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  1. Steelers should have the yellow throwback helmet, not a matte black helmet
  2. The Washington DC's Imagine the sponsorship opportunities with DC Comics...
  3. Looks like the Nike swoosh is a hook getting ready to pull the crescent moon off of the jersey...
  4. The dessert cardinal looks like a senior citizen cardinal. They are the oldest franchise, but do we need the logo looking like it is in a wheelchair?
  5. This is the youtube link to the logo reveal.
  6. There is NO WAY that the New England Patriots will lose a home game to London. Goodell is so far up Kraft's... Well, let's just say there is no way that the Patriots are playing a home game in London...
  7. I'd be willing to bet that the first night time home game for the jets will be called a "New York Blackout" with the debut of the BFBS uniforms.
  8. To me, as someone who will see them play my team twice a year, I am most curious about the helmet color. Will it be White, Green, Black, or something else (like gun metal gray)? The rest will be important for sure, but the helmet is the most visable item.
  9. okay, then the Chargers helmet should be dark gray with light gray lines signifying rain
  10. At least the team can tweak the pant design at any time. Much like the Rams did. So, if the fans speak loud enough, maybe a stripe on the pants could be done in the next year or 2.
  11. I would really like to see a poll on here to rate all the Nike changed uniforms. Miami 2.0 should be at the top, or very close at this point.
  12. Since Phoenix is a mythical bird, it always seemed ridiculous to name a pro football team after 2 different birds.