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  1. I wish the Cardinals would follow suit and just wear their standard caps. Unfortunately, every ST pic I've seen so far is the ugly abomination.
  2. That's what I was thinking, but anymore, who can tell when they are going to change what they call something for no apparent reason. Good to know this is only a fashion cap. As was said, it looks too much like Louisville.
  3. New Clubhouse cap for the Cardinals. Someone please remind me, what exactly are the Clubhouse caps used for? Are they for ST or just fashion caps?
  4. Is this statement in regards to the change made in 2013 when they added the cream alt with "St. Louis" instead of "Cardinals" to the birds on the bat; and last off-season addition of the road powder blue version? As far as I am aware the only offseason change the Cardinals have made this offseason is the STL. on the caps.
  5. While there are a few nice elements, I'm not a fan overall. Of all the new uniforms this offseason (and man, I don't recall there ever being so many in one offseason), these are the worst (IMO).
  6. Sorry if I've just missed this somewhere, but is there a time for the Rangers uniform announcement? I've been unable to find a specific time other than their official tweet yesterday that said "24 hours."
  7. This is the first article I've seen that gives the explanation for the Cardinals changes to the STL. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/baseball/professional/birdland/after-a-soft-launch-cardinals-stl-new-look-logo-gets/article_c25e8e08-1661-58af-ac11-7d039fefc56b.html
  8. I bought a new red home cap about a year ago (and a new navy not long before that), before I knew the new logo was coming. I suppose I'll have to break down and buy a couple more.
  9. MLBShop.com has the new Cardinals 59fifty caps with the updated STL.
  10. Wow, I can't believe I didn't notice that! That's what I get for updating before bed just to see the SD updates. Now I wonder how long I'd have gone without noticing if I hadn't read your comment?
  11. Those Diamondbacks jerseys look a lot better. Also, thank you to whichever admin returned this thread to the News section!
  12. I didn't care for those hats when I first saw them, but they've grown on me. White front panels don't always work for me, but here I think it sets them apart from all the other navy/red hats currently out there. Plus, it reminds me (to some extent) of the Expos caps, which is a nice nod to their history...even if that nods only exists in my own mind.
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