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  1. They aren’t anymore, but I grew up thinking Georgia somehow wasn’t allowed to beat Tennessee, so this little run of decimating them has been a delight. Florida was impressive. Honestly thought they were a fraud before today. I’m hoping we get a legitimate top-10 matchup between the two. Seems like in each of the previous instances, one of the teams has been vastly overrated.
  2. Their players gained the right to receive compensation from companies that use their likenesses beginning in 2023. The schools cannot directly pay the players. Read the article that dfwabel posted above. It does a good job of explaining how this act doesn't represent any reckless jumping off the deep end.
  3. The schools that can afford it are going to offer recruits money to stay competitive with each other. There has always been a massive gap between the haves and have nots in college athletics. That divide might be about to grow, but I'm interested to see how it plays out. I imagine every league has revenue sharing agreements. That will help keep the Vanderbilts and Baylors that have managed to squeeze into the P5 afloat. I'm not sure why this has to represent such a drastic change for everyone else, however. They can continue to offer scholarships. They could never really compete on the same level as the blue bloods, so that's not anything different. Their athletes weren't being recruited by the elite programs anyway, so they're not suddenly going to lose players. I feel worse for these smaller schools because, while they won't be ever be able to pay their athletes anything significant (if anything at all), they're not exploiting them nearly to the degree that the upper tier schools are. The worst offenders of the current system won't miss a beat. Honestly, we're getting ahead of ourselves. The bill that just passed only impacts video games and licensing likenesses. The California schools can't yet directly pay their players. It's the next obvious step, but we're not there yet. If this leads to an NCAA Football 2020 and a few thousand dollars in the pockets of every athlete in that game, I think everyone's happy.
  4. This is excellent. Good for the athletes in California. I don't know what the status of similar legislation is in other states, but it's easy to anticipate a ripple effect here. Even if officeholders can't be bothered to be motivated by doing good for the sake of itself, the competitive imbalance that this will create might just do it in the end. The first time that Georgia loses a recruit to USC/UCLA/Stanford because they can pay the man, the General Assembly is going to fix that right away. The end result of this is not going to be 1,000+ universities cancelling their athletic programs. The enormously profitable schools are not giving it all up because they'll have to start sharing profits with the athletes. It's not going to come anywhere near being an even split. These are 18-year-olds who will have never made real money in their lives. Give every player on the football team $100k, and you've spent less than what Dabo Swinney makes in a year.
  5. Certainly the best player was out. This whole season has been "This is fine! They'll figure it out!" but time is running out fast. All I really want is to have the 11 be healthy and see what they can do.
  6. Somehow got sucked into this league again. Looks like ESPN changed that yellow graphic they used for down and distance in a hurry. Now I've gone from thinking there's a flag on every play to there actually being a penalty on half of them. Nice upgrade.
  7. That two-day break is going to give an insane advantage to the 1 seed. Fanwise, it sucks going to matches in the middle of the week. They did a much better job last year putting the games during the weekend, NFL be damned. This year, seems like they're afraid to go head-to-head until the final itself. Even then, slotting it to go up against peak RedZone time instead of a single Packers/Bears match up is bizarre.
  8. VAMOS VAMOS VAMOS ATL! No matter what, going to consider this season a success. Suddenly really excited about getting another berth in CCL next year. It was extremely annoying earlier this season, as I never thought Atlanta could win it and it cramped the schedule something awful. Two trophies later, and CCL stands as the last realistic accomplishment this club has yet to achieve. Smallest home crowd in Atlanta history, but largest US Open Cup Final crowd ever.
  9. He has $97,000,000 (well, about half that) from the Colts. Who can blame him?
  10. South Carolina and Texas A&M both play all three. Wow. First time they've been unranked in the preseason since 2001.
  11. VAMOS VAMOS VAMOS ATL! Been dreading a 3-0 embarrassment in front of a huge America crowd since the match was set and am thus extremely, extremely happy. They didn't bunker and wait for a fluke goal, so this feels very good. Either they're completely ignoring de Boer or he gave in on tactics. Pity has improved very rapidly, Barco's back, and this team is looking much more like their old form. Open Cup in 2 weeks!
  12. It'd be a shame to lose "Clippers" for the uniqueness alone. Its weaknesses are that hardly anyone knows what the name is referring to and a history devoid of success. So all they need is a rebrand centered around sailboats and to acquire two of the best players in the league. Shouldn't be too hard! I was hoping that the arena rendering with the CLA logo died on the first draft. Seems like it might.
  13. I’m not sure what the end game is here. Honestly, how was this guy even considered to have standing to sue? What tangible thing did Saints fans lose? The opportunity to buy a Super Bowl t shirt? All that can possibly come out of this is embarrassment for Goodell, and I’m always for that. :censored: him. I don’t know why any other fan base cares.
  14. If his ideas for elevating MLS to truly global status are to eliminate the salary cap, cancel the postseason, and operate every club at a loss, it's just not happening. He does have an interesting point about MLS ownership not truly wanting to elevate the league to that level because of the cost involved. I often wonder about what it would take to push MLS into the Premier League/La Liga/Bundesliga stratosphere. Is it as simple as getting one ultra wealthy owner to bite the bullet and offer $100M to a Messi/Ronaldo/Neymar in his prime and hope the audience and advertising comes flooding in to make up for the investment? With revenue sharing, does that even work? I think it'd take at least two such players to come over at once and sign to rival teams or it's just a high-priced gimmick. Then again, would a player like that even do it? As impressive as the fanbases in Seattle, LA, and Atlanta are, it doesn't seem as if anyone is really living and dying with their club (though I can really only speak to ATL on that). I don't know that it's even worth it. People online might like to sneer at us for not knowing any better or not appreciating *~*the beautiful game*~* correctly, but they can kick rocks. The game itself is fun enough as is, and I've never had an experience ruined by the knowledge that the game is better in Europe. The United States can handle having only 4/5 of its major sports leagues being the world's best in their respective sports. If it happens for MLS one day, cool. No need to force it.