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  1. Agreed. would have easily fit the "classic" and "traditional NFL" narrative they are pushing.
  2. Count me among the haters. Not going to argue and say those who like it are invalid cause its all subjective. To me this is the worst uniform for this franchise, helmet at least isn't two-toned.
  3. Nike: Ok, Tom since you didn't like our last 20 proposals let's sit down and go through the design process with you. *Opens blank jersey template* This is where we start and... Tom: Done! Approved. #WinLunch
  4. It's two shades of gold, I'll pass. We saw the nightmare the Titans made with two shades of grey. Everyone knows the more shades of grey the worse it gets.... 50 of them is bad romance novel bad.
  5. Steelers - no Red or Blue Cardinals - no yellow Eagles - no silver Dolphins - *rumor no more navy Ravens - no red Falcons - No silver Chiefs - no black
  6. Couldn't resist a chance to show Camo helmets...
  7. update w/ font, side stripe is camo instead of solid color. variations are just for viewing here, id pick the first all black as the home jersey. Black is the Primary, Gold secondary and Teal is highlight only in the logo for the home and away jersey. Teal will be phased out for use as the primary color in alternate / throwback jerseys. $$
  8. **UPDATES POSTED FURTHER BELOW** Home - Black, w/ Digital Camo Sleeves. Shield logo on each sleeve. A Bold Gold Stripe begins at the front armpit and slightly curves throught the back side of the hip and ends in a sharp point just above the knee. Teal is absent in the Home design other than on the Jaguar head logo. Considered having the US Flag on one sleeve instead having both sleeves having the shield. Away - White, with Digital Camo Sleeves. I need to change the Nike swoosh to black. London Home Alternate - word is the Shield logo cannot be used while in london. This made sense to me, you wouldnt want to go into another country with a military theme... So for London, the theme is Peace. Teal is used as the Primary color, the bold Stripe remains consistant on all three jerseys but instead of camo sleeves, the alternate has black collar and cuffs, Uses the primary logo in place of the shield on the sleeves and on the upper chest the wordmark is used with US and UK flags beside it. Number font* Decided on a basic varsity block look... the sharp edge font used in the wordmark didnt fit well on the uniforms. like with the previous branding, there will likely be seperate style for the logos and marketing purposes and one used soley on the jerseys. Helmets... think oregon state, boise state matte black... no glare, shimmer or shine. helmet variations.
  9. Jaguar print / jungle theme is too easy. looks like a jersey that you would see in an episode of Go Diego Go! in today's show, Diego saves baby jaguar from a bad draft pick!