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  1. Has anyone seen the full shirt design that Odell is wearing here? It kinda looks like an updated/redesigned brownie the elf. I believe it's the weight room shirt, but I can't seem to find a clear pic of the logo anywhere.
  2. They've only been worn twice in 5 years. I always liked the orange better than our primary.
  3. How original of you. This set is objectively better than the home and away version of their current uniforms.
  4. They will officially wear color rush as their primaries.
  5. Those are abhorrent. Seeing them in daylight is worse.
  6. Hey everyone. Its been a long time since I posted anything, but was recently struck with some inspiration. For now, it's just this one redesign, but if I keep becoming inspired to make NFL concepts, I will post them in this thread. This is pretty basic and its essentially just going back to what they had before, but with a white face mask and orange pants. As a Browns fan, this is what I would consider a perfect look for them. They don't have to do a bunch of gimmicky stuff to look good. Keep it basic and traditional.
  7. The cannonball helmet alts were probably the best alt they have ever worn. It looked very clean and natural to me.
  8. I may be in the minority here, but I think this is the best alternate set Ohio State has ever had.
  9. "Also got word that Ohio State has special uniforms for the Michigan game. Storm trooper look. All-white." I could get behind that.
  10. These could've been really good with scarlet numbers and stripes, but whatever. Edit: some more
  11. Ew. Why. At least put some scarlet on there. Also What?? Stop letting Instagram concept designers into the industry! These are garbage..
  12. WTF Nike, step your quality up. You can't have the jersey of your signature athlete tearing.