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  1. ESPN has a good write up on the Heat uniform. Since it’s paywalled, some takeaways: this a wrap for the color scheme as a yearly release, though they hinted that the NBA may be allowing teams to make these city editions part of permanent rotations. The Heat have no intention of overhauling their red/white/black identity in favor of a Vice look, despite its enormous popularity. The Heat have brought in 5 times more revenue from the Vice line than they did from merch in all 3 championship seasons combined. I didn’t really like how bold it was initially, but reading about the Heat’s thought process made me appreciate it more. They didn’t want to end with just another color switch last year, so they made the finale as bold as possible. It also pointed out that the lateral gradient will make the team appear to be wearing pink when running one direction then blue when running the other, which is obvious but hadn’t clicked for me yet. Should be cool. A really successful campaign on their part.
  2. It was initially aggravating that the scheduling of Georgia-Auburn was once again modified for the Tigers’ benefit. Gotta say, I’m seeing the benefit of playing a perennial preseason top 10-15 team before their biennial collapse. My only gripe was that Georgia didn’t get JT Daniels some snaps. The Bama game is looming large, and I’d like to go into it with more than a game manager at QB for once.
  3. The week LeBron left Miami was when the Heat started to really lean into the “culture” shtick. While I’d argue it existed from the moment Pat Riley showed up, the franchise became so focused on proving it in 2014. I’m really grateful they took a “:censored: you” attitude and refused to tank or fade into irrelevance. This is such a sweet, unexpected payoff that still feels a couple years early. I keep finding myself just staring at promos and graphics. The Heat are in the Finals. Against the Lakers. Against LeBron James. This is so :censored:ing cool. I know they’re overmatched, but I don’t care. When the playoffs started, I was dreading the Heat being embarrassed by TJ Warren. Obviously, this whole thing has far exceeded expectations. I’m not going to act like I’d be happy with it ending here and cling onto the youth of Miami’s core as surefire proof that this is replicable for years to come. They’re in the Finals right now. Might as well win it all!
  4. The custom font appears on the jerseys in the marketing for the 2020 season, so it’s seemingly here to stay. I think the block fonts were chosen as both the jerseys are meant to honor 1920 and 1980. I wouldn’t hate it if the red pants stuck around for road games.
  5. UGA has the most annoying attitude about alternates imaginable. The plan is to wear the red pants one time only, and in a road game at that. That color combo is most famously associated with the 1980 game against Tennessee. UGA plays the highlight of Herschel barrelling over every defender in that game to this day. Tennessee plays in Athens this year, so lord knows why they're wasting the uniform on a road game. Maybe they were absolutely opposed to wearing white at home. No date set for the black jerseys. The home opener against Auburn makes the most sense by far. Of course, that article quotes the equipment director as saying "There will be enough distractions that day" without the jerseys. I'd really love to know if there is another team that has its head so far up its own ass about uniforms as Georgia does.
  6. It’s the 100th anniversary of being called the Bulldogs. These look incredible. UGA sent an email out with a link to buy these, but I figured they were just fashion jerseys. Thrilled to see they’re wearing them on field. Red, black, silver, and white looks good in about any combination, so it was always a shame that Georgia wouldn’t mix it up at all. Dawg collar is a nice touch. I was surprised that Nike didn’t do it in 2011 for the Pro Combat uniform, but glad to see it incorporated on something far less gaudy.
  7. All gravy from here. Grateful that Giannis didn’t try to suit up and wreck his ankle for good. He’s gonna look great in a Heat jersey.
  8. A perfectly inane explanation of something that required no justification in the first place. Good looking ring, though.
  9. The refs were way too involved, and it was kind of lame to have it end on a FT. But that was the best all star game I’ve ever seen. Well done, NBA.
  10. I hope they just clean it up because the bones of it are fine. The sleeves are too busy and the side stripes are too minimal. Red can be very garish, so I hope they don't use it for the pants or become UGA clones with a red helmet/red jersey. Just because of what the other NFCS teams wear, I hope they don't go with a black jersey either. Considering Arthur Blank's other (far more successful) team, I wouldn't be surprised if gold makes a reappearance, however minimal.
  11. The "what will the GMs think?" is always brought up as the argument against sitting out exhibitions. Talent seems to always win out. I can't recall anyone tumbling down the draft board because they refused to play in the San Diego County Credit Union Holiday Bowl. NFL players do "sit out regular season games with no meaning." Half the league doesn't play on Week 17. It's too violent of a sport to suit up and just go through the motions. It says absolutely nothing negative about a player's character when they pass on the "opportunity" to ruin their livelihoods for the sake of some blowhard fans being able to buy a bowl champions hat. Also:
  12. Firstly, congrats. LSU is fun as hell and one of the few SEC fan bases for whom I'm always unabashedly happy. Side note: I'd never heard it until Georgia got their asses handed to them in Baton Rouge last year, but "Neck" quickly surpassed Bama's "Rammer Jammer" as the most demoralizing thing you can hear. It was amazing that they played it in a national championship. Did anyone really say that about Joe Burrow? He's had a dream season, and it's unimaginable that he would've hung it up prior to the post season. I understand the argument that some make against players going through meaningless bowls or even the idea that Trevor Lawrence has nothing left to prove, but it would have been utterly bizarre for Burrow to walk away from the greatest season a player has ever had.
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