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  1. Leatherhead helmets?? WOW, those are absolutely fantastic. Great work!
  2. Those are excellent wow. The attention to detaiI is great. You really took your time with them. I love the 3d printed one. Did you print those yourself?
  3. I included a few of my latest and concept ideas as well...
  4. Hey everyone, Those are excellent helmets. I love looking at custom pocket pros. I have been making custom helmets for a few years now. I included some of my work from my banner on Ebay, there are a few repeats in there. I try to make them as authentic as possible complete with front, back bumpers, warning stickers and more. Im currently looking for some new ideas. Feel free to message me or check out my work any time! To make the logos I usually do the same idea. Each logo has different dimensions and sizes and looks different on each helmet. As time consuming as this can be, It is in my opinion the best way to get the logo looking as authentic as possible. I find it a little easier to print a logo in many different sizes on a sheet so i first get a good idea of around where it should be.
  5. Select fonts for numbers and names unfortunately. I was thinking of uploading a stripe pattern for the sides and trying to modernize the red white and blue jerserys from the 80's. The had used it as a throwback in the 2000's. 2k doesnt allow give you a wide options of stripe patterns for jerseys.
  6. After spending hours, i finally decided on a shield logo but with no basket. I think it looks cleaner. I also decided to use the gradient as a secondary. I included some screenshots of the uniforms. They are pretty much identical to Jason Kidd era jerseys. I changed the number font to a more modern one. I also included the outline of the state of NJ above the players name. The jersey sponsor is Johnson & Johnson. Based in NJ, i thought it would be right, Im still not certain which court to use. I like the idea of the gradient logo in the center but the shield looks great. Any C&C would be great! Thank you
  7. In NBA 2k20, i have relocated the Brooklyn Nets back to New Jersey. I am in the process of making a new logo for the team. I was originally using the logo before they left for brooklyn, but I felt a rebrand was necessary. (KD & Kyrie) So far i have a rough idea of the logo and will have uniforms/gameplay pics to come. As for the logo, i tried to take inspiration using the early 90's gradient basetkball logo. It feels like something is missing to me. Im tempted to slap this logo on a shield, but trying to stay away from it. Any C&C would be greatly appreciated. I used a few different colorations and tried out a gradient at the end. This is a early concept. Thank you for your help!
  8. So today is Friday and its super slow at work. I started thinking about random logos and thought about the LA Clippers and how horrible their rebrand was. I started sketching an idea based on how the Lakers and Dodgers both have their own "LA" logos. This is NOT a primary. More of a secondary/territary logo. Please understand i drew this at work and no way am I an artist. C & C welcome. Thinking about making a full concept out of this if enough interest is there. The main inspiration is a clipper/boat on the ocean. The sails form the upper half of the L and the A, while the wave forms the bottom of the L. Its a quick sketch and thinking about adding colors once I leave today. Any ideas would be welcome.
  9. These really caught my eye. Im not a huge fan of the royal blue and yellow from the throwbacks. I think if your darken the blue and add chest logo it would actually be a pretty neat jersey.
  10. Hey everyone, I dont know if it has been posted yet (My apologies if it has), but i read an article about how Madden is taking submissions of logo/uniform designs for the upcoming Madden NFL Video game. Ive been on the boards for quite awhile and have enjoyed much of the artwork I have seen on here. The rules are on this page as well as a tutorial on how to create and submit your designs. You won't get paid if you are selected, but you will see your submission(s) in the game, see your name in the credits and get the upcoming Madden NFL game for free. You have until March 7th to submit as many designs as possible. Keep up the great work, as this is one of the most creative sites I have seen. Thank you.
  11. The jerseys remind me of the 49ers. The away jersey is almost identical to the NY Giants away.
  12. I love the idea! The logo is just bland. It doesnt really have any personal identity. Personally, I think the M needs to be black also to make the idea of the top hat more noticeable. But i love the idea it is really out of the box.
  13. These look amazing! Could you do a White or Red Portugal Jersey. That would be awesome
  14. These are awesome. Could I get a Rutgers R and a NY Giants? iphone 4s please. thanks