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  1. Does everyone like the number font? When I see the #11 jersey, this came to mind.
  2. The 2019 Orioles MD jerseys . Flag covered sleeves.
  3. There's a city in MD called Columbia about 30 minutes away.
  4. People outside the area say "Washington," as in the place where politics happen. Having grown up in the area, we always said we were going into "DC" instead. The area at large some are now calling the "DMV" as in District-MD-VA (not to be confused with the dept of motor vehicles)
  5. I root for But if I were to root for a team based solely on look, I'd go with
  6. This is listed as an authentic collection on-field cap
  7. Those hats lasted part of only one season. Ripken hated them, compared them to railroad engineer caps.
  8. What are you wearing, Jake from San Diego? umm, khakis
  9. Nothing announced, but my safe assumption is the Orioles will have a patch honoring Frank Robinson, as they did for Earl Weaver in 2013.
  10. The home team wearing their city name on the jerseys while the visitors have their team name.
  11. It is assumed to be on the front.