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  1. I really wish I had skills like you in whatever software program you're using. The ideas are there, I just have no idea where to start. Really cool behind the scenes look, and a great logo to boot. I really wish they would just change the names of the Wizards.
  2. Grizzlies and Suns are easily the best of the set. Well done.
  3. Love all of these. The shields are my favorite part. Looking forward to the rest.
  4. I agree. I think the wordmarks are pretty kick ass, but the clouds really distract and soften the look. I think if you went with a blue based gray, it would make a big difference. I'm not a fan of what the paneling does toward the base of the shorts. To me it is not consistent with anything else in the look. Maybe have a few less and a little bit bigger edges, so it doesn't look like a serrated knife and more like lightning. You're on your way. Keep up the good work.
  5. It says OKC, but all I see is the old Warriors uniforms. The word mark is pretty well executed. Not a fan of the side panel lightning bolts though. I think the ideas are there, just refine them to something a little more classic.
  6. Love the new Cavs primary. I think for the Mavs just make the basketball horse head the primary without the shield/wordmark. I like the away Dallas uniform, but not so much the white set. I think I don't like the Mavs wordmark and font (never have). I'm with Clintau24, its just a little too similar to the current set.
  7. Does anyone have a link for a good NFL font/numbers template? I am working on my concept series and its the missing piece.
  8. The multi colored stripes really made the Hornets set complete. Great work man.
  9. All of these are fantastic. Love the Brooklyn home & away. Hornets set is great. Really good cross between new and old. Looking forward to your Mavs set.
  10. You even picked the ugly purplish maroon Loyola has. THANK YOU! Mind if I use it as my avatar?
  11. Could you do a maroon and gold version? Doesn't have to be that crazy. If that takes too long that's fine I can take a stab at it myself. The update is fantastic though. Could you do a maroon and gold version? Even if its just the black is maroon and the U i the background is gold? If that takes too long I can try and figure it out. It looks great though. Thanks!
  12. I like this one a lot. I have never been a fan of the "M" logo that was on the first version.
  13. That Maryland terp is so awesome. I think if the MD was gold or black with a gold outline it would really pop.
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