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  1. I think the gradient numbers are fine, but if you're going for a true whiteout, maybe a silver number?
  2. I love the return of silver to the Colorado set. One thing I don't like is the white in the pants stripe on the black pants. To me, with the rest of the set, it looks like that should be silver as well.
  3. I kind of really want that "Stupid Krakenhead hat". As for the T-shirts, the left most shirt is my favorite of them, but the trident in the third from the left is gorgeous and a close second.
  4. For Charlotte, I usually like to go with Aviators, since North Carolina was "First in Flight". Indianapolis is always hard for me, I usually just have a relocation that keeps their previous name.
  5. I really feel the helmet is lacking. A logo on the helmet will help with that. I don't like the way the two teal/aqua/green colors look together without the gradient effect. What would the white set look like? And, finally, that NOB is just too small, and I feel should be with the traditional nameplate look, so remove the arching.
  6. For GSU, I think the black uniforms (but not head to toe black) look better than the blue.
  7. Perhaps go with something for Paul Revere's ride, since he was on the American side, and call them the Boston Riders. You wouldn't need to change colors or anything.
  8. Nothing too major, but at the bottom of the second Orlando graphic, it says "Norfolk Neptunes".
  9. I assume their parent team would be the Buccaneers, so maybe it'll be pirate related with cannons, as a cannon blast could be described as thunderous. Then you'd have the tie in with the Bucs, and an Orlando tie in with Disney (and the Pirates of the Caribbean).
  10. I'd try to sneak the parent team's logo somewhere on the concept. Aside from that, these are really nice uniforms, but I have to ask: Wouldn't this be affiliated with the NFL, so likely be under the NFL's one helmet rule?
  11. I feel that the best place for the GSH is the back of the helmet.
  12. I was at the Packer-Titan game last night, and from my seat (in row 52 in a corner, so pretty high up), the shoulder sword was not visible at at all, so the jersey looked very bland. The numbers were very readable though, which was really nice. The helmet was also not great, with the predominately navy logo on the navy shell.
  13. I love this idea. I'm excited to see what you do with the teams that have a more traditional look, for them, such as the Packers, Bears, Cowboys, Steelers, Raiders.
  14. It looks like the Empire State Building is going to tickle the player's armpit.
  15. He's planning on doing all the D1 schools. He has a lot of schools to do. I'd love to see Wisconsin, but I'm able to be patient until he gets to it. I think you hit CMU on the head, nothing too flashy. I was expecting more narrow lines because of the lines in the logo, placed on the football sleeves like the older 49ers (before their sleeves got too short). I just don't know how that translates to hockey or baseball.
  16. In the Beta League, I would love you to return the Dayton Triangles. It would be interesting to see a modern take on an odd (by current standards) name, without any history to back up that name.
  17. I feel like the rhino needs a forehead.
  18. My immediate "I would do that" thought was to take the part of the logo roundel without words and apply that to the collar of the uniform. My "I really like how that looks" is the double gold striping. I wouldn't have thought of it, and it looks really nice. My "meh, I could do without that" is the number font. It doesn't look like it belongs with the logo font.
  19. Dan O'Mac

    RBI Baseball

    I absolutely loved this game as a kid. The one thing I don't like is St. Louis. They lost their white/red to Boston, and Boston lost their gray/red to Washington. I'd rather see St. Louis and Boston keep their original looks, and Washington somehow get something different.
  20. I'm curious if you could turn the Ducks' D foot into a Comic Sans D foot.
  21. I really like the ODU gray football set. To the point I'd prefer it to the blue.
  22. I had directed it at the request of the Columbia blue jersey.
  23. Just making sure you read this.