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  1. For the Packers, I really don't see Miller Park taking the team. It's more likely that if it's going to be in Wisconsin, it would likely be in either Madison (Camp Randall), Whitewater (Perkins Stadium), or Oshkosh (Titan Stadium).
  2. The Brevard County Manatees is my favorite Florida minor league team that doesn't exist any more.
  3. I didn't know the rule with the yellow or hold, but it makes FAR too much sense.
  4. With Michigan, have you considered giving them the same treatment as the basketball team, with a blue jersey and a maize jersey?
  5. From my side, I don't need huge write ups. I want brief outlines of things, with a bit more for the notable things. Your posts that show the standings and stats from OOTP give us a good idea of what happened on that front. And, of course, the design element. I would also look at what kind of special nights would happen. As with nearly all baseball below MLB level, there are theme nights with special uniforms, logos, and other things.
  6. So I'm going to nitpick your results. Namely, across the league there were 97 wins, but only 61 losses, and 2 ties. So we can disregard the ties. But the number of wins across the league should be equal to the number of losses, and with 36 wins more than losses, that means that 18 games were completed with both teams credited as the winner.
  7. With that league logo, I love the football/goalpost. However, I feel that the league name is tacked onto the bottom, and should be integrated more. I would also look at working the FIF initials into the football part of the logo. This will give it a strong branding mark (a la the NFL) to utilize in a plethora of applications.
  8. So is this starting in 2019 or a different year? And how are you simulating the results?
  9. I am not a fan of the yellow on the silver for Nashville. Instead of it being a drop shadow, I'd recommend a full outline, or make the numbers black with a yellow drop shadow.
  10. All 6, make a brand new division! But seriously, Denver and Dallas or Houston should be the first two. Both give you the stepping stones to move out west without a ton of travel for those teams. Denver pushes west without being too far, and Dallas or Houston would give a good market in the south.
  11. I feel the player in the logo is missing something because his back is so straight.
  12. I feel like the A's should extend into the outer border and keep the point on them.
  13. I'd love to see the Navy hockey helmet have the same striping as the third football helmet.
  14. I like that on Hamilton, there are 11 visible chain links, so, even if unintentional, you can claim it was "one for each person on the field".