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  1. I think its a good start. A few things: The aggression of the current logo is lost. I think this could come from a few things. For one the head is not quite high enough to convey how much its bowing up. If you tilted the chin slightly more toward the chest and the crown of the head slightly forward it would be a more aggressive stance. I also think in general the torso of the ram is a little soft. He should be a little leaner and more defined in the back legs especially. The color scheme is spot on. The word mark can use some major work. I find it very collegiate.
  2. Love it. PSG's kits are among my favorite. Well done.
  3. Looks good to me. Not sure how I feel about so much blue in the uniform though. I think it complicates their color scheme, especially with black still in the wordmark and logo. Also, with almost all football concepts on this site, the back numbers are always way too small. What design software did you use? Your execution is great for a first go at it.
  4. Why does it say 'Toilers'?
  5. I agree with your Habs fix, but it needs tweaking in my opinion. I think ditch the bottom striping altogether. I also think on the white jersey, there is no need to create the white striping on the yoke and center stripe. Just have the red and blue against each other and it will work. As it is now, the white looks way too busy, especially around the back numbers. Really love what you did with Columbus and Vancouver. Minnesota I think would look better if you used the off-white striping. I know you said you don't like it, but the white looks very harsh against the deep green.
  6. Good take on a classic look. No complaints here.
  7. I dig the update on the wheel with the tread on the tires. Not sure how I feel about the wing yet...Something about it is off, and I think its the small feathers closest to the wheel.
  8. All very cool, especially the alternate. The black numbers have always bothered me with Colorado's uni's though. I feel like if they stuck to the marroon/blue/white/gray it would work way better.
  9. The winged B logo is good, but sorry to say that primary misses the mark on almost every front. The current logo, while not perfect, is at least aggressive and striking. The version you have is very ordinary.
  10. Cubs fan here, I actually really like the update. Well done. I think the gray panel hat is a little unnecessary, but overall a good look.
  11. Love this as a native Texan. Really like every concept so far and feel like each fits the city very well. Ready to see Dallas when its ready.
  12. I think I missed something. Jordan is going on the Michigan jersey? Not a fan of that, but the concepts are cool. Maybe make the numbers bigger. Only thing that sticks out to me.
  13. Way way way way way way way too much gray. Only ones that stand out are Chi Sox, Baltimore, Houston, Miami, Anaheim. All of the others either already exist or aren't interesting.
  14. Love the blue alternate. A really great look for them.
  15. Way better. I would have opted for removing the wordmark off the front altogether, because it looks like a college uniform to me. Overall an upgrade. Well done.
  16. I really wish I had skills like you in whatever software program you're using. The ideas are there, I just have no idea where to start. Really cool behind the scenes look, and a great logo to boot. I really wish they would just change the names of the Wizards.
  17. What about a Tyron Smith? Rarely see a left tackle, which I think would be really cool. Xbox One.
  18. First off here are some updates I made: France- I made the blue richer, I really still like the combo with the navy as it breaks things up, but I know some on here would disagree. Australia - I darkened the green to differentiate it from Ireland and South Africa. I also added a white alternate jersey. Now for the new entries: Scotland and Ireland. Scotland I wanted to incorporate the traditional Scottish plaid while maintaining a traditional look. I also really hate Scotland's rugby crest, so I ditched it altogether. For Ireland I really like what they did incorporating gold in their Rugby World Cup kit this year.
  19. I would say if any logo in rugby has not changed in 100 years, its the England Rose. While you're right, its not the most intimidating thing on the planet, its a staple of their look, so I feel like I have to keep it. I'm working on France, I think he main blue can be a little more true and I'll see how it looks without navy. I really want to use the NZ pattern as well, but New Zealand traditionally has nothing on their jerseys except the silver fern. I really wanted to include Maori tattoos, so I decided on the undershirt was a good compromise. Maybe I"ll mess with putting it on the alternate, which doesn't have the strict no frills tradition. Glad you're enjoying, more to come. Ireland, Scotland, Wales, USA and Argentina are my next focus.
  20. The pattern is only on the undershirt for the All Blacks. I did it to add something, without changing the traditional formula. It's supposed to represent traditional Maori tattoos. As for France, they usually use the rooster as their jersey crest. Theu have never worn that on logo on the jersey, much like the Wallabies have a crest on their jersey that isn't their primary logo. As for the French color, I either need to tweak it or its your monitor, but it's supposed to be a bright blue. And French alternates have not always been red. They wore white in the Final last year, and international rugby is pushing white alternates for 2015 onward.
  21. Big time. They were the runner up in the RWC final in 2011. Lost by 1 to the All Blacks. They always show up in World Cup.
  22. Thanks. I tried to stay true to the traditional look of each team while adding elements to football uniforms that just aren't part of rugby.
  23. I originally started thinking of Rugby World Cup concepts, and quickly turned to doing a crossover series. This is my first concept, so bear with any technical deficiencies on my part. I'll do as many as possible. The first round will be the South Africa Springboks, New Zealand All Blacks, Australia Wallabies, France and England. I tried to incorporate traditional looks and colors for the teams, but put my own design on them. Let me know what you guys think!