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  1. Finally catching up on my comics... **** #TheWalkingDeadCbr158 #comicrack

  2. I have just reached level 14 in My Railway! You can get it for FREE on #Android! #androidgames #gameinsight

  3. Thanks everyone for the feedback, as I stated this is my first submission to the sports logos forums. This community is awesome! Ill take what you have all said and do some more tweaking today. Thanks again.
  4. Started getting an idea for the New England Whalers comeback when I heard rumors that the NHL might be in a expansion year next season. The Whalers should be a shoe-in. Being from NH I would love to see them back as the old New England Whalers. Heres my dilemma, I am stumped on my color scheme. With the logo below i started on the old Hartford whalers just wont work. Any Ideas? Also the font and text Whalers are just a place holder.
  5. I think it looks much better with those colors, here's the updated version.
  6. @Kevin I tried your gold and it seems a bit to bright, im going to have to find a color just in between yours and mine.
  7. Thanks Ill try that color, when I export the image my gold does turn kinda "mustard" yellow. I had an ear on the right but it just threw off everything cause it was just sticking out. I am going for a really simplistic look with sharp lines.
  8. @BigRed Here is just the Bear with a gold mouth instead of the black.
  9. Updated with the mouth looking a lot better thanks to the feedback.
  10. I was having a hard time with the colors also seeing how there is only 3 to choose from. Ill try switching some and see what I come up with, Thanks for the feedback!
  11. First time submitting to sportslogos. This is a alternate logo design I had.
  12. I plan on making stacks on stacks on stacks on stacks. Whos with me? #tomhaverford #parksandrecreation