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  1. None of these will ever see the field but some of them look pretty good http://www.nfl.com/photoessays/0ap3000000822910
  2. New Nebraska jersey. Not sure why the B1G logo is where it is
  3. We finally get a blue marlins hat
  4. I just wanna know, why do the Cowboys have black anywhere on their uniforms? http://m.fanatics.com/NFL_Dallas_Cowboys_Mens_Jerseys/Tony_Romo_Dallas_Cowboys_Nike_Limited_Jersey_-_White
  5. I was referring to someone's full name, but I also like where this is going
  6. I was thinking of the Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills, but are there any other teams out there that can be or are peoples' names?
  7. I got you. Your take looks beautiful btw, I hope they go to that
  8. they won't be in the Palace whenever it is this logo becomes official
  9. The main issue with me is the lack of white in the home uniforms, especially with the numbers
  10. I just wanna know why teams never, or if they do very rarely, ask for the fans' opinions on uniforms or anything of the sort. Obviously they wouldn't do exactly as the fans say but at least take it into account
  11. Is MLB doing away with the diamond era hats? I don't think any of the new sets released for holidays and the all star break featured diamond era. I know it looked like there was a new honeycomb mesh hat
  12. Livestream on their Facebook page starts at 8 PM, EST in case you wanted it to be more specific
  13. The one thing I've noticed with Nike and all of their "rebrands" and new uniforms and logos for NFL teams is that, and correct me if I'm wrong, they all have their own unique number font that no other team in the league has.
  14. Maybe it's just me since I'm younger, and maybe they added black to appeal to the younger population, but I actually like how the black worked with the whole color scheme and uniforms, it was utilized well imo
  15. I just took my take on these, just added more white. I apologize in advance for the lack of perfection and the mess as I did this on my phone just using the markup tool.
  16. I love this logo and would love for it to make a comeback
  17. The ends of the helmet stripe look black, I thought they were getting rid of black completely?
  18. I don't see this happening, nonetheless I'd like to see how it would look
  19. The Royals need to make this their new primary hat and logo https://www.hatclub.com/products/new-era-59fifty-kansas-city-royals-2016-batting-practice-fitted-hat-royal?variant=16813185857
  20. Any possibility the Pistons use this on the front of their jerseys for the numbers? I wonder how that would look as I'd like to think it would look pretty nice
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