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  1. On 2/4/2021 at 3:43 PM, LA Fakers+ LA Snippers said:

    Detroit Lions v1.0

    The Lions current set isn't bad, per se, but it felt like a downgrade from the previous set, especially in terms of contrast without the black. There will be a Honolulu blue/black/white combo in the future.

    • Made numbers white with silver outline on home jersey
    • Added white in between Northwestern stripes to emulate pants and helmet from 1961 to 2008
    • Darkened the silver
    • No more gray Color Rush, because, why?



    A perfect mix of modern and traditional for the Lions. Remove the WCF patch, maybe have it say Detroit, and this is amazing. This should 1000% be their current uniforms. 

  2. Michigan state going with a revamped helmet for their game against Ohio State. MSU is taking their neon helmet, removing the neon Spartan head and replacing it with a white one. So it’ll have a non-tapered helmet stripe and green face mask. Their normal helmets have a tapered stripe and white face mask. Will post more pictures throughout and after the game. 



  3. On 11/1/2020 at 10:45 AM, eRay said:

    Whoa, I had never heard this before and was even skeptical reading the article, but then they mentioned the Raiders/Pistons crossover logo on the waistband and I’ll be darned if it wasn’t right in my face the whole time.

    Call me colorblind, but those are absolutely dark blue and not black 

  4. On 10/23/2020 at 4:42 PM, j'villejags said:


    This would've seemingly been a good time to drop the notches from their numbers, but I guess that's kind of their thing with it having found it's way into their branding. The way the TA and TE connect on their wordmark make the S look incredibly lonely. 


    Overall, it's a nice look. The Titans should take notes, as I would've liked to have seen them use the Greek Key in some capacity when they rebranded. I think it works here considering how simple the rest of the uniforms and color palette are. (Obviously the Greek Key on the Titans current set would make them even more visibly jarring, so it was probably a good thing they restrained on that for now.) :)

    I’ll say this forever. Especially as a MSU alum, the current “STATE” always bothered me because of the “T”. This would be such a huge upgrade. They should replace the current “STATE” with this. They should also change the current “SPARTANS” to this new one. Also here’s their new road jersey. 


  5. On 7/30/2020 at 7:53 PM, CinnamonRoll21 said:

    Lions Update







    I really really like this idea. The stripes, which has ties to the old Lions logo, is incorporated amazingly. Personally, I’d like to see this same set but with the current lions font. Also a gray Jersey with blue numbers and white NOB would be cool. Great work! 

  6. 16 hours ago, GMW79 said:


    I agree. I didn't like the gray ones at first, and they still look a bit odd in photos, but in action they look alright. I never really got on board with the previous Motor City set, I but I really like this one (even if they don't have any of the team's standard colors).


    The Utah unis turned out a lot better than I thought they would, and the floor looks great. My only nitpicks are that they should have gone with a true gradient, in my opinion, and that the uniforms took a bit of getting used to in terms of watchability. What I mean is that with the light shirts and dark shorts, its tough to decide if it's a light or dark uniform set (since it's both). It seems like opposing teams will need to stick to wearing white when playing against this set. Hopefully this opens the door for an eventual return of the purple mountain jerseys, and Utah gets a matching floor then, too.


    Miami's Vice set is another complete deviation from the team's usual colors that actually works. I wouldn't mind a full time switch to that scheme, but drastic departures from tradition are usually a bad idea. Of course, Miami's baseball team has already done that, and the hockey team's latest change was major, as well.

    I thought the pistons officially took navy out of their color scheme. I guess not?

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