

    CFL 2019

    I don’t hate it either but navy blue stripes on either side of the light blue stripe would look more complete to me, a la the old Giants pants.
  14. Sockeyes has always been my favorite. It’s a cool name and a cool fish. It’s local, unique, alliterative, and just lends itself to some awesome imagery and color schemes. I think double red with that bright red they seem to be using, paired with a dark cherry or burgundy and double green palette could work really well. It like it in my head anyway...
  15. This is true. I have some wool hunting/hiking clothes and they are both awesome insulation and just as, if not more, breathable/moisture wicking than any of the synthetic athletic/outdoor clothes I own. Wool socks and underwear are underrated. Wool doesn’t hold onto odor either, like many synthetic fabrics. It’s really pretty cool stuff, no pun intended.