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  1. I think they should be named the Mustangs
  2. stlfan452


    I hate Trashcar...I mean Nascar! And I hate those uni's!!!!!
  3. I did that one a while back when we were all doing that re-colorization thing: WOW!!!! That looks f'n tight!! The sonics should seriously use that logo again...with those colors! I flat out have hated their current logo/unis ever since they've used them.
  4. Just for posting that gif, I nominate you for post of the week. Haha Thanks I'm glad you liked it
  5. Deion Sanders with geri-curls in!!! haha
  6. WTF!! They should have it in Chicago!! They haven't had the all-star game there since Jordan and Wilkins had their slam-dunk contest!
  7. stlfan452

    SF 49ers

    IMO these 49er uni's were just bad!
  8. Call me crazy but I think those unis look pretty sweet. They just look bad in the pic because the shorts are too short and the jersey looks skin tight!
  9. Well Dorell Wright should respect his elder and give up his #1 to Penny!
  10. According to the Miami Heat's roster on, Penny Hardaway's new number will be 99!