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  1. Chicago Bulls Home Uniform Road Uniform Court Layout
  2. Charlotte Hornets Home Uniform Road Uniform Court Layout
  3. Brooklyn Nets Home Uniform Road Uniform Court Layout
  4. Boston Celtics Home Uniform Road Uniform Court Layout
  5. Concept idea I thought I would do. Never done one of these before. Came up with the idea that the NBA are moving into a whole new area of sports. A professional handball league using current NBA teams. Similar idea that Barcelona FC and Paris St Germain have done by putting thier name to a handball team. The league will be called the American Professional Handball Association or abbreviated to APHA The league signed an exclusive deal with Nike to produce the uniforms of each franchise and all teams must use the 2020 Nike Vapor uniforms. The first team concept is the Atlanta Hawks Home Uniform Road Uniform Finally the home court playing surface
  6. Just have them relocate to London for a season. The U.K fans would not object. Tottenham Hotspur new stadium will be complete. Logistics for travelling teams could possibly be a nightmare though.
  7. Theres a google chrome fix to photobucket as an extension. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/photobucket-hotlink-fix/kegnjbncdcliihbemealioapbifiaedg?hl=en
  8. Liverpool release a slightly altered home kit for the asian market and a cheaper price to the official shirt. There's no pinstripe design, the badge isn't embroidered, and it doesn't even feature a New Balance logo. In a bid to challenge the counterfeit shirts produced. http://www.footyheadlines.com/2017/07/liverpool-release-cheap-23-version-of-new-home-kit-in-china.html https://www.joe.co.uk/sport/liverpool-release-20-version-of-201718-home-kit-with-different-design-132193
  9. Nike just stop it please. Just stop ruining soccer kits. Period. In fact leave the sport altogether.
  10. Thats why It is known as The Daily Fail.
  11. English Premier League announce new logo. http://www.premierleague.com/en-gb/news/news/2015-16/feb/090216-new-look-for-premier-league-for-2016-2017.html
  12. Good to see Q.P.R going back to the older style like they used to have in the 80's. The current one has always looked terrible.
  13. For a nano second at the start of that I thought it was a new trailer to another series of 24.
  14. Fulham owner Shahid Khan wants to buy Tottenham and relocate Jacksonville Jaguars to White Hart Lane http://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/revealed-fulham-owner-shahid-khan-wants-to-buy-tottenham-and-relocate-jacksonville-jaguars-to-white-hart-lane-10380385.html
  15. Is this English for "the stadium will revitalize downtown and spur development"? I need a translator, but this sounded like B.S. I like how they used the word "scheme," though. You'd never see that in America. The whole area is being redeveloped. Tottenham is currently one of the poorest areas in London. The Club and council are looking to really get a grip with the area apart from the Stadium the plans include. Supporting 1,800 jobs to supporting 3,500 and from generating £120 million of annual spend into the local economy to over £293 million. 579 new homes, including affordable housing - up from 285 homes in the current permission, meeting a key need for more homes in London. Set out across four new residential buildings, every apartment will enjoy access to a private balcony in addition to communal gardens and child play areas
  16. This just announced. http://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/news/club-and-nfl-announcement-080715/ The Club and the NFL today announced that agreement has been reached for a minimum of two NFL games per year to be played during a 10-year partnership at our new stadium in London. The state-of-the-art stadium, due to open in the summer of 2018, will feature a retractable grass field with an artificial surface underneath that would be used for NFL games. This innovative field will add greater flexibility in the scheduling of games, with the NFL having its own playing surface for games held at the venue. This field will be multi-use and capable of hosting other sporting, entertainment and community events. Both sports will have dedicated facilities ensuring that the new stadium, designed with a focus on atmosphere, will deliver the optimum experience for both teams and fans. It will be one of the most environmentally sustainable in the UK and also include a clear focus on accessibility via public transportation. “With growing enthusiasm for the NFL in the United Kingdom, we are committed to hosting NFL games in world-class venues and are excited to partner with Tottenham Hotspur to play games at their future stadium,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “We share a vision and commitment to creating the best experience for our teams, fans and the local community.” The stadium is part of the Northumberland Development Project which sits at the heart and is the flagship scheme and catalyst for world-class regeneration in North Tottenham that spans over 130 acres and delivers significant benefits for the local community. The Club will shortly be releasing images and details of the updated designs it has made to both the stadium and the wider scheme. In addition to the minimum of two games per year at the new Tottenham site, other NFL games may take place at different venues in the UK during the span of the 10-year agreement. "We have an opportunity now to deliver one of the most unique sports, leisure and entertainment venues in the world, bringing together the EPL and NFL for the first time,” said Daniel Levy, Chairman of Tottenham Hotspur. “The socio- economic benefits this will bring to the area will be immense and demonstrates our commitment to the regeneration of this priority borough in London. “We have always underlined the importance of public sector support for the long-term regeneration of the area. This support is now clearly in evidence in the masterplans that have been brought forward by the London Borough of Haringey, both through the Northumberland Park project to the east of the stadium and the High Road West scheme. These plans, alongside the commitments made by the Mayor of London and the Greater London Authority to infrastructure and public realm investment, and with the support of Central Government, demonstrate that there is now a collective public and private sector desire to deliver lasting change to the area. “This was an important factor for the NFL when they agreed to bring their hugely popular sport to Tottenham. I am delighted that we have succeeded in attracting them. We have a compelling and exciting partnership that will play its part as we begin transforming this area of Tottenham.” Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, welcomed the agreement: “Anyone who has seen American Football at Wembley Stadium cannot fail to have been thrilled by the spectacle, and the wise heads that run the NFL have clearly not missed the fact that Londoners are going absolutely gangbusters for Gridiron. “We are already working very closely with the NFL, including on plans to get more Londoners involved in the sport, and we believe that building on the success of NFL at Wembley by staging more games in an area of the city that has been earmarked for a massive programme of economic regeneration and investment makes perfect sense. “Touchdowns in Tottenham can only add to our reputation as a global sporting powerhouse, and help us take another step towards our goal of having a permanent NFL franchise here in London." Claire Kober, Leader, Haringey Council, added: “It’s tremendous news that the NFL wants to come to Tottenham, joining Spurs in bolstering our borough’s reputation for world-class sport. “This huge vote of confidence further underlines Tottenham’s future as London’s next great destination, and shows real progress in our dedicated plan to bring economic growth to Haringey – with thousands of fans spending money in local businesses and creating new jobs for our residents. “In addition to bringing thousands more visitors to Tottenham, having millions of viewers from around the world tuning into live sports from the new Spurs stadium will undoubtedly put our borough on the international stage.” Populous, the architects of the new stadium, are a world leading sports architecture practice with over 30 years of designing the most iconic sports stadia around the globe. They also have a long history of working with the NFL. Populous has designed 14 NFL stadia and almost 20 NFL training facilities and have played a pivotal role in supporting the NFL in designing and delivering the world’s biggest annual sporting event - the Super Bowl.
  17. The Telegraph are running a story today yet again about Tottenhams new stadium and a supposed deal with the NFL. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/tottenham-hotspur/11725998/Tottenham-close-to-signing-deal-with-NFL-to-stage-American-Football-matches-at-new-61000-seater-stadium.html Also on the 15th July Tottenham and Haringey council will hold a public meeting about many items regarding the stadium. This includes capacity planning and events to be held at the stadium.
  18. Not sure how many know this (Could be speculation) but in the U.K it has been reported that since Tottenham Hotspur have started work on the new stadium they have been in talks with the NFL to either have a franchise or possibly take over from the international series that is currently held at Wembley. Poor sight lines at the lowest level at Wembley means the seats are not used. NFL eye Tottenham's new ground as home for London-based American Football franchise http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/tottenham-hotspur/11322205/NFL-eye-Tottenhams-new-ground-as-home-for-London-based-American-Football-franchise.html Tottenham in talks with the NFL to host American football in new £400m stadium http://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/tottenham-in-talks-with-the-nfl-to-host-an-american-franchise-in-new-400m-stadium-10197801.html Tottenham hopes to share London stadium with NFL team http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2015/04/24/tottenham-hopes-to-share-london-stadium-with-nfl-team/ Tottenham could install artificial pitch at new stadium to boost NFL bid http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/tottenham-hotspur/11558388/Tottenham-could-install-artificial-pitch-at-new-stadium-to-boost-NFL-bid.html New Tottenham stadium granted permission for basement to aid potential NFL ground share http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/new-tottenham-stadium-granted-permission-5932894 Again not sure if this is just speculation from the media over here but it keeps being hinted at. Over on a Tottenham fans forum it was hinted at by someone allegedly in the know that Daniel Levy the chairman of Enic who own Tottenham was seen to be having meetings with NFL representatives.
  19. That would make it less high scoring as defences would virtually be standing on the goal line as a striker would always be virtually standing in the oppositions box all the time which would lead to high punts up the field and ruin the passing aspect.
  20. Please amuse us and quote your sources for this nugget if information which contradicts the true results of the world cup.
  21. If Blatter gets a majority of the African vote then he will still be Fifa President unfortunately. He also stated back in January that Australia deserve a World Cup so is obviously trying to get the votes from the Asian and Oceania regions to strengthen his grip for another term.
  22. I have the image of the 3d model saved on my pc. So took it from there. I also have an American footballer and a cricketer image which I might do at some time.
  23. I came up with this today following the steps given. Example of the stages used. The finished product.
  24. My first attempt with the grass logo. How did I do?
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