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  1. The only thing I can figure is that they didn't want both to be red and used it to distinguish between the two....or maybe it was just a screwup? . Personally, I wish the Phillies would go back to that full time. That color screams Phillies to me.
  2. We can't forget the Beavers and their nemesis, the Dragons.
  3. Yeah, I agree. I believe it's completely based on the Marlins alt.
  4. That looks horrible. The piping on the sleeves looks purple, there is too much spacing between the M and the E, and the drop shadow looks like it used to have color but someone sanded it off.
  5. The one place I've seen the logo look good on TV is MLB Network, and that's only when they use a blue background and using the M logo. I've tried to grab a screenshot of that and can't quite capture it, but I love the look of it on there. If they'd always use it with a blue background I think it would look fantastic.
  6. I understand the dislike for the BFIB thing. I get it. But let's be honest, most fans of other teams think they're the BFIB. I don't think there is such a thing. All teams have down to earth fans that appreciate the game and can acknowledge when an opposing player makes a great play. All teams have ridiculous, pain in the butt, annoying fans. It's just how it works. The problem for the Cardinals is, there are some fans that toot that horn based off comments from players of other teams who have made that claim. Personally, I think it gets blown out of proportion, but again, I can understand the disdain other fans have when they hear it. As for "we play the game the right way", I'm not sure why that is considered cornball. I think all teams should follow that philosophy and all fans should demand it of the team they support. Obviously any team is going to go through a funk, but I don't think any real fan would be content with a team that went out on the field and played like crap and didn't care. If there are players who give off an attitude of not caring or playing hard, I think it's perfectly legit for the fan base to be upset by that. If any of those things make me (or the Cardinals) cornball, then I guess I'm ok with being a cornball. PS: I don't wear jorts, nor have I personally witnessed any fans wearing said jorts on my many visits to Busch every year.
  7. This is what worries me about the Cardinals. Patch working together band aid fixes vs. actually taking care of the holes for too long and slipping farther down the desirability scale for players. They need to cement their dedication to being an elite team. Hopefully some of their moves this offseason are steps in the right direction. I had never heard that Jeff Baker story. That's very interesting and shows how far the front office can lose the clubhouse. I'm sure Jeff Baker wasn't the only player who felt that way, maybe just the only one who displayed it in such an outwardly way.
  8. Found a pic with the blue pants included.
  9. I took my 10-year-old son to the press conference today for some father/son time. He had a blast! I can tell you that these blue alts look really good in person. I’m a bit afraid it may be a bit of blue overkill once the pants are added, but we’ll see. For the record, these are identical to the cream home alts, other than obviously using blue instead of cream as the base color. So it looks like the schedule is now: home: white jersey, red hat home Saturday: cream alt; red hat home Sunday: white jersey; alt cap road: grey jersey; red hat (except when playing another red team) road Saturday: blue alt; red hat (total of 13 games in 2019).
  10. With all this talk going on about the new Marlins rebrand, I haven't thought to ask...have there been any leaks about the Cardinals alts? (Assuming we're correct about the blue alts). Do you think they'll be throwbacks (pullovers, red/white/blue elastic, etc) or do you think it will be an updated, modern version of the blues?
  11. If I go to on a mobile device (in this instance an iPhone SE), this is exactly what it looks like, other than it has the current logo at the moment. I was going to upload a screenshot, but it appears I can only upload via URL and if I do that it won't be the mobile version, thereby defeating the purpose of the upload. EDIT: I'm not saying that makes it real, just pointing out that I get this layout on mobile.
  12. That looks like someone painted the green wall blue in Microsoft Paint on a Windows 95 machine.
  13. I believe that is supposed to be the inside of the marlin's mouth.