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  1. I don't like the black on the Kings crown still being there. With that being the only instance of any color other than the purple and gold, it stands out to me. I'd either find a way to turn those to either the purple or gold, or add some additional black to the look.
  2. Colorado Springs Mountaineers Sacramento Prospectors, Rush, Bears Buffalo Steelheads El Paso Rattlers
  3. As far as names go, what about Railers? Or less train themed, and more track layer themed with "Spikes"?
  4. I get that there's visual similarity between New Mexico State and South Carolina. The problem I see is that there are a lot of teams, and there's bound to be some similarities. New Mexico State attempting to look like a more successful South Carolina team isn't unheard of.
  5. I like SLC. Only thing I'd change is I'd flip the hive on the helmets. I feel that the lighter colored side of the hive being toward the front of the helmet would provide better "movement".
  6. I think you've got a good starting point, but there are some things I'd change and touch up. Change: The rust and maroon should never touch. They're too similar, it muddies up your stripe, and the turquoise pops so much that the maroon might as well not be there. Touch up: The stripes all have the points of the inside extending beyond the base of the triangles. Although not too noticeable on the colored applications, it's noticeable on the the white jersey's sleeve stripe. Making those points even with the base of the triangles will clean up the look so it's an even stripe. Compliments: I like the larger logo on the helmet. With the bright turquoise, it stands out in a good way. Personal preferences: I don't like the number font, but again, that's just me.
  7. The big logo on the baseball helmet is awesome! I assume there was no way to make it work with the hockey sets?
  8. Those logos are incredible for BosNY. But I love the sets. Crisp, clean. I'd wear one.
  9. I've always liked the name "Aviators" instead of Pilots, personally.
  10. I'm not a fan of the upside down train. I'd actually flip it to the other side of the line (for the Chicago elevated train) and have it outside that "chest stripe".
  11. I mean, you have three different fonts for the UCF mark and Citronauts wordmark, all of which I could whip up on flamingtext.com in a matter of a couple minutes. So they're very generic. The non-steel version on the orange/planet logo is well done. I'd prefer if it was worked with their more traditional gold/black or even an orange/other color scheme.
  12. I feel the name "Kansas City Stealth" is very 90's, and if they were an expansion team now, the name would be tied to the area differently.
  13. These are incredibly well done. The Ducks are great, and I really like the uniqueness of that sweater.
  14. Some of the line work in the initial group seems off. The lines on the dark blue jersey are crisp and clean throughout, but on the lighter blue, white and orange, they seem a bit fuzzy. And the white looks like it has a bit of dirt on the lower front. Almost like there the dark blue was the first designed, and then a poor recolor was done. With the City Editions, it looks like the same thing, just with the teal jersey being the original, and the rest being recolors.
  15. All of these have been incredible. I'd like to toss a request out there for Wisconsin.
  16. Or he's looking for something that hasn't been used, but is looking for team names that would fit from that era.
  17. I doubt he was looking for a vote, I assume he was looking for potential team names. On that note @neo_prankster, I've always wanted to utilize a Mountain Goat (but not a ram) for Denver. And Cincinnati is a challenging one for me as well. They were the Queen City at one point, so I've leaned towards Monarchs for that. They were also known as The Blue Collar City, so Blues is another one I've thought of, but is similar to the Reds that do exist.
  18. For UWGB, I'd love to see the shoulder stripes as red on the green set, and I'll echo @BellaSpurs in that the pants feel like they need some red. But I really like the design you chose for them.
  19. Now I have to look at UWM, but I don't get Green Bay...
  20. I really feel that the ACC has not only gotten worse, but any traditional prestige gained from teams like Florida State and Miami has been removed as well. It really looks like "Clemson and 17 teams that will get beaten by Clemson". I get what you're doing with Montana, but I'd rather see a bit wonkier division and include Colorado State, New Mexico, Nevada or Utah State instead.
  21. I would love to see, instead of the roundel for the tertiary, remove the laces behind the ace, then extend that border on the sides to give it the same shape as the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign.
  22. I've always thought that Northern Colorado should use "NoCo" as a branding choice to avoid "UNC". As for the design, I really like the striping on the blue, but I'm not as big a fan of it on the white. Aside from removing the blue (which isn't a choice I'd make), I don't know how to change it.
  23. Yeah, with Purdue being in Indiana, I would assume they wouldn't step on the toes of Notre Dame.
  24. For the Packers, I really don't see Miller Park taking the team. It's more likely that if it's going to be in Wisconsin, it would likely be in either Madison (Camp Randall), Whitewater (Perkins Stadium), or Oshkosh (Titan Stadium).
  25. I didn't know the rule with the yellow or hold, but it makes FAR too much sense.