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  1. I had to order mine through shop.nhl which is run by fanatics, but fanatics' own website never listed it. Adidas and/or NHL must not have anticipated the demand, and it appears the release is staggered.
  3. Lynda Carter Thank you @capitals for letting me be among the first to get the new #reverseretro jersey! The last time I had a screaming eagle on my Caps jersey it said Bondra on the back @adidashockey #giftedbyadidas
  4. When I checked very early this morning, half of the sizes were already sold out, and it's now out completely. I scored my Ovechkin jersey on a few hours later and it's also sold out.
  5. As much as I like that idea, save it for a future expansion team in London. Ah-hoo Werewolves of London Heh, draw blood Ah-hoo Werewolves of London
  6. ESPN interviewed team president, Jason Wright.
  7. DC statehood proponents have always added the modifier New to Columbia. The latest proposal is Washington, Douglass Commonwealth.
  8. Disagree. Columbia is an actual city 30 miles from D.C. (I lived there at one point). It's not a regional name. No one in the DMV would ever associate Columbia with the Nation's Capital.
  9. It can't be the Columbia Red Tails as there is already a Columbia, MD. One of the proposed names for DC Statehood was New Columbia, but that may no longer be what they use if such a day arises.
  10. Seems like such a wasted opportunity when they could have gone with the faux-leather helmet for the entire season
  11. Mods, if you want to lock this to replies also....