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  1. Tagliabue told Governor Willie Don Schaeffer to use the stadium money to build a museum instead. In Baltimore, they'll say it was because Tagliabue was a Redskins fan who didn't want to hurt the franchise.
  2. I would've liked to see powder blue pants with yellow bolt and yellow socks paired with the white away jersey. Numbers on the helmet make TV numbers redundant. The larger bolt on the jersey without the extra trim is an upgrade. Powder blue is Chargers football.
  3. Agreed on the cartoon bird. O's fans were begging for it to return during the 14 year losing streak '98-'11.
  4. #7 is still on the Friday night cap. The return of the cartoon bird brought success 2012-16, but it also was worn in 2018-19, two of the worst seasons since the move to Baltimore in '54.
  5. Black jersey, large red letters, football team in GA...
  6. Easy eliminations 3, 6, 7 (upside down apostrophe), 10 (Disney bird), 12 Round 2, eliminating some cartoon birds so 2, 4, and 9 (crazy bird) are gone 11 was their best realistic bird but doesn't fit with the final 3 1 is their best, 5, 8
  7. Nats broke out their new alternates for Winterfest
  8. The Ottawa Rough Riders wore those jerseys in 1969. Notice the lack of trim around the numbers.
  9. Make it a Senators throwback similar to how Texas did that several years ago, and mark it sold.
  10. The Yankees first wore pinstripes in 1912 and every year since 1915. There are plenty of examples of other teams in pinstripes, but not for over 100 years straight. Chicago wore pinstripes on their road uniforms in 1907, but there were plenty of years in the 1910s, 20s, and '34-'56 when they didn't. Pinstripes became more synonymous with NY because of their success.