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  1. They were pushed into doing it, but the fact remains they did it (while the KC Chiefs lay low without any outcry). Again, it goes back to how they rebrand it. They could use a different symbol altogether. The Pentagon is full of warriors, it's not unique to Natives. Dozens of examples here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warrior If Warrior has the historical context you claim, then GS should not be allowed to use it, voluntary rebranding or not. Whatever. Don't give me Red Wolves which no one associates with DC.
  2. Pretending? Like Golden State does? They were able to rebrand the name, but that point keeps getting ignored because of Washington's long history with the word that shall not be named. Saying it would be different for Washington if it were done years earlier makes no sense.
  3. As Golden State proved, there are ways to use it that wouldn't be a "back door." They are already using a "W" logo. which could mean either "Washington" or "Warriors." If one were to look for "back doors, " the burgundy color may also be problematic since it goes back to the color of the last mascot. Warriors is far better than Red Wolves which is another reach just to use the "R."
  4. Point taken, silly of me not to recall a logo from 1962 & 1968. There was this one more recent than those anyway. It shows that being a warrior does not have to be Native inspired.
  5. Golden State Warriors have never used any native iconography. For Washington to assume warriors must equate only to a reference to Native Americans is more insulting. Don't believe me? Ask these guys
  6. Since the Ravens use the actual colors of their mascot, then make the beak on the Raven black as well, and again, lose the "B" on the helmet.
  7. The Ravens have had a purple jersey since day one in 1996. A different shade of purple helmet is a bridge too far? Whatever monopoly some think Minnesota has on purple is long gone.
  8. I don't see why the league which has 5 teams in white helmets, 4 teams in black helmets is fine, but a second team in purple isn't. Baltimore could use a different shade of purple, just as the 49ers and Saints don't use the same gold, for example. That said, I'd rather they come up with a less cartoonish bird without the "B" , which is already used on their pants, then worry about another color.
  9. Here's your chance, Washington.
  10. Not this one. Edgar Allen Poe? No idea what's on the right side, but it can't be good. You can see them all if you have a subscription to the Athletic. https://theathletic.com/2612864/2021/05/26/a-memorial-for-the-now-legendary-new-era-local-market-caps-gone-too-soon/
  11. Well, I'm from MD and that cap is garbage. BTW, MLB, 13 stars with 1776 is more appropriate for a Philly cap than for a city that didn't exist for another 14 years.
  12. I don't know the number either but it's the one that says a team can't use the state name..... unless MLB needs them to also host the AS game.
  13. (Apologies, I didn't notice this had been posted previously)
  14. https://www.outkick.com/indians-owner-dolan-says-team-might-not-change-team-name-till-after-2022-season
  15. They'll wear this for 3 seasons
  16. I had to order mine through shop.nhl which is run by fanatics, but fanatics' own website never listed it. Adidas and/or NHL must not have anticipated the demand, and it appears the release is staggered. https://russianmachineneverbreaks.com/2020/12/02/capitals-reverse-retro-jerseys-sold-out-online-in-record-time-on-tuesday-here-are-the-best-places-to-buy-moving-forward/
  17. https://russianmachineneverbreaks.com/2020/12/02/capitals-reverse-retro-jerseys-sold-out-online-in-record-time-on-tuesday-here-are-the-best-places-to-buy-moving-forward/
  18. Lynda Carter Thank you @capitals for letting me be among the first to get the new #reverseretro jersey! The last time I had a screaming eagle on my Caps jersey it said Bondra on the back @adidashockey #giftedbyadidas
  19. When I checked adidas.com very early this morning, half of the sizes were already sold out, and it's now out completely. I scored my Ovechkin jersey on shop.nhl.com a few hours later and it's also sold out.
  20. As much as I like that idea, save it for a future expansion team in London. Ah-hoo Werewolves of London Heh, draw blood Ah-hoo Werewolves of London
  21. ESPN interviewed team president, Jason Wright. https://www.espn.com/blog/washington/post/_/id/40669/washington-president-jason-wright-on-new-name-culture-nfl-investigation
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