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  1. I guess the question here is: If not a racehorse, what WILL you be using. The "KC" you have just doesn't work for me. I'd rather see a wordmark "Commonwealth" than the interlocking KC.
  2. With New Orleans, my only concern is the logo on the home blending into the jersey itself. Maybe make it gold with a green outline?
  3. Looks like a cannon without wheels to me
  4. I like the red helmet, but I feel like the facemask should be grey
  5. I would say Waco and Little Rock for expansion
  6. Facepalm Yeah... I counted the original...
  7. I like 4 the most, color wise
  8. Los Angeles - Conquistadors, (Golden) Grizzlies, Hollywood RFC Atlanta - Peaches (who wants to be beaten by a peach?) Dallas - Quickdraws, Tycoons Washington - Monumental RFC
  9. As far as the rhino goes, I would try and make it look like it's charging, maybe push the nose forward, curving the horn back, which may cause more of a streamline. And I'm not feeling the circle on it. What I could see is it set over a more soccer style "shield" As far as colors go... I think the red is to bright compared to the gray. I'd bring it back to a maroon, or go towards a rust orange color
  10. Not only do I prefer the white shirt, but I could see the 4 red stars between the lines on the sleeves, perhaps on the chest as well.
  11. I prefer the white shirt personally
  12. UNC - Greensboro The dark grey alt just isn't strong enough to overpower the Spartans
  13. Now, as far as the designs go, I feel you're neglecting the shorts. No stripes or design elements at all, aside from the waistline color. I think this is an area which could benefit from more design/piping/striping. I feel Ripball would be more modern with design, as it sounds more cutting edge Chicago Legion - I would like to see the 4 stars on the logo, since your design inspiration was the flag. Rose City - Love the logo and design. As far as the jerseys go, I think a "wrap-around" with the lines on the front on the back would be sharp.
  14. Question: How did you determine the cities? Philadelphia - Liberty City as a theme could work, especially if you're willing to do more like "Rose City" Boston - bring back the Beaneaters! Washington DC - Commanders (ties in with the Pentagon) Florida - Scourge (as in scourge of the seas) Minnesota - Trappers Milwaukee - Robins (state bird, plus lends to a brown and red color scheme which could work well) Houston - Stars (Dual tie in with the space program and the fact that Texas is the Lone Star State) Dallas - Tycoons (brings things away from the typical wild west theme) Denver - I'd actually go with something like "Mile High RC" St Louis - Explorers Kansas City - I've always wanted to do something related to BBQ, like "Pit Bosses", but it's too awkward for me to work off Arizona - Cacti... because an angry cactus would rule San Fransisco - Gatekeepers/Guardians (with the Golden Gate Bridge as the key) Seattle - I love the name "Emerald City", but with the use of "Rose City" for Portland, I think it's too much for the area... so I got nothing Las Vegas - Sharks (more for Card/Pool sharks) So a few ideas off the top of my head
  15. Ohio Bobcats Wisconsin Badgers UNC-Greensboro Spartans Northern Arizona Lumberjacks
  16. So I registered for this forum after lurking at work for quite some time just for this... wish I would've caught the first round. Anyways, here goes Gonzaga Ohio Wisconsin Alabama UNC-Greensboro Texas Tech Towson Northern Arizona