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  1. I'd love to see the Navy hockey helmet have the same striping as the third football helmet.
  2. I like that on Hamilton, there are 11 visible chain links, so, even if unintentional, you can claim it was "one for each person on the field".
  3. With Nashville, the notes do seem too modern, especially considering that at the time, long shorts weren't the style. Players would've had the shorter shorts, really making the notes look bad at the scale in which you have them. However, what could work in their place is the musical staff (five lines and four spaces) that the music notes are put on for sheet music. 5 lines on the bottom of the shorts would be more time appropriate, and the notes can always be added later.
  4. If we're going 1880s, so with something generic. Bulldogs, Wildcats, Bears, Reds/Blues/Greens. Otherwise, the area started based on the fur trade, so Trappers could work.
  5. Nice to see some improvement from my Boone Railroaders (I know it's not the team name, but... it's not like they have something else!). As such, has there been any talks of them getting a team name?
  6. For a trophy, have a local businessman give them a boat on the river, and the winning team's players get access to it for 1 year. The business would plaster the side with the business name (for advertisement), and the boat would be names after that business.
  7. 1. Hartford, CT 2. Milwaukee, WI 3. St. Louis, MO 4. Washington, DC It was hard to leave Philly off, but I don't know if the city is ready for a new team yet.
  8. With continued expansion, will the All-Star game become an All-Star tournament, adding hypothetical East and West teams?
  9. Is there any issues from Grand Rapids regarding the now shared Moose moniker?
  10. I'm seeing a technicality saving the day. Stay in Atlanta, must remain the Rebels (per sale agreement). But if you build a stadium in a suburb, you're TECHNICALLY not in Atlanta anymore, so a name change (keeping the Atlanta location name) wouldn't be against the agreement.
  11. Yeah, I just thought it was some quirk of the way they did it.
  12. I'm weirded out be the seeding on these, as it's not the typical matchups. A "normal" bracket would have 1 vs 16/17, 8 vs 9/24, 4 vs 13/20, 5 vs 12/21, 2 vs 15/18, 7 vs 10/23, 3 vs 14/19, and 6 vs 11/22.