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  1. Objective evidence for a subjective statement? This should be good.
  2. The Redskins ditched white pants after the 2012 season.http://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/redskins.shtml SF has more white stripes on their jersey sleeves than Washington and both use white numbers on their home jersey (along with the Packers and Chiefs and most, but not all, NFL teams). Be that as it may, I agree with the earlier post that it's the team's discretion what they list.
  3. What am I missing about this chart? Official team colors? Every team has a white road jersey, so it's used if "unofficially" by 4 teams.
  4. If they're going to stick with the "O," should they borrow from the Ottawa flag?
  5. Yep, just 3 stops on the Metro orange line outside of the city line.
  6. I know most are looking at the uniform details. What I see can be described as "you had one job." The bottom panel decals aren't aligned correctly with the top panel.
  7. Your point is a good one; it does depend a bit on the audience. If anyone outside of the area asks where I was born, I say "Washington, D.C." Whenever my friends or family planned to go there it was always, "let's go into D.C." People outside of the area may say they are going to "Washington," but to me the most used context for that is the news when referring to the Nation's Capital. ETA, Here's the Orioles jersey and cap for 4/22
  8. Put Palmer's home cap on the road jersey and you essentially have the 1965 set (see below) Also, the jersey went from a zippered front to button down. The biggest change was the cartoon bird starting in 1966. Block letters on the home jersey were only used 1963-65.
  9. Earth Day cap to be worn by the Orioles at home on Sunday, April 22. The jerseys will also have green accents.
  10. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/23202868/under-armour-deal-make-mlb-uniforms-pushed-2020
  11. Today, the Orioles played the Red Sox in Boston where the game time temperature was 34 degrees and fans were given free hot chocolate. Many of the Orioles were dressed like this with faces covered, all wearing #42. It made for quite a time telling the players apart.
  12. They are also available in team colors. "HTTR" should have been used, not spelled out. Hogs are the offensive linesmen, not the whole team.
  13. Thanks to the logo placement it reads "BLACK and TFAL"
  14. Saw this cap on Lids, labeled Authentic Collection, but I haven't seen any pictures of it being used in a game.
  15. Sure to be an unpopular opinion, but I preferred the original silver helmets.
  16. The Mercury Mets cap had "Mets" on the same side of the cap where they now put the New Era Logo. Yeah, they could have switched their corporate logo to the other side in their "reproduction," but it could also be one reason why they chose not to make the Mets cap.
  17. Thanks. One website I researched said 1953, but obviously it was wrong. I specifically left out facemask color as the Colts did have blue ones at one point. The Cardinals have largely kept the same logo design with more minor changes such as outline since the 60s as well.
  18. I don't think the Colts need a blue helmet. The Colts helmet color and logo design has remained unchanged since their origin in 1953. It's the longest helmet identity in the NFL. After that, the Packers first used their helmet logo in 1961. The Browns since '61 (except for a helmet color change briefly in '99-'00) and Steelers ('63) have also remained largely the same.
  19. Note the Jackie Robinson right-sleeve patch, and the ribbons for Mothers Day and Fathers Day
  20. The Aberdeen Ironbirds are also doing a one-off name change this summer. https://www.starspangledbanners.us/
  21. I'd like this to replace the Friday night O's cap. From Spring Training today
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