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  1. I'll always be convinced that the MLS group in Miami was profoundly unlucky to try to get rolling right when people were getting woke to how much the Marlins screwed the city. Can't imagine a worse time to try to work out a stadium deal than in the wake of that mess. The hope of Inter Miami becoming successful is going to depend heavily on the demographics of Miami-Dade, and Ft. Lauderdale isn't exactly Miami part 2 in that regard. This isn't going to be an "if you build it, they will come" situation.
  2. They can scarcely get one stadium going for what seems like the past 10 years, and now they're going to do 2 in 4? What an absolute waste of money. They say that they won't just rent a university's venue because it doesn't feel like the right "fit," but that seems like very shaky logic. The excitement of a new club should be able to carry them through a couple years in a less-than-ideal venue. It made no difference for Atlanta, which got stuck at Georgia Tech's rather small stadium for most of the first year. I'd really like this franchise to be a success, but this is very bizarre.
  3. There's a good chance he made it up on the spot and it was quickly forgotten, but I swear they were using #KAG for a minute.
  4. They use that throughout the match the same way any other team uses jumbotrons. It shows live action, replays, and stats. It would be sort of a waste to use real estate there to note a 2018 title at all times. Looking at the picture again, I think they should keep the banner where it is while the team is still defending the title. Afterwards, a permanent one should hang on the same beam as the American flag or on the beam on the opposite side of the "windows."
  5. Agreed on the first point. I don't know if any other venues that do this, even if it's shared between different teams. All I can think of is Clips/Lakers and maybe Jets/Giants, but they're in the same league. Secondly, I don't know where would be a good spot for a banner in MBS. As beautiful as it is, that's a glaring weakness. There's one concrete wall in a corner that's bare but out of plain view. Aside from the beam they use now, there's not an ideal place. And like you said, that beam is fitting for exactly one banner. Although given Atlanta's histoy, that's probably enough space for the next 50 years.
  6. Went to the Atlanta match today to see the banner go up. Well done on the production surrounding the game, as always. Didn't think Pity and de Boer would be that much of a drop off from Almiron and Tata, but good lord. All 3 losses this calendar year have been completely different kinds of disasters. Not really going to be too upset when they bow out of the Champions League and go back to playing once a week. FCC had an incredible fan showing. Looked like their section was near capacity and they were definitely heard. Congrats to them, and welcome to the league!
  7. ⭑ A For some foolish reason, the banner will only hang during United home games. Otherwise, it will be taken down.
  8. LeBron James Jr. graduates from high school in 2022. Assuming that high schoolers are able to enter the draft by then and that LBJ will play just a single year with his son, that's 4 more seasons. Hope he gets the all time scoring title, even if it's a testament to longevity more than anything else. LeBron is one of my favorite players. It'll be utterly bizarre to have him out of the playoffs, but if we can take a few months off from the LBJ vs. MJ comparisons, it'll almost be worth it. God forbid anyone enjoy anything that happens in the league today because Jordan better!
  9. The numbers’ contrast with the black is excellent. The partial stripes really make it look like they’re wearing black pinnies over the jerseys, though.
  10. Atlanta's debuting the new kit tonight. The back doesn't look like a disaster on the field, but it's being helped by this god awful Yahoo Sports stream.
  11. Tbh, that Dion Waiters passed up a double-teamed three.
  12. THIS IS HIS HOUSE!!!!!! D-:censored:ING-WADE!!!!! So, so happy he had a moment this season.
  13. Went to the game this afternoon. I’ll at least say that the 10,700 figure doesn’t seem far off from what was visible in the stands. As points of comparison, Georgia State draws about 15,000 to the same stadium, and Georgia Tech draws an alleged 40,000 across town. It’s not an embarrassment anyhow. My end zone seemed pretty crowded. Granted, it was $7/ticket. We moved over to the sidelines at halftime. It helped that there was seemingly no security whatsoever. The crowd was most active in rooting against Matt Simms. The guy got a delay of game on the first possession and spent the rest of the day having the crowd yell out a countdown for every snap clock, then got booed off the field after every futile drive. The announcer couldn’t get an “all hail ATL” chant going to save his life, but the “WE WANT MURRAY!” was reverberating throughout the entire game. And honestly, for a team that used Murray in so many promos and should be trying to build some good will with a new fan base, they don’t seem remotely interested in playing the hometown favorite. On the whole, it was a good experience. Moved very quickly at least. I’d go again if I happened to be in town, but won’t make another special trip.
  14. They're doing this in Orlando right now. It's really interesting to see the replay official narrate her thought process. Also, the devaluing of kicking is an excellent idea. Don't miss kickoffs or extra points in the least.