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  1. I think the name is great but the logos/word marks fall flat for me. There’s so much great imagery in the Guardians statues and this is all they came up with? I’ll echo the sentiments that it feels rushed. They kinda scratched the surface with the winged G. I really like the vintage vibe there, but I don’t really get Art Deco from the wordmarks. The statues have lots of straight lines and rounded corners and there’s none of that in the script logos. Long story short: name’s good, logos are a miss, for me.
  2. MLB. Those ASG jerseys are :censored:ing Busch league!!!! I think one of the coolest things about the MLB all star game is seeing all of the different uniforms. I know it’s not the same as before inter league, but it’s one of the only times to see the other league’s uniforms. They’re :censored:ing white vs. gray for crying out loud. Isn’t that uniform enough for a god damn meaningless exhibition game. :censored:!!! I know the goal is to sell a bunch of crap and Im no marketing executive but I would think there’s some value in having the players wear their own team’s uniforms and caps for the ASG and the HR Derby. You know so a viewer can more easily recognize that that guy who’s blasting home runs plays for the Pirates or Yankees or whatever.
  3. Good for him. I’m not very tuned in to social media/news media but the general reaction seems to be “oh okay, cool” That’s good, I think. Its a good thing that it’s not really “a thing”.
  4. Stylistically, I really like the Elks logo and I LOVE the name. It was a no-brainer and I’m glad they didn’t screw that up. I do take issue with the antler, however. They look more like a reindeer’s antler than an elk’s antler. Elk have a distinctive “whale tail” at the top like this: I took the liberty making a quick and dirty edit to the logo, which makes the antler more elk-like:
  5. You’re right, my bad. misread your post. I get a little defensive about deer meat because I hear from people who have never eaten it how it’s “gross” or “gamey” or sad or whatever and it get me a little worked up.
  6. That’s a fair description, but to say it’s only good for sausage/ burger is selling it short. In my neck of the woods,“gamey” implies a musky or “off” flavor and I don’t think that’s true of a well taken care of and prepared piece of venison. Like I said, not relevant to the topic at hand, but deer/elk meat is awesome and a lot of folks don’t give it a chance.
  7. I guess, but I don’t like the phrase because it tends to have a negative connotation like there’s something bad or “off” about it. I don’t necessarily think “rich” or “meaty” equates gamey. That’s all subjective, of course.
  8. I’ve been cooking and eating venison nearly my entire life and I’ve never had a “gamey” piece of meat. That gets thrown around a lot but I think the gaminess of deer meat people talk about is primarily caused by poor handling/preparation. For my money, there’s not a better piece of meat out there than a deer or elk blackstrap grilled to medium-rare and sliced thin. It literally melts in your mouth and IMO is pretty mild in flavor. I will say, though, it does have a flavor and I think commercial beef is generally pretty bland. None of that is relevant to the Elks new logo, but I thought I’d throw my two cents in on the topic of game meat.
  9. I love the big cuffs on the sleeves and I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of a dark pinstriped uniform for the White Sox. Throw that newish “White Sox” script on that bad boy and ditch the sublimated pattern and I think we’d have a nice alternate uniform, with the regular hat and number font
  10. Or you could just see it for what it is as a nice looking football uniform that has absolutely nothing to do with Ole Miss or the freaking Confederacy. It’s not that deep.
  11. Never seen a can of that before but a local bar/restaurant has the stuff on tap and it’s some of the best root beer I’ve ever had.
  12. It is better without the piping, but the entire uniforms is unnecessary IMO.
  13. This is really the only major WTF I with the new uniforms. Why not just make the pants orange/black? Did nobody suggest that in a design meeting?
  14. Do not like the white pants with the orange stripes. The lack outline is very cheap/concept board-looking. Just fill the stripes with black like every single pair of pants the Bengals have worn for the last 40 years. I’m not crazy about the white jersey/pants with only black stripes either. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it. The black jersey with orange stripes looks better than I anticipated though. Definitely an upgrade, but like always, there were some odd decisions made that hold it back.
  15. The Cardinals’ problem is more like the jersey and pants don’t work with the helmet. They should be wearing something super clean and traditional that doesn’t clash with the gray facemask.
  16. Assuming the leak is real, I like the look of the orange jersey. I am curious about the black and white jerseys. Based on the orange jersey, I can assume the black jersey will have orange stripes, which I don’t like. And what’s going on with the white? Will there be an orange yoke or black stripes on white? I still have a lot of questions and, of course, we haven’t seen any of the pants or combos yet. I’m not super hopeful for the new uniforms.
  17. In any sport at any level, what would you be? Would you choose to be a superstar or a role guy? What position? What city? Give as many or as few details as you’d like. Here it goes: I’m the baddest closer in baseball, preferably for the St. Louis Cardinals, but I’d play anywhere. I’ve got a flaming fastball that regularly touches triple digits and a nasty cutter that is damn near unhittable. You could describe my pitching style as violent. I wear #50. Of course I have a mullet that’s a little thin up top, but who cares, sideburns and a sweet ‘stache and I’m always dripping with sweat. I wear my jersey a little baggy with tall stirrups because the Cardinals socks are :censored:ing sweet. When I come into the game, everyone knows it’s OVER. Its game 7 of the World Series and we’re winning 3-2 in the top of the 8th, the starter is in trouble with runners on 2nd and third with one out. The manager walks to the mound and calls for the right hander. I walk out of the bullpen at Busch Stadium-walk not run- Stranglehold is blaring from the stadium speakers and the standing room crowd is going absolutely insane. The noise is deafening. Of course I strike out the side and we go to the bottom of the 8th and the house is shaking. We get a runner on with one out but the next batter hits into a double play. Now it’s the top of the 9th and this is what I get paid for. Everyone knows the game is pretty much in the bag, you can feel the air in the stadium buzzing with electricity. The Angels have the meat of their order up to bat 2, 3, 4. The first batter pops up on the first pitch-a high fastball-one out. Second batter, a leftie, battles, running the count full after fouling off a couple hard fastballs. He strikes out looking on a cutter that cuts him off at the knees. Now there are two outs and the fans are on their feet and the place is rocking. The Angels’ cleanup hitter is the best in the game. He’s the AL home run leader and he has one last chance to keep his team alive. First pitch is a 98 mph fastball low and away, just missed-ball 1. Second pitch is another fastball low and in. This one is a strike looking. 1-1. Third pitch is a fastball that catches a bit too pitch of the plate, but he’s a little late and fouls it off-strike 2. Now the place is REALLY out of control. The catcher calls for a cutter and I shake him off. Fastball it is. I wind up and let it rip. High and out over the plate, but it’s too high for the batter to catch up and he can’t lay off. Swing and a miss. The game’s over. Fireworks are going off, people are screaming and crying and I just wrapped up the Cardinals’ 12th World Series title. I told this story to my wife last night and I couldn’t tell if she was a little turned on or a little concerned for my mental health. Maybe both.
  18. Second attempt at updating Washington: this time I went with the Redwolves nickname that’s been floated around. I actually think it makes a lot of sense, so I thought I’d whip up a logo/uniform concept The look stays pretty true to what the team has traditionally worn, with some minor tweaks. I don’t think I love the yellow jersey, but I wanted to stay away from black and throwbacks are probably off-limits. I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on the Redwolves and Bengals. Thanks again for taking the time to have a look.
  19. The Bengals are long overdue for a uniform update and we’re finally getting it this off-season. Here’s my stab at what I would expect/like to see: As always, I’d love to know what everyone thinks. The orange pants and tiger striped socks might be too much, but I thought they were at least worth putting down on paper. Thanks for taking a look.
  20. That’s the first uniform I thought of. I love it but I didn’t wanna be the guy to post “THE PAINTING”
  21. I love yellow football jerseys. A yellow jersey with a dark helmet and white pants is a great look, IMO
  22. I don’t really like the Browns’ orange pants all that much. Although to be fair, I think that has more to do with the shade of orange than the actual idea of orange pants. Sometimes the helmets and orange pants damn near look red on TV. The old orange (before the 2015? rebrand)was far better.
  23. Just got on here to say exactly this. They should be wearing baby blue sleeves/gloves, etc.
  24. Of course I think the very idea of the Rams using “bone” colored uniforms is terrible, but I’d be way less offended by them if they had just been an inverse of the blue jerseys, with yellow sleeves, and not actually used any white. The use of bone and white together is jarring.
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