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  1. Has anyone thought of screen recording some game play of this on fm14. I would love to see these teams in action and I can't get fm14 myself.
  2. I love you man! Vancouver is in between Portland and Seattle but it is practically in the Portland Metro Area, some people call this area the Portland-Vancouver Area so putting a team in Vancouver would be attracting fans mostly from Portland, from Seattle to Vancouver is two and a half hours. That's fine though because Portland fans have much more passion and devotion than the puke green Seattle Flounder fans
  3. Amazing, all of them! Please make up more! I love Victoria, Calgary and Saskatoon especially. Though I would stray away from copying CFL color schemes, I say keep up the good work
  4. BTW what template did you use, I abseloutely love it
  5. Wow! I just read through this and this might be the #1 thread of all time. Also I know I am a few months late but I have some suggestions of some cities to continue the series Anchorage AK, Honoulu HI, Boise ID, Sioux Falls (or Rapid City) SD, Fargo ND, Billings MT, Reno NV, Witchita KS, (and this is crazy but it's just 'cause I'm from the state) Pendleton OR, Medford OR, Tacoma WA, Spokane WA, Burlington VT, Manchester NH, Erie PA, Des Moines IA, Cheyenne WY, Little Rock AR, Atlantic City NJ, Tulsa OK, Jackson MS, Mobile AL, Pensacola FL, Portland ME and Oakland CA. Two things 1. You do not have to continue this series if you don't want (in fact after reading such a legendary thread I almost don't feel worthy to post on it ) but I am sure that some people (like me) would give an arm and a leg to see more concepts in this thread and 2. You do not have to (if you continue the thread) do all of the cities that I have suggested some of them, I admit some of them were out there, but take your time and ponder on continuing the series, from a devoted humbled follower Beluga4
  6. Portland's uni's are great, I approve. Man! It feels like I've been gone for forever and you just got Portland unis done, glad I didn't miss much
  7. They were in my Top 10 logos that needed updating, I never thought they would but this is really good!!
  8. You might want to change the secondary on Portland, One: Because it sort of looks like the Florida Panthers logo and Two: Because it kinda doesn't have the WOW of the primary. You might change it to a claw slashing or just the head of the cougar. Also I would like to know the inspiration for the name of this team? The primary is awesome and all your other concepts are great! Keep up the good work
  9. Love it! Any team that plays in Tampa is really a bay team, like the Bay Bucs and the Bay Rays and the Bay Lightning. Like the name Tampa Surge as it is and love the logo! Keep up the good work!
  10. Since this one is taking a little long, can we have a quick hint to the next one
  11. Looks better! Now put it on the uniforms and court (or whatever a dodgeball floor is called)