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  1. All in all, these are great. I think the miss is the Denver Coyotes, as in the wordmark, the O's in Coyotes look a lot like A's, and the V in Denver looks a lot like a U.
  2. The black with the yellow and green makes me think Jamaica.
  3. I love the ECU look. Top to bottom, this is a win. I love baseball caps with the different colored brim, especially when there's such a good contrast between the colors. That purple hat with the gold brim is great, and I think I'd prefer the gold brim on the other hat than the black brim.
  4. I love the Warhawks logo move to what they have now, that harkens back to the logo prior to the move from Indians. That said, that L-feather feels like a layup to use as a stripe on the pants.
  5. This feels less of a critique of what the OP is working on, and more of a "how I feel about Washington changing their name".
  6. I like the idea of the number on the helmet, but I think it looks like it's missing something. The simple W is a good look, but alternatively, I'd put white numbers with the gold outline on the helmets, matching the home unis. I agree that the stripes should return.
  7. I really like the Louisville look. One thing I didn't like, which is not your fault AT ALL, is that I thought it was the logo for Illinois State at first.
  8. I'm really happy that Seattle went with the Kraken, and I'm really happy that the look they went with was a good one. I loved your Kraken look, but they put out something that doesn't feel like a letdown after the great concepts I've seen.
  9. The Sooners wearing crimson and cream just feels right.
  10. But then the exact problem they identified in the first post (Nebraska and Rutgers being ~1200 miles apart) basically is repeated with Wisconsin and Texas. Yeah, it becomes better for Nebraska (you could argue that Rutgers not being the Big 10 punching bag is better for them as well), but it makes things worse for Wisconsin. I'd argue the inclusion of Montana, North Dakota State and South Dakota State shouldn't be done, as the jump in competition from D1-FCS and D1-FBS is huge. Look at the initial struggles a very good Utah team had going from MVC to Pac-12. Especially when you can geographically keep those conferences the same with teams like Washington State or Oregon State instead of Montana, and Kansas State, Iowa State or Colorado State instead of the Dakotas. On the flip side, I've always felt there was too much overlap with the ACC and SEC, so giving them a clear border is nice.
  11. Elks is good, I like that choice. I don't think the antlers work in either application currently. I'd actually drop everything but the stripe on the sleeve, then put TV numbers on the shoulders, and then thicken up the helmet antlers or go with the EE logo. The current EE is a strong, existing brand that you mentioned would still work, so I'd at least go with an alternate helmet with the EE on it.
  12. I love your set, it really is what I would want to see from a new Supersonics franchise. I don't see the logo making it. I see the NBA doing something like they did with the Hornets, where they get the name, but the old logos are not able to be used, leading to a new logo that most people would prefer to be the old logo.
  13. I'm surprised that @charliehustle didn't pull down one gold. He was so consistently good, and to miss that top spot with all of them is pretty shocking. Congrats @Josef_Bretones. You absolutely knocked it out of the park on these.
  14. From my perspective, it was the font. In a design for 1945, that font felt like it was out of place.
  15. g: 9 s: 5 b: 3 And I will say that 3 would've been my top option had the logos been facing the front of the helmet, and the feathers on the shoulders going the same direction. Still great, but those couple flaws in execution hampered the overall look for me.
  16. I think QCS might have the compromise with the Atlanta Firecrackers. They'd be commonly shortened to the 'Crackers, but wouldn't be outright named the Crackers.
  17. Two participants with Gold, Silver and Bronze finishes already!
  18. Gold: 4 Silver: 9 Bronze: 8 I also want to say it was really hard for me to not vote for #7. It lost out for me because it took a bit before the basketball popped in that design. I saw a circle with a plus in in, then all of a sudden.. POW! the curves on the side showed basketball.
  19. I think the biggest challenge is your inability to explain what you're going for. So if I go with the "Chicago Blues" and make it Blues Brothers themed (as a pure example), you have to understand that's what I was going for, and I have to do it well.
  20. @jmoe12 is already starting to pull away in the overall.
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