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  1. A perfectly inane explanation of something that required no justification in the first place. Good looking ring, though.
  2. The refs were way too involved, and it was kind of lame to have it end on a FT. But that was the best all star game I’ve ever seen. Well done, NBA.
  3. I hope they just clean it up because the bones of it are fine. The sleeves are too busy and the side stripes are too minimal. Red can be very garish, so I hope they don't use it for the pants or become UGA clones with a red helmet/red jersey. Just because of what the other NFCS teams wear, I hope they don't go with a black jersey either. Considering Arthur Blank's other (far more successful) team, I wouldn't be surprised if gold makes a reappearance, however minimal.
  4. The "what will the GMs think?" is always brought up as the argument against sitting out exhibitions. Talent seems to always win out. I can't recall anyone tumbling down the draft board because they refused to play in the San Diego County Credit Union Holiday Bowl. NFL players do "sit out regular season games with no meaning." Half the league doesn't play on Week 17. It's too violent of a sport to suit up and just go through the motions. It says absolutely nothing negative about a player's character when they pass on the "opportunity" to ruin their livelihoods for the sake of some blowhard fans being able to buy a bowl champions hat. Also:
  5. Firstly, congrats. LSU is fun as hell and one of the few SEC fan bases for whom I'm always unabashedly happy. Side note: I'd never heard it until Georgia got their asses handed to them in Baton Rouge last year, but "Neck" quickly surpassed Bama's "Rammer Jammer" as the most demoralizing thing you can hear. It was amazing that they played it in a national championship. Did anyone really say that about Joe Burrow? He's had a dream season, and it's unimaginable that he would've hung it up prior to the post season. I understand the argument that some make against players going through meaningless bowls or even the idea that Trevor Lawrence has nothing left to prove, but it would have been utterly bizarre for Burrow to walk away from the greatest season a player has ever had.
  6. Some exciting PI interpretation in the Superdome tonight.
  7. Reseeding the conference finals was the best idea they had, and they're going to shelve it for the dumbest possible reason. Travel time and "traditional rivalries?" Like what? The only one in the NBA that has held up through different eras is Lakers-Celtics, and they're about as far away as possible. I'd love to see the data on any advantage gained by having less travel time in a previous series. I doubt there's any correlation at all. Every playoff should try to hold off its best matchups for the latest rounds possible. Reseeding the ECF/WCF was only a half measure, but it was a good one.
  8. Another :censored:ing wasted year. My only ask is that next year’s playoff loss be a blowout instead of this.
  9. 2016, but Miami does surprisingly hold their own most years. Thanks for nothing, Detroit!
  10. That's a shame. They do a really good job making a game feel like a huge event. There's something about that theme song, the way a 3:30 kickoff transitions into a night game over its course, and the camera angles they pull off that make it special. It's hard to imagine a Saturday without the SEC on CBS. I'll take solace in Gary Danielson being gone, and at least ESPN makes games move a little quicker because they have another one to get to when ours is over. The extra $20M won't hurt either. Maybe you didn't mean it that way, but I've never understood this as a criticism. Are there any fan bases for which this isn't true?
  11. I don’t know what the CBA allows for, but the only way the time frame can be narrowed that specifically would require the player showing up high to/during a game and being subjected to a breath test on the spot. I’m assuming that the random tests they do are urinalyses, which wouldn’t be nearly that accurate.
  12. I swear every time Drew Brees is up to break a record, it’s a prime time game against a defense that’s somehow more desperate to see it happen than the announcing crew. Anyhow, congrats to him. Don’t quite understand how the Saints are locked into the 3 seed, but hoping it sorts out.
  13. Haven't used it in about 20 years, but Alabama used to play a ton of their "home" games at Legion Field.
  14. It was probably too bold to try to counter program against the NFL. A random weeknight may have been wiser. Honestly, would have thought the move from ESPN to ABC would have at least ensured a better rating than last year.
  15. For the love of god, please let this be disqualifying for Alabama.