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  1. Guys, these aren't practice jerseys because these will be worn during games.
  2. Steve the Suit: Dan, we need a new uniform design. Start as soon as possible. Dan the Designer: OK, Steve. I'll get started right away. Steve exits. Dan opens uni-template.psd. Taps fingers on desk for a few seconds then heads outside for a smoke break. (10 minutes later) Dan returns to cubicle to find Steve standing over his desk. Steve: Dan, these are perfect! The fans will love them! And the new Jags unis were born...
  3. Interns in charge of KU uniforms: Let's just keep adding random crap until somebody says something.
  4. If they haven't already, Washington should really do a '97 era throwback: These would look great with modern Nike template
  5. I did a concept a few years back with more yellow-gold and teal as secondary: Side note: Probably goes in the unpopular opinion bin, but I liked the last Jags helmet with the paint that looked mostly black but showed teal in the light.
  6. I can't keep up with cfb uniforms. Did Miami ditch the different colored helmets and the new style they introduced a few years ago? When did Wazzu get rid of shoulder stripes and number outline? I actually think Wazzu looks good. A bit too simple but overall I like it.
  7. Comparison of the details between Adidas and Nike versions:
  8. From the rookie shoot, Pellies do have the alternate N wheel/ball logo on the waist, and the Heat have the MH secondary logo
  9. Perhaps this was already mentioned, but i didn't see it: Minnesota made use of @saltshaker911's template for their site. http://www.nba.com/timberwolves/newthreads
  10. I actually liked the subtle rays in the Suns previous wordmark, much more than the bevel. ?? The previous look had more unique features while the new one is pretty generic. Colors look good though. Ultimately it's subjective but I prefer the previous. New one will hopefully grow on me though.
  11. Could definitely just be the lighting (which raises the question: why use such unnatural lighting conditions for the reveal?) but here is a comparison between the purple on new set and the old (with possibly similar studio lighting):
  12. When a team has two good colors to work with that contrast well, I personally love the numbers not having an outline or shading on the road/icon set: So I was disappointed to see the gray outline on the new set.
  13. Suns unis look like 2K created unis. Not terrible 2K created unis, but 2K created unis nonetheless.
  14. Sun burst on the shorts seems lazy and looks ugly to me. I liked the stitched unique logo from the last set.
  15. Did they go back to the grape-y purple?
  16. Someone start the NBA Changes 2019-20 thread so I can discuss the next new Suns unis.
  17. Terrible. Generic. Took away the interesting parts of the current set ?? Very disappointed.
  18. When you think the Clippers uni can't get any worse, they add the two colored butt stripe. Yikes.
  19. Suns Association mock-up:
  20. That dark part at the bottom is so bizarre. Doesn't really look like numbers but can't tell what else it would be
  21. Hatred of the butt stripe was the one thing that united us all, and they keep it?! ??
  22. So the numbers on the purple jersey will be white? ? That's no good at all
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