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  1. It could look great, but Louisiana-Lafayette has dropped the Lafayette from their identity and are now just the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns.
  2. I think the logo is much stronger without the pick behind it.
  3. A good solid look for the Wildcats. As far as your template goes, the helmet and pants look really good, and have a fair amount of detail to work off of. The pants, however, seem to be lacking. I think adding a belt to the template would go a long way, and possibly showing the pads that go under the pant would help give them more form.
  4. I love the use of teal, so either of those is a good option. And a couple posts above, you had a long wide image with the teal line through the middle of the line that is great. I'd love to see that implemented as well.
  5. The Orange with the Pewter helmet just doesn't work for me. Personally, I'd love to see the Bucs move to a white helmet again. They can then use either the new logo or the throwback.
  6. So I get that this is a concept, so I'm not going to say "there shouldn't be a logo on the helmet". I agree there shouldn't, but it's a concept, so lets see what we can iron out from what you have. As far as the logo goes, I don't like the parts of the stripe next to your CB on the helmet with the stripe still down the middle of the helmet. I'd put just the CB on the side and let that stand on it's own. As far as the jerseys, I'd go with just the orange pants, but put that stripe on the side. It would match the helmet, and would work with both the brown and white jerseys.
  7. I don't like the black on the Kings crown still being there. With that being the only instance of any color other than the purple and gold, it stands out to me. I'd either find a way to turn those to either the purple or gold, or add some additional black to the look.
  8. Colorado Springs Mountaineers Sacramento Prospectors, Rush, Bears Buffalo Steelheads El Paso Rattlers
  9. As far as names go, what about Railers? Or less train themed, and more track layer themed with "Spikes"?
  10. I get that there's visual similarity between New Mexico State and South Carolina. The problem I see is that there are a lot of teams, and there's bound to be some similarities. New Mexico State attempting to look like a more successful South Carolina team isn't unheard of.
  11. I like SLC. Only thing I'd change is I'd flip the hive on the helmets. I feel that the lighter colored side of the hive being toward the front of the helmet would provide better "movement".
  12. I think you've got a good starting point, but there are some things I'd change and touch up. Change: The rust and maroon should never touch. They're too similar, it muddies up your stripe, and the turquoise pops so much that the maroon might as well not be there. Touch up: The stripes all have the points of the inside extending beyond the base of the triangles. Although not too noticeable on the colored applications, it's noticeable on the the white jersey's sleeve stripe. Making those points even with the base of the triangles will clean up the look so it's an even stripe. Compliments: I like the larger logo on the helmet. With the bright turquoise, it stands out in a good way. Personal preferences: I don't like the number font, but again, that's just me.
  13. The big logo on the baseball helmet is awesome! I assume there was no way to make it work with the hockey sets?
  14. Those logos are incredible for BosNY. But I love the sets. Crisp, clean. I'd wear one.
  15. I've always liked the name "Aviators" instead of Pilots, personally.