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  1. I’ll throw my $.02 in on the Cardinals here. I don’t necessarily thing they need to have “traditional” uniforms, but the Cardinals should be wearing simple uniforms. They’ve worn simple uniforms for pretty much their entire history up to the current duds, which are decidedly not simple. Now I’m just brainstorming here: I actually think something like the latest Wazzu update would be a good place to start. I think I’d probably keep the grey facemasks. White would do, but not red. I don’t need any stripes on the sleeves or shoulders. Single color numbers with TV numbers on the sleeves, not shoulders, of both the white and red jerseys in a block-ish font. Maybe it would be too much, but a red yoke on the white jersey might be a sharp look, or they could have a plain white jersey and a white jersey with the yoke. I don’t know, I’m just throwing stuff at the wall here. Maybe put the flag patch on the chest, but whatever. I think I’d go with with white and red pants with a double stripe running down each leg as well. Now here’s where it gets crazy. Their logo is damn near flawless, but I’d change one thing. I’d swap out the yellow beak for copper. I’d also include a pair of alternate copper colored pants to be worn at home. I think it would be a sharp look and a nice faux back sort of look to the tan canvas pants worn in the early years of the Cardinals.
  2. These are all great. The designs are really high quality and it’s obvious that you put some thought and time into each team. The Steelers are my favorite. I especially love the white kit with the hypocycloids form the logo, that’s really clever.
  3. On its own merits, I think this is a rather sharp uniform, both the home and road version. Now, in context it was a mistake for the Cardinals to ever move away from the Birds on the Bat, but the uniform has a lot of things going for it. The script is sharp and it apparently inspired the contemporary script on the jerseys. I also think the slugger bird sleeve patch is freaking awesome.
  4. I guess I should say I was surprised by the fact that I could even flex it at all while attached to the helmet. You could push it from side to side and it would flex. It probably would take a lot of force to break, but I do remember they flexed with less force than I though they should. And yes they were super dorky. We thought we are really cool when we got to high school and had real metal facemasks.
  5. Huh, I knew about the Colts silver pants debacle, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen the white uniforms with the silver in the striping and number trim. Along with the weird Chargers pants with the single blue stripe, that’s the second NFL uniform I’ve never seen before this week.
  6. I wore one of those plastic facemasks when I played jr. high football. The amount that I was able to make it flex as a 12 year old kid was concerning. I can’t believe grown men played professionally with those.
  7. Like a lot of people around here, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Colts change their number font but (Unpopular Opinion Alert), I’d like to see them use the helmet number font on their jerseys, or at least a version with proportions better suited to a jersey. This was the best pic I could find, but I really like the full serif on the top of the 1 and the diagonal on the 2. It’s unique to the NFL but it’s still a traditional block font.
  8. Preach!!! Anyone who thinks this 2nd helmet rule will stop at throwbacks or even good taste is living in the clouds. These #FIRE helmets you posted are more like what we’re gonna get. They’re fine to sit on the shelf in your office at home or at work, but that’s it. Keep that trash off the field. The writing has been on the wall ever since Color Rush debuted. The NFL has been chipping away at its teams’ identities for years. Helmets are the next step.
  9. So rather than cluttering this thread with yet another Rams fixer upper/concept, I posted a my thoughts on the new LA logo as well as a quick and dirty solution to those gripes over in the concept section if anyone is interested in taking a look. https://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/121603-quick-dirty-rams-logo-fix/
  10. So I whipped up a quick and dirty fix for the Rams LA logo. I don’t actually dislike the overall concept of the logo, but I think the execution of the idea is terrible. The problems: -Gradients-yuck, have fun reproducing that for embroidery and screen printing -Shadows-early 2000s web design wants their crutch back and it *the first two problems also create the problem of having waaay too many colors. -Doesn’t look good on multiple backgrounds/requires too many color and outline changes -The segmentation of the horn creates a crescent moon shape that I can’t unsee now that it’s been pointed out to me. The solution: first off, I ditched the gradients, getting the logo down to two/three colors depending on the application I also got made the horn one continuous piece. Also, because I ditched the gradients, the logo is all one color with a shadow on the horn to give it some depth. Honestly, I could take it leave the shading on the horn, but it might be a little flat without it. Anyway, this was like a 10 minute fix, but I think it makes the logo fit in much more with its contemporaries in the NFL and professional sports as a whole.
  11. Heard that on the show this morning too. I’ll believe it when I see it and frankly, I’ll be disappointed that’s true. The One-Helmet Rule has been a blessing in disguise for the NFL
  12. Wow...I love the new bolt. Seeing it side by side with the old one really makes the original look kinda bad IMO. The new bolt is dynamic and energetic while the old one is just kinda sitting there. The word marks are great from what I can see too and of course the colors are fantastic, now if only they could nail the uniforms like they did the logos and colors...
  13. Looks good. The new bolt feels much more dynamic thank the original. The tweaks you made were small but I think they make a huge difference. Can’t wait to see it on the helmet. edit: I’m a couple hours behind. I didn’t realize your new bolt was the actual new bolt. Anyway, it works better in your concept
  14. The logo looks squashed to me. I think it’s because of the way the horns sweep back. Look at the pic jvillejags posted and you can see the horns don’t come out of the head like that. It’s really throwing it off for me. They’re also way too big. I’d make them come off the head in a more vertical direction and scale them down by a third. I’ll also echo the sentiments about the mouth/teeth. I might also even suggest closing the mouth all-together? The word mark is really nice by the way. I wouldn’t change a thing about it.
  15. The ear is miles better and after seeing it on a white background I’m thinking maybe the top half of the horse should be blue too? Or maybe the top part of the shield? It does feel a bit heavy on the yellow