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  1. Has the word Elephantiasis come up in this thread yet?
  2. Is there a workable download for this still available? Trying to find a good PSD template
  3. Incredible work. Do you have a donation link? I would love to see this one:
  4. Did this or any other good PSD uniform template get released?
  5. Click here to rank the helmets if you haven't yet. A few more responses and I'll put the results in a spreadsheet and post it. Anyone gonna claim the username "poop"?
  6. Anyone willing to rank all 32: http://eSurv.org?s=OCJMFI_75578cfe I will tally results if we get enough votes
  7. Without taking too much time to analyze: 1. Redskins 2. Bucs 3. Seahawks 4. Browns 5. 49ers Honorable mention: Pats, Packers, Vikings, Bills, Lions, Giants 28. Texans 29. Chiefs 30. Titans 31. Cardnials 32. Bears
  8. Mostly agree with this. I also don't like the jersey style and how flat the fabric looks. Basically the only things I like are the team name, the burst logo on the side/bottom of the shorts, and the color combination on the roads.
  9. Derides absolutists. Makes multiple absolutist statements in next paragraph.
  10. The close-up sneak peaks were of the best parts (shorts sunburst and jersey header). They saved all the terrible stuff for the reveal.
  11. Impressive stuff. Is this template available somewhere?
  12. Are you using the original template or a modified version? I noticed I don't see any of the reflection layer at all, but it still has a great lighting effects look. Do you remember the specific adjustmests you made to get this matte look? I haven't had much of any success with replicating it.
  13. Figured I'd throw this in here as opposed to starting a thread, since I only have one.
  14. Davison, thank you so much for this thread. It really is great work. I was wondering if you had tried getting a realistic matte look on the more recent revolution helmet. I messed around with the layers and this is about as close as I could come without losing the 3D look to the helmet: Julius, those designs are great. Are those logos originals? Are they for a league of some sort or just for fun? The snake helmet is incredible.