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  1. ESPN has a good write up on the Heat uniform. Since it’s paywalled, some takeaways: this a wrap for the color scheme as a yearly release, though they hinted that the NBA may be allowing teams to make these city editions part of permanent rotations. The Heat have no intention of overhauling their red/white/black identity in favor of a Vice look, despite its enormous popularity. The Heat have brought in 5 times more revenue from the Vice line than they did from merch in all 3 championship seasons combined. I didn’t really like how bold it was initially, but reading about the Heat’s thought process made me appreciate it more. They didn’t want to end with just another color switch last year, so they made the finale as bold as possible. It also pointed out that the lateral gradient will make the team appear to be wearing pink when running one direction then blue when running the other, which is obvious but hadn’t clicked for me yet. Should be cool. A really successful campaign on their part.